BUGATTI Chiron 0-400-0 km/h in 42 seconds – A WORLD RECORD #IAA2017

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Ngakak Sehat : best drone shoot... :v

guru Singh : Wow superb

Rhys Evans gaming : Buggati must be up to something if they haven’t realsed any videos in 5 months

My Name is Surprise : Thats me running away from my Future haha

Glitch Gaming : Even a buggati cannot survive indian roads.... My battery powered is best lol...

Frick TV : Does anyone here have a dollar?

CsmatrixTR : Bugatti: i can 0-400-0 in just 42 sec. Koenigsegg: Hold my beer...

Tubiva : Koenigsegg got 37.28 seconds just days later lol. That is almost 5 seconds faster!

Supreme Queef : Impressive but no match for the Tesla Roadster moving at 25,000 km/h in space

Ansh Verma : make us fool by fast-forwarding the Video 👿👿👿

DollarDiego HD : The camera probably recorded from space

Pranav : Absolute pleasure. Doesn't matter if Koenigsegg beat the record, this experience is just pure pleasure, luxury. Damn that filming crew, too good!

A Pedro no le dejan montar su PC : Supra kicks in.

Davud_64_64 : Opel Corsa is better then Bugatti Chiron

Hayrettin sahabi KARADİŞ TOWER CRANE : Süper...👏👏👏👏

Car TV : We want to see 0 to 450 km/h

iProStrqfe _ : spaceship pilots are laughing at this video

Csaba from Kiskundorozsma : I have a bike...

Adolf Hitler : Hangi oruspu çocuğu diyordu 10 sn sonra lastikler eriyordu diye

ULTIMATE CREW : Bugatti will beat the Koenigsegg rs easily, we all know this will do 300mph where Koenigsegg can’t do that obviously, it’s just a waiting game

DARLI : The Camera Recorded From Another Chiron !!

akasmarty2003 : The driver is J.P. Montoya one of the most exciting driver in Formula 1 history

TeNtIoN FrEe : I love this car 😍😘😘

GLTSA : The video you never give up watching it again and again!

NEERAJA SIVAKUMAR : _Someone present me this car_ I want Bugatti so badly. Save mee plzzz😄

veyron V : RIP ME

AllenonStage : Still Awesome 😎

Rani yadav : cool

Anonymous TLCI : Amazing!!!

X_ TryHard _X : Sounds good

1 : *_TIME TRAVEL._*

Javier Robles : Just look at it launch it looks so C00L

FatihGaming TR : Lightning McQueen : Noob Bugatti Bugatti Chiron : I AM NOT NOOB YOU ARE NOOB !!!!

prashant saraswat : Amazing what this thing can do.

Emre Tokmak : Araba bagımlı türkleri görelim +1

Pink Plant : *If that was a cop car criminals would voluntarily stop to have a look* 😂

Marks : Bugatti: 42 seconds!! Koenigsegg: 33 seconds!!!! Tesla: hold my beer.

OustFoX : 42... hmmm A Bugatti is the meaning of life

Sindhu Thulsi : 😵😨


Cheburushka : When you dont want to go to the bathroom at work but your house is 3.112 km away.

joao rodrigues : You can have a Faster expirience, with a turbo Charged Ford GT, in any way. Or faster in a track in a la ferrari or homemade track car. The chiron does everything better, in a way you can reach.

joao rodrigues : The koennigsegg only does one thing, theres other ways to go faster, but the chiron does it with one finger in steering wheel.there are fast dragsters, motorbikes, street legal racers and so on. The chiron is the only car to do fast, so effortlessly and composed. Its world class.

Lucy Todd : that's a nice car 😍

T. Efti : BUGATTI {chiron}

XQ Gaming : All those top comments about the Koenigsegg 😂

Karen Eng : Some women like fast cars too!

cosmin st : I have to go

Sharief Mohamed : The sound of the car so loud omg but there 8s faster than bugatti chiron the tesla 2020 that will came at 2020 and will bugatti will come back let's see what will happen 2 years and we will see 😎

Triplets vlog : I would do eny thing for this car