What a Husky Shedding His Coat Looks Like!

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Gohan The Husky : Gohan sheds a bunch doesn’t he? What was your favorite part? LOVE YOU GUYS! ➡️ SUBSCRIBE to Gohan’s Second Channel! - https://www.youtube.com/gth2gohan 👕 Grab Gohan’s Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/gohan-the-husky 🎥 Things/Items I use for Gohan: https://www.amazon.com/shop/gohanthehusky 📷 Follow Gohan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gohanthehusky/ 👍🏼 Like Gohan’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gohanthehusky 🌐 Gohan’s Updated Website: http://www.gohanthehusky.com/ ➡️ Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/gohanthehusky?sub_confirmation=1 Let’s take Gohan to see snow next - https://www.patreon.com/gohanthehusky 🎵 Music by: https://soundcloud.com/julian_avila/maxs-room https://soundcloud.com/bonuspoints/after-hours https://soundcloud.com/brockberrigan/hazel-trilogy

Swayanshi Patra : Gohan is really a very Beautiful Dog 😘

The Unboxer : Gohan has the most gorgeous face... and so well mannered and affectionate. We used to vacuum our German Shepherds. They loved it.

jaelzion : I love how he looked at you like "what's this new gadget?" LOL

SparkyWolfTail : lol can i have is hair

Blazing Doge : I Love Gohan! WHO ELSE?😃

German Shepherd/Owczarek Niemiecki - Major : Good boy Gohan, cause my dog don't like brushing 😂

dbZ_ Kale : Anyone else want to just to hug gohan?

DesiHighness : You should try n record a reaction with gohan in front of a mirror...if he has a funny reaction that would be funny to watch...my doberman makes faces in front of a mirror...n he ll try n kiss me n then watch himself doing it in the mirror...he only does that with me though...he is a little obsessed with me... total mama’s boy. Try it.

Swayanshi Patra : Gohan!!!! Love you so much 💕

Howe Girls : I absolutely love you Gohan. I hope you can make it to two hundred million it autocorrected

sai Pranav : 1:59 gohan be like- come on hooman brush meh

aaddjb aaakkxxzz : Who loves Gohan? Like

bina mc : If u think Gohon is cute leave a like:-)

Join Memes and more : Gohan is so cute I love your dog

Fallen-_- : Gohan is the cutest husky ever

Wite Fang : My Australian shepherd shed like a monster

Evelyn The Greatest : I'm curious on how old is gohan's owner because he is such a sweet guy and I would love to get to know him 💕❤

Itsyoboy tyshaunYT : Face reval this whole channel cant just be about a cute husky

NASCAR Race Reviews and News 78 : I love you Gohan!

Hazzerunited : NOTI SQUAD WHERE U AT

RushGoal1Nil : Hello Gohan, greetings from the UK x

Mázli : Do you take gohan for a walk everyday or like every 2nd day?

ezee rodrigues : Does Gohan bark ?

keva kinsler : Looks like you guys moved! Gohan is my buddy, too! He reminds me sooooooo very much of my childhood dog, Whimpy. He was mixed with Husky and never shed. Neighborhood kids always called him a wolf.😊 Gohan doesn't talk or do tricks he's just a good boy and we just can't get enough of him. I just 💓 um! I really do. I'm dogless, my kid is allergic. 😞 Thanks for sharing Gohan.

Ash Baker : You never made a video about you buying a house from all of Gohan's ad sense money!

Don Ali9 : Open a dark web box with gohan

Baby Bear : Gohan is so cute!!! For once I'm first on ur vidsss

Mad9977 Productions : lol Gohan produces as much wool as a sheep haha 😎👍

Pam Duncan : Its amazing how much fur they can produce when they blow their coats. I have one dog that is very short haired, or so you would assume until July hits and she does her annual shedding and its like a snow storm of fur for about a week even with brushing her several times a day. I also end up vacuuming up about 3 dogs worth of fur a day just off the carpet and couch. But then when its finally all brushed out they do look so nice and sleek! I have the same vacuum and it really helps keep down on the fur. I have is scheduled to run two full sweeps a day which take about an hour and a half as it has several rooms to work on - it does one sweep early in the morning and another one later in the evening. I still need to do a heavy vacuuming about twice a week but with 2 dogs and 2 cats a robot vacuum would probably have to run 24/7 to keep totally up with it and the poor thing has to recharge sometime!

Wolffyloverartic : How old is Gohan?

Ron : You should package up pretty boy Gohan's fur and sell it on eBay or to your subscriber's!

Wite Fang : When u brush gohan does it reduce the shedding? Cuz my Australian shepherd sheds alot

Lilstar Duke : My dog sheds just as much or more! A great tip would be to stop by your local Dollar Tree and check out their human brush section for your dog! I bought my dog a roller brush and it works wonders and brushes well, even in those difficult angles and curves. I then remove the hair off the brush with a sturdy wide toothed comb and throw the hair outside on the ground, because birds like to collect the hair for their nests. I have brushed probably a whole fur coats worth, or more, off my big doggy (as seen on my profile pic!) Thank you for sharing, Gohan is just precious!

CineFilms004 : GOHAN loves YOU :) cuteness overload!

Gentle Man : Not gonna lie but looks soo big for a 5 year old husky

ReduX GD : I Like So Much This Part: 2:00 <3

Nicklas Jensen : Love Gohan!!❤️❤️🐶🐶🐺👌🏼🙏🏼

Jay Gee : Put 0.25x speed at 2:32 Face reveal! Kinda...

今日のGiantsくんTV : 秋田犬くらい大きなワンちゃん☆うまそうな食べ方(*≧ω≦)nice☆dog☆video☆♪very good☆高評価☆YouTube☆Japan♪

Leon Younger : Can I have Gohan

me llamo jeff : Ooooowwwwwww gohan is so cute 😍😍😍

Dog and guinea Pig : Oh no my golden retriever will do that 😪

Sienna Smith : I got a Sam (also from Siberia or what ever it is) He SHEDS like mad not looses or anything like that. That is a complete understatement and brushing him ohhhh nooo honey, Just no. He will not sand or sit still we have to vacuum while we brush him and after we brush him I love my dog though he is just a handful :) My friend owns a husky and Whenever I mention her name her tilts his head and barks so yeah I love my dog but is naughtier than Gohan! STAY A FAN PEOPLE!

Vento do Norte : As always beautiful Gohan is cute plus one like♥

Nasheet Ahmed : OMG! (Totally off topic) Gohan has the same birthday as mee! 😍😍💎

The Law : 684 likes 3 dislikes I hope the people who dislike this burn in hell and die in cancer..

Kathleen Nowak : Another awesome video! I love the cool vacuum it does pick upj alot of hair! Gohan is so sweet I love him so much! Try giving Gohan some fruits and vegetables . Or, another ASMR video of him eating popcorn again.I love Gohan so much!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Romina Zambrano : When a dog has more hair then you Me please give some of your hair! Gohan .......🧐🤨 Me PLEASE Gohan... Me treat for hair? Gohan ooh treat sure but.... I also want 🍦 Me ugh 😑 FINE Gohan mmmmmmm treat Me grabs hair and runs

The girl with beautiful soul : I love you Gohan😍