Neck Basket: Full Length Commercial

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Ray Sutorius : where do I order the xxl size

Nox Vesica : ...The thing is, it's actually kind of a good idea

Tim Cole : Shut up and take my money!!!!!

J.D. Whited : I can't seem to get to the ordering page. I keep getting redirected to this video. Neck Basket please help me I am ready to order

CocoaPuffKids : 01:17 Neck Basket is a wholly-owned subsidiary of All rights and copyrights reserved Do not use Neck Basket to carry children, firearms, hot beverages, or wild animals. Neck Basket can cause undue stress to your neck. Consult your doctor and fashion consultant before wearing. Wow, I can't believe you're actually reading this. That means you think that this is an actual product. Unfortunately, you'll need to make your own Neck Basket if you to wish to benefit from this life-changing device. If you do, please be kind and send us pictures.

Cheril : Saw this pretend commercial for the first time last night. I could not stop laughing. Laughed myself silly every time I thought about it. Thanks! Too much fun.

Becca Major : Omg this is the best thing ever. 😂 I died laughing when I saw this on tv and had to see if this was for real. Now I can walk my cats around my neck 😂 why is this a thing tho?

Quark Queen Andrew : Wow that was bad, wouldn't you like to tell them that? Never mind!

Donovan Blessing : The neck basket. "HOW NEAT IS THAT!" -Lenny Pepperbottom

WilliamBernard BROWN : I knew this was a real commercial. I would wear this in your NECK of the woods. I wonder if you could wear this when your NECKed? you know what they say. "grab life by the neck"

Paul The Llama : OKAY PEOPLE, THIS IS A JOKE. ON THE ACTUAL TV IT SAYS "Wow, that was bad" AND THEN IT GOES TO A DIFF THING GOT IT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?! thank you :)

Jared Wignall : Neature Walk!

KolonaRulez : Scoff all you want but this would be useful as heck!


Booga04 Minecraft : "so many _spices!_ "

Airmanjack : i need one of these NOW

Nathan Brown : whats the website where they'll pay you to say this was bad

Ty Cochran : My favorite part is 0:12

LL X : They are not even trying

Jacklyn Crist : Wtf?!! Who would buy this??!! My mom would.... :T

BJarod 6945 : They stole my idea again! ( not the dumb neck basket, the opinion that's worth something)

Davis Films : That is so stupid.

Rihanna Moore : horrible acting 😠😭😣

Dragon Flames559 : That is so bad

Cappygaming : This kinda looks like a vat19 product



Boi : That guy is most definitely vicscrappyvideos on youtube. His Neature Walks are pretty neat!

Cory Ann Topanga : I really want this neck basket. Is this on Amazon? Amazon be having all kinds of shit... 😂

Harcion Gaming : For those curious, the URL just links you to this video.

Sarah Hoyle : Lol it says "Consult you doctor and fashion consultant before wearing"

Doggo 695 : this is the weirdest product ever! they took my money!

Your Average 14 Year Old : Anyone willing to pay for this is an idiot.

PortalSnivy : 1:20 I now want to make a neck basket and sent pictures. Lol xD Also, why was I reading the text that said to make one and sent pictures of it?


Anabel Lee Silva : I agree to contact my fashion consultant before using.

Bobby Hannafey : I'm totally ordering the XXL, said no one ever

David Rienzo : why is this not called the spice rack

Josh Miller : is this seriously real?

Candie Jo : 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂

Egriff123 : i know this is fake but it’s hilarious

just a name : 0:55 Jesus Christ, it's Jason Bourne.

GearZ25 : just hold one tool at a time. or have your friend help. anyone else saw this commorcial in 2018?

hws6525 : who is the girl name

Mc lovin : How neat is that? (correct answer= that's pretty neat)

TheLawDemon : Hilarious!!!!!!

Ceebie : T O O M A N Y S P I C E S

lookz000 : Wow! You can tell it's a neck basket, because of the way it is. Neat!

R2-MO : What????

Zahkai James : kids seems like a good idea