BUGATTI Chiron 0-400-0 km/h in 42 seconds – A WORLD RECORD #IAA2017

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cmhyperviper 23 : Well koenigsegg just blew this record out of the water

XQ Gaming : All those top comments about the Koenigsegg 😂

Pranita Kakde : Update: Keonigsegg just beat the top speed record 277.9 fucking miles per hour

ElectricBike : Ohhh yeaahhh so much POWEEEEEERRR hahaaaa

MAXTOR00 : So, agera rs did another run 0-400-0 in 33.87, almost 10 seconds quicker than Chiron, haha.

Xerizz : When Bugatti Chiron 0 - 460 - 0 ?

Wakusa : and the koenigsegg does it in 33+ sec. shitatti chiron has no chance

sktt1 player : it's not a car ... it's a monster

ex gamer : Koenigsegg destroyed you lol

Shahid Rifai : Hmm koenisegg......sorry Bugatti ur record has been shitted on

JDMxManuel : Get rekt by Koenigsegg

Wes Williams : Beaten by the third fastest Koenigsegg lol

Xerizz : R.I.P Bugatti! Im Scared!

Sahil King : who came here after THE RECORD OF KOENIGSEGG AGERA RS?

EMRE GENÇ : 😎 Koenigsegg ❤

Sergio Camarena : Bugatti got their ass beat a week later by a smaller company hahaha

Max Wayne : so slow? ^^ On October 1st, 2017, a Koenigsegg Agera RS drove from 0 km/h to 400 km/h and back to 0 in 36.44 seconds. bye bye world record

R Ranalcis : Time to change your video title dude!!

God Of Destruction Geene : Koenigsegg just unveiled their top speed with the Agera RS today and it broke the World Record! It is now officially the fastest car on earth! World breaker 285mph 1st attempt and after it averaged 277.9mph beating the Hennessey Venom GT 270 claim. WHERE THE FUCK YOU AT NOW BUGATTI!!!??? AHAHAHA. Change this title and take that L from Koenigsegg lmao

mody6930 : Finally Koenigsegg did it and smashed all Bugatti records!! Official results: 1st run 271.2 mph (436.45) km. 2nd run 284.6 mph (458) km. Average 277.9 mph (447.23) km. New record 0-400-0 in 33.87 sec. R.I.P Bugatti, Surely you will be missed.

Sponge Bob : Koenigsegg : just speed Bugatti : speed and luxury

BReV_DeatH : Koeniggsegg just banged you guys again...

Brian Bakare : I seriously don't know how many times Ive watched this

why why : I love Koenigsegg, but most people don’t understand that the Bugatti Chiron is engineering masterpiece. The car speaks luxury, elegance and also has ridiculous speed. On the other hand, Koenigsegg is just pure speed.

Sharp Razor : lol koenisegg destroyed this in a week

Boris Jovanovic : Anyone after Keonigsegg 2nd world record of 33.29 seconds? 😁

ANONYMOUS : Bugatti is Made by VW Group They invested Billions to Give u the Best Quality Class Experience when u drive that Bugatti u feel it every second u love it But Koensegg was 2 secs faster but it was like a scrap car put together just to be fast with no class or comfort they gear change in Koensegg is a nightmare , it hits u while Bugatti is out of this world pure class No compromise plus Chiron got more to it can go beyond 450 Ks damn bet no one can do that

Gamefor thebrain : Ho. Ly. Shit.

DarUnknownGamer : ha f#!k bugatti koenigsegg is faster

kumar snehit : Let's compare Buggati vs Koenigsegg! -> Chiron gets destroyed... (in 0-400-0 record)

Жизнь Механика : Koenigsegg I love you

Aidan Johnson : So much effort just to be beaten by Koenigsegg first on a dusty runway and then a public road

Brian Bakare : Shit looks like a trailer for fast and furious 9

Life Of Cricket : People got to fucking understand that sitting in a Koenigsegg for 5 minutes will give your ass, you posture and back a hard time. All Koenigsegg thinks about is SPEED, SPEED and GODDAMN SPEED!!! Over here, Bugatti ACTUALLY CARES for their customers. The Bugattis are LUXURY cars, the Koenigseggs are rockets that don’t give a fuck about their passengers. I’m waiting for the day Bugatti strips up it’s Chiron, puts racing seats, a cage in the back, rips off its climatronic, puts a ton of carbon fibre, and beats the record that Koenigsegg made. And then we’ll see what Koenigsegg does, because Koenigsegg are already stripped up on the inside, a regular production Koenigsegg One:1 is a stripped up Bugatti Chiron.

Felix Prolingheuer : 457.5 km/h koenigsegg

FUTURE CARS : rip buggati chiron you are no more the fastest production car koenigsegg just bet it b4 35 mins

Pumpelche : Koenigsegg Agera R finished in 36.44 sec. Now, if you compare the performance between Agera R and One:1 .. 0-300-0 was 21 sec for Agera R and like 5 seconds faster by One:1 - now imaging the One:1 doing 0-400-0.

Aman Mehta : I love how there were no words spoken in this clip 😁

Marcin Jończyk : Just like this comment to make Bugatti engineers work faster on new version of Chiron "Super Sport" or Chiron "A little bit faster" or something.

Krust : Tesla is coming.

Peter Valoczi : New improved record for the mighty Koenigsegg 0-400-0 in 33.87!

The Damn Train : Must be a koenigsegg that is recording

MAFIA TV : Aguante Juan Pablo COLOMBIANO !!

Mr Loominati : And then koenigsegg just come along and slap them in the face...

Zahid Ansari : I think Bugatti still keeps the world record As it is a production car!

Hasan Ergin : ''a world record''

Chris cowen Jaden dixen : Now we know what car was recording the Chiron.... koenigsegg

Sijo Joshua : I can only drive these supercars in NFS.😕☺😁

Darth Soldier : Koenigsegg is faster

krishna kishor bhat : Montoya not wear helmet is not cool.