BUGATTI Chiron 0-400-0 km/h in 42 seconds – A WORLD RECORD #IAA2017

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MrMoizz : I am pretty sure I can run faster then the car if I saw a spider

Aditya Mehra : After hitting 400 did the driver use the breaks?

Elton Lotz : it was a Toyota Supra a80 who filmed it

cyle van greunen : So what car was the camera on while he was doing 370 because that car is fucking fast then

tylios2 : When your girl lives 3km away from you and texts you saying "i'm alone at home. You have 2minutes..." bitch please, I only need 42s!

ChrisPy96 : The colograding in this is amazing!

Rutzorr11 : It's the batmobile

Animesh Giri : 0:14 how I drive on an empty tank... 1:21 *as soon as I've filled up!!*

anish mainalee : I think a drag race between Bugatti Chiron and Kawasaki H2R would be epic.

ransisua : 30 years later it will only take 30 secs and we'll all be laughing at this video

Callum Ogilvie : lol they used a supra to take the clip

Jevan Marcelius : i see a drag tace car 0-400 no need 12 second (upgraded+nitro)

the chair is back, but renji won : have a like just cuz of Montoya

Michael C : Simply amazing and beautiful car. If that's what you'd even call that. What a monster. Love the color scheme as well. Ahhh to be rich and get behind the wheel of one of these would be a dream!

Kuro Neko : makes me feel like I'm watching fast and furious trailer with batman soundtracks lol

hadi257 : Heres the link on how they managed to video the Chiron at crazy high speed :)

White Stinkmeaner : this is the kind of add I wanna see

rambow70 : If you own this car and park it somewhere you will have to worry about idiots who just dropped what they believe to be the hottest mix tape ever on soundcloud taking photos for their new album on your car. For that reason, I am out..

Dylan Munzer : But can it fly

Nowy Tends : For all you Americans, that's 250mph

Matt DeWolfe : Stunning. The music made it seem like it was a goddamn spaceship, which it may as well be.

Da G : I'd rather hear the car than your bullshit fucking music and sound effects Now i'm not going to buy one K thx

Mark B. : Hey I just drove a car going 400 km/h! Me: oh, cool That 260 mph Me: **shits pants**

Suspectshot23 Ball is life : Bugatti is my favourite car of all time !!!

SPanunu : If Christopher Nolan directed a car commercial.

Marcel Rezario : Im sure this car can fly if you put wings on it 🤣

Eugene Achim : The music is so glorious OMG!

kien le : Well, I think the camera man wins here.

Jeff Yaremko : Yea but I bet it doesn't have the amazing trunk space like my camry

Justin Trinchini : What was the other camera car? Another Chiron?


Brian Pechon : S H I T T H A T W A S F A S T

The Legendary Red X : When she says she's home alone

fait : I will get it one day in this current life.

Unknown Homicide : You should let me borrow it

Brolution Gaming : To me this is one of the ugliest super cars out there, it this trailer was surely don't with effort... Good job...from a hater 😊

Worez Page : But it still needs petrol

Arthur Viegas Pires : I've always loved that brand!

Yonexx : BTW the car in front was a supra

xxknightwing228 : Smh he can go faster than the "accelleracers" 😂😂

Outlaw Beatz1 : My 1.6 vauxhall corsa would destroy this...If I drove into it

Adam Azam : the camera record with supra

4Your Soul : This gives me life, it makes my heart melt, I love this vid, I am 13 and a Bugatti is my dream car, although i know I will never be able to get one, I want to become an automotive engineer♥️

Michael J : my dad wants to buy a bugatti as his next car but i kept telling him that it was a stupid idea.. after watching this i definitely change my mind

Thegamingnas : Me:it's going fast Car:I'm fast as fuck boy

Pollobatman 538 : The koenigsegg one:1 is better and more fast xdxdxd okno

Julian Facyson : Is this need for speed 2?

Jack Scheib : At the beginning I thought it was a intro to a scary movie

PC tips and tricks : Next: Car goes from 0-500km-0 in 20 seconds.

Jezi Gaming : What is this song