1% Piano Skills 99% Editing Skills

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TwoSetViolin : More like 0% piano skills.

Lenz : I can't imagine how hard is the editing, that was so fast😱

Hajira S. : Holy shit, you picked a really difficult piece for the sake of this video, thought you would pick something easy like Row Row Row Your Boat 😂 the result was actually great!

Luke Faulkner : In the time it would have taken to edit that, you could have just learnt it! 😝

miss strawberry : I swear I saw the title as “ *when you run out of ideas of what to post* “

Arianna Cunningham : Change speed to 1.5 and it sounds better.

Franz Liszt : I am absolutely *TRIGGERED*

Dat Goat On Fire : La campanella sounds brilliant, but fricking hard as ass piece to learn. In the end, what you DO get is perfect pitch for d#

Gustavo Hernández : Who else knew right away the piece he was playing the moment he started at 00:16 ??

Sherry Gorse : Next video: 1% Chicken Skills, 99% Editing Skills

Dat Goat On Fire : This is how they take samples for digital pianos

That Oboe : Ling Ling can compose an entire concerto using this editing technique... Of course Ling Ling has also perfected the technique of the "Semitone Change", thus allowing her to change all B naturals to B flats

Kawaii Fluff : Hard when you have 0% piano skills, 0% editing skills and 100% twoset violin watching skill

I Could Not Plan This : i guess you meant eddy-ting?

Psycho Cuber : Sounds like a flute...

U J : Is it me or does the editing make the melody sound like a flute?

LRZ Zhi : Great eddy-ting :DDD you guys Brett-y or not for the skillll?

sophiaxxmarie1 : i have 10% piano skills and 1% editing :(

Celestia S : Of all pieces in this world...he chose La Campanella 😂😂

Tanisha Shriyan : R u.....effing kidding me? *WOWZAA!!!!*

Chitra Niran : Editing is awesome.. how much time happened to do this😱?

LRZ Zhi : 'Interesting'.....

Lily Sthapit : Wow! This is a great technique to instantly improve my piano performances! I'll just use this same technique in the live- oh. Never mind...

Angela Lee : Ok,but the fact that you guys actually edited this is amazing 😂

ChocolateGaming : what is original music name?

Grey Jedi Revan : What is Ling ling's family Yang Yang? Ying Ying? Ching Ching? Ming Ming? Lang Lang? Xing Xing? Rang Rang? Fang Fang? Ting Ting? Ning Ning? Zang Zang? Yong Yong? Fing Fing? Ping Ping? Kang Kang? Hing Hing? Qing Qing? Ving Ving?

Yvonne T : I rate *interesting/10 editing skill*

Magguie : This editing must have been a heeeeell oh goood! *How many time did this take xD*

তেই তেই এর বউ /V's illigirl/ : Editing is super hard! I would rather learn how to play piano......

Clumsy Turtle8 : This must of taken ages to edit, thats a lot of hard work. So tell me, how did you manage to keep practicing while doing this?

Pat me slowly : You deserve more views

cherie bomb : i could do this too! except i got 0% editing skills too 😔

Jesrose : Okay but how long did this actually take

Toupeira Gamer : Was this edited? i sense pure skill there

day6 only : Oh look there's a doll playing the piano🙀

Ryle Dazzle Vlogs : %1 originality, %99 imitation

Sarmistha De Basu : Eddyting

Gina and Prince : stop copying Big Marvel 😂

Elijah Miniuk : Editing? More like Eddyting, am I right?

Erik Nystrom : Lang Lang instead of Ling Ling?

Ray Mak : The frames..... So good!!! His expression too. Made me laugh the entire video. So amazing!!!!

Genesis Zamora Medrano : I give it an interesting out of 10

Shadow Cat : can you play “Rush B” with 99% edit skills?

Ori Givon : Omg

Da Coco Nut Nut : Ling-Ling would play Liszt's Tanhäuser Ouverture with his left-hand Edit: 0:58 the sound is just awful 😂😂😂


Sean Youngblood : La Campanella Lol

David Golote : Dis sounds like a fraqin accordion

【L B S】 : now i wonder how i knew it would be la capenella

Tom Riddle : Y’all commoners using editing to perfect your playing... Ling Ling uses playing to achieve editing.