1% Piano Skills 99% Editing Skills
1 Piano Skills 99 Editing Skills

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Luke Faulkner : In the time it would have taken to edit that, you could have just learnt it! 😝

U J : Is it me or does the editing make the melody sound like a flute?

Gustavo Hernández : Who else knew right away the piece he was playing the moment he started at 00:16 ??

I Could Not Plan This : i guess you meant eddy-ting?

Psycho Cuber : Sounds like a flute...

Kawaii Fluff : Hard when you have 0% piano skills, 0% editing skills and 100% twoset violin watching skill

Celestia S : Of all pieces in this world...he chose La Campanella 😂😂

miss strawberry : I swear I saw the title as “ *when you run out of ideas of what to post* “

Lenzely : I can't imagine how hard is the editing, that was so fast😱

A Random Stay : They choose La Campanella with so many other options they had

Ian Kim : I loved it but I can't help thinking of how painful it was to edit each and every note of LA CAMPANELLA

DerSibbe : I can play La Campanella with only one single finger! Yeah? Show me...

Lily Sthapit : Wow! This is a great technique to instantly improve my piano performances! I'll just use this same technique in the live- oh. Never mind...

Hajira S. : Holy shit, you picked a really difficult piece for the sake of this video, thought you would pick something easy like Row Row Row Your Boat 😂 the result was actually great!

hakdog : i have 10% piano skills and 1% editing :(

Angela Lee : Ok,but the fact that you guys actually edited this is amazing 😂

Valentiu Constantin Grigorescu G : When someone got better skills editing than playing...

Tanisha Shriyan : R u.....effing kidding me? *WOWZAA!!!!*

Yvonne T : I rate *interesting/10 editing skill*

Joe Arid : Play in 1.75 speed

Olivia Liu : My skills: 50% piano skills 1% editing skills If you take a look at my animations you will see what I mean.

Elijah Miniuk : Editing? More like Eddyting, am I right?

Maura Diaz : The D# Hurts My Ears The High One The one In the 7 octave

তেই তেই এর বউ /V's illigirl/ : Editing is super hard! I would rather learn how to play piano......

Chitra Niran : Editing is awesome.. how much time happened to do this😱?

Shadow Cat : can you play “Rush B” with 99% edit skills?

Magguie : This editing must have been a heeeeell oh goood! *How many time did this take xD*

Arianna Cunningham : Change speed to 1.5 and it sounds better.

Simon Streuff Violin-Education : :D omg that editing time....

Anton Sl. : Do you tried Campanella... *see the rest after beginning Oh my...

day6 only : Oh look there's a doll playing the piano🙀

Madness Melvern : Zach King 5% Creativity 101% Editing Skills

thomas : this video may have taken long to edit... but not as long as it takes me to comprehend how you practice 40 hours in one day

Wake up and smell the dead weeds : If ling ling plays 40 hours of violin and 40 hours of piano, ling ling actually practices 80 hours a day

Elli Canil : grace notes: am i a joke to you?

Arti : I knew it was "La Campanella" even without editing... because i play it right the same way xD

Analise Pepprock : Somehow this makes the piano more like a string instrument than usual

Del Rubikeo : What a masterpiece!! And your editing too jejeje

F.B.I : 0:16 when i decide to try la campenalla

ioannis 227 : More like 50% editing Skills

LRZ Zhi : Great eddy-ting :DDD you guys Brett-y or not for the skillll?

H2 O : when u have Pro editing skills, every piano song is possible

Pablo Duarte : 0:48-0:54 Strauss Waltz Op. 314 An der schōnen blauen Donau (The Blue Danube)

MMLF 7619 : "Do you even play the piano?" ROFLMFAO

Bekka Ростова : 0:17 how did you get this footage of me practicing?

Franz Liszt : I am absolutely *TRIGGERED*

Chaitanya Singh : Me: 0% Piano skills 0% Editing skills

Emerson Yu : Try 1.25 or 1.5 speed for maximum power.

Valtteri Vuolanto : Lololol tried to fool me but not gonna fall for it; The piece goes all the way to the highest F, but he only recorded until the highest D#