Neck Basket: Full Length Commercial

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From your friends at The Neck Basket....It's like an extra set of hands...around your neck!

Comments from Youtube

Nox Vesica : ...The thing is, it's actually kind of a good idea

Help Me Hit 1000 Subs : Shut up and take my money!!!!!

J.D. Whited : I can't seem to get to the ordering page. I keep getting redirected to this video. Neck Basket please help me I am ready to order

CocoaPuffKids : 01:17 Neck Basket is a wholly-owned subsidiary of All rights and copyrights reserved Do not use Neck Basket to carry children, firearms, hot beverages, or wild animals. Neck Basket can cause undue stress to your neck. Consult your doctor and fashion consultant before wearing. Wow, I can't believe you're actually reading this. That means you think that this is an actual product. Unfortunately, you'll need to make your own Neck Basket if you to wish to benefit from this life-changing device. If you do, please be kind and send us pictures.

Becca Major : Omg this is the best thing ever. 😂 I died laughing when I saw this on tv and had to see if this was for real. Now I can walk my cats around my neck 😂 why is this a thing tho?

Donovan Blessing : The neck basket. "HOW NEAT IS THAT!" -Lenny Pepperbottom

Cheril : Saw this pretend commercial for the first time last night. I could not stop laughing. Laughed myself silly every time I thought about it. Thanks! Too much fun.

WilliamBernard BROWN : I knew this was a real commercial. I would wear this in your NECK of the woods. I wonder if you could wear this when your NECKed? you know what they say. "grab life by the neck"

Quark Queen Andrew : Wow that was bad, wouldn't you like to tell them that? Never mind!

Paul The Llama : OKAY PEOPLE, THIS IS A JOKE. ON THE ACTUAL TV IT SAYS "Wow, that was bad" AND THEN IT GOES TO A DIFF THING GOT IT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?! thank you :)

Jared Wignall : Neature Walk!

KolonaRulez : Scoff all you want but this would be useful as heck!

BJarod 6945 : They stole my idea again! ( not the dumb neck basket, the opinion that's worth something)

Airmanjack : i need one of these NOW

Booga04 Minecraft : "so many _spices!_ "

PIX Promos & More : This is probably the Best & Most convincing Fake advertisement since "Tiny House" for Geico

peter griffin : I need one of these

Beniona : That girl got a nice rack

TacoTVFTW : Those were forward slashes in the URL.. GG.

Greg Ronco : Why would anyone waste they're time making a fake ad this stupid...

Cheryl Brangaccio : I actually wanted one of those.

jzbelay : People are not that clumsy

Feuerchenx3 : I wish it would be socially acceptable to wear a Neck Basket.

kaosgoblin : Its funny, because the ancient celtic people had wallets and bags around their neck to carry their important things, just like this basket.

Cato4304 : How many people followed the link advertised at the end, only to find it went nowhere? Neckbasket... I am disappoint.

Cassidy : Anybody else read what it said at 1:17 ? I know I did.

Diego Effio : She said "Aww my favorite shade."

Kraig Larso n : My favorite PSOE of whst??? Please somebody tell me!!!

Kraig Larso n : My fsvorite wht?parir

TwoLeggedBeast09 : women

hellokittyxsuicide : Givin a nigga ideas....


Brooke Lynn Taylor : lmaoo when i first saw this shit , i though it was real

Angie G : Haha

Kraig Larso n : I Really do!!

Kraig Larso n : I Really want one!!

Aj4sure125 : Fuck u gravity.

Darth Beavis : It's only 24 dollars!

xdidusayheadshot : i would actually use that too

Cathy D'Anna : i call it the nut basket.


Numba1TeddyBear : i need one of these for my tampons and pads

Small She : @kookkid44 hahaha yes!

kookkid44 : anyone read the print at the bottom of the video?

Austin Varco : Or use a backpack.

Kami K : the best fake commercial ever.

Muddy Bear : lol, i think i see a AA battery when the dude's phone breaks...

Diamondwolf : Is your food bland all the time? Try this facebook link and solve that problem! /pages/Flava-Time/199317696822762

superspinclaw : Thumbs up if you thought it was real!