Stan Lee On "Late Night With Conan O’Brien” 11/17/95

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Madness by Design : An American legend...

SkippyGustilo : His charisma is just.... ENTHUSIASTIC.

GEORGIO MOSLEY : I know I'm late to comment party everyone but seeing this makes me miss Stan Lee even more 😔❤. He was soo charismatic, highly entertaining in interviews & he treated his fans kindly. I could listen to his interviews all day. I smile tho cuz I get to rare interviews like this. Thank you Conan 🙏

Z Serbs : When they have "In Loving Memory of Stan Lee" at the end of Avengers 4 I'm gonna cry so damn hard

Steve Holmgren : "We're all super heroes like Spiderman, that's the message I always wanted to send to people." -Stan Lee, 1962 RIP

afarensis : Love their talk about DC and Marvel. Stan was joking around, but not because he hates DC, only because they're his competitor. He's very respectful. Love the guy

LiterallyNick : He was elderly for 30 years.

Shesez : conan seemed so on edge the entire interview. but stan was so classy throughout the whole thing

Obviously : What Conan said about Superman is the core reason why the Justice league movie was hated. 2:15

Bardo : 0:45 It’s not an obituary, it’s the greatest story you ever wrote. RIP Stan and excelsior

Mr. Soria : I will not forget about you, I will not shed tears of sadness for you, and I will be happy. I always wanted to meet you, you really were an idol of mine. Since I was five or six I always remembered seeing you in movies, I questioned who that guy always was showing up here and there until some of my family members told me that you were the creator of a beautiful universe full of the most vibrant heroes imaginable, especially heroes that I grew up idolizing and falling in love with. But the more I read and researched about you, the more I got to understand what a powerful force of inspiration you are. Since I could remember, my sister would always rent DVD’s of the 90’s X-Men tv show and I fell in love with the books, the movies, the cartoons, the shows, everything. Even though the cameos meant something to me, I still loved you without them. I don’t know what else to say besides the fact that you have inspired me and still are inspiring me to do great things while still growing up (note that I’m still a young/snarky 15 year old). In my darkest moments I would read comic books and watch a movie about what you created. You made me smile and be happy, Stan. That and you’ve made generations smile as well. To those who say “goodbye Stan Lee” or “I’m gonna miss you” or “I’m crying”, don’t do or say anything like that because he would’ve wanted us to be happy, not sad. Don’t cry tears of sadness, cry tears of joy. Don’t cry that it’s over, be glad that it happened. You (Stan) are a legend and a hero that deserves to rest, you’re mission to make others happy was accomplished, and you’re legacy will never be forgotten, and YOU will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace, you did good Stan. Stanley Martin Leiber 12/28/1922 - 11/12/2018

Rantceck : 2:34 20 years in the future One Punch man answered that question xD

Glyph 123 : Massive shade for DC right there. Oh Stan...what a man.

Worf : Stan, your obituary was in many files before you died. You made it.

Dynamic Divek : Damn, marvel movies won't be the same without a Stan Lee cameo. Rip #EXCELSIOR

LonelyWolf : Stan lee the guy who's trolling DC 😂

Mr. Ubiboy : "sniff sniff" i choked up when he had to say obituary man Rest Easy Stan the Man (1922-2018)

Damian Reloaded : I think having statues of all the heroes in his mausoleum would be A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Maybe the statue from Avengers right above his niche.

Burberry Perry : One small detail that may go unnoticed: There is no "Conan" advertisement at the beginning or the end of the video like there usually is. This was about respecting and honoring Stan Lee. Class act move from Coco

Roman00 : Damn, how old is Conan? :O

M. Mirza : It hurts so much to me because i may not be the longest Comic fan, but i was a intense Comic fan. I only started *reading* Comics in 2010 (but i did watch Hero shows such as Spider-Man, Batman, Justice League and the other 90‘s - early 2000 hero shows on TV) because i first ever heard about and saw the hero Black Panther and i wanted to know more about him, but since BP was rather unpopular back in 2010 and you had a *HARD* time finding any info on him on the Internet. The best solution? Comics! From there i started not just watch the shows on TV, watch the movies and playing the games, i started to read comics and everything changed. His creation, the stories of the Heroes i read and overall made me to the man i am today and i am very greatful for that. I miss him very much and my biggest regret is that i never managed to meet him once because i live in Switzerland. R.I.P. Stan Lee, you will never be forgotten, but forever to be missed. „ *Excelsior!* “

MLG 1945 : People who dislike this are monsters

Emperor Reign : He may not have been able to physically last in this world like his creations. But by God, his legacy will. RIP Stan. And thank you.

Steven Stifler : Oh man... He was right... Few minutes after he passed away all media have already stories about his life. 😢 Rip #stanlee

Romneil Ramos : I remember drawing The Human torch, the Thing, Batman, Wolverine and Spiderman as a kid when I first got into comic books. The characters, the stories, the virtues that I've learned through them are Part of my childhood.this Man made a great influence in my life through his art and basically gave me an idea on what man I want to become and someday, I'll be sitting down with my kids sharing the same lessosn that I've basically learned from Stan Lee's work. Rest in Peace my Hero. Thank you.

larericl l : No way their talking about the comic of marvel vs DC this is awesome

Jihyo love : The trade center at 2:16 just goes to show how old this really is.

NathanGaming -Roblox & More : Is it kinda weird that this was filmed on 1995 and he died at 95 years old RIP Stan Lee

Potchi TV : “I hope they remember you” -Thanos

Casey Todd : Stan Lee wrote obituaries for people who were still alive... So did Zack Snyder.

Reyvander : I'm sad now to think that I will never meet him in person, RIP Mr. Lieber. Excelsior!

John Robichaud : This was from 1995 and he died at 95 and they talked about death

Grandpa Space Oreo : At 0:26 they sound like they're talking together RIP stan lee

Larry Parane : Thank you for giving the misunderstood, the bullied and the ones with low self esteem, the power to take the higher road and become heroes in their own right. RIP Mr. Lee.

divine : Creator of Marvel, he is the legend. Rest In Peace Stan Lee, you will be missed.

Johnny Rodela : I've not have had the tears in pain since the Paul walker death

Shaher Mia : ‘The Mighty Marvel Universe vs The DC Heroes’ 🤣 Stan Lee was awesome!

Mark what : The only one time that Conan would put up a clip of his NBC days

Mr. Gamer : R.I.P Stan Lee. Gone, but never forgotten.

kosh2001 : One of the good guys in this world!!! RIP Stan you'll be missed........

madaabdo : RIP Stan Lee, I love you! 😔❤

Bob Jones : Full of energy and charisma, and the suit looks like it's straight out of 1975

Nathaniel Kang : Not monetized btw

Iron Avenger : Even Conan has to make a tribute. ❤️

gamers never die !!! : Rest in peace EXCELSIOR you will be remembered

FinnerFin : *The Magnificent Marvel Universe* vs...the dc- whatever it is...

Shahzad Ali : Iam very sad about his deadth,,,RIP Respect for this wonderful man from Pakistan

Pretzel : SuperMan vs Spider-Man

FISHY LAMAR : Oh man, I know he was 95 years old and all, but it so sad to say good-bye.

Canal do Maciel : Now we all know who won this battle throughout the years...