1% Piano Skills 99% Editing Skills

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TwoSetViolin : More like 0% piano skills.

Lenzely Salimin : I can't imagine how hard is the editing, that was so fast😱

Hajira S. : Holy shit, you picked a really difficult piece for the sake of this video, thought you would pick something easy like Row Row Row Your Boat 😂 the result was actually great!

LRZ Zhi : Great eddy-ting :DDD you guys Brett-y or not for the skillll?

Yvonne T : I rate *interesting/10 editing skill*

Luke Faulkner : In the time it would have taken to edit that, you could have just learnt it! 😝

Arianna Cunningham : Change speed to 1.5 and it sounds better.

Erik Nystrom : Lang Lang instead of Ling Ling?

Tom Riddle : Y’all commoners using editing to perfect your playing... Ling Ling uses playing to achieve editing.

Tom Riddle : Sad.. I’m only have 0% piano skills and 0% editing skills

Da Coco Nut Nut : Ling-Ling would play Liszt's Tanhäuser Ouverture with his left-hand Edit: 0:58 the sound is just awful 😂😂😂

Franz Liszt : I am absolutely *TRIGGERED*

wine fleur : *just do the chromatic scale*

Twoset commenter// W.A. Mozart : The fact that someone(probs eddy and brett) actually edited the piece out using chromatic scales note vids... ..... ......

wine fleur : *Do you even play the piano*

miss strawberry : I swear I saw the title as “ *when you run out of ideas of what to post* “

LRZ Zhi : 'Interesting'.....

dallon weekes : there’s a typhoon within the next 24 hours but i’m watching twoset instead :,)

Dat Goat On Fire : La campanella sounds brilliant, but fricking hard as ass piece to learn. In the end, what you DO get is perfect pitch for d#

Anna Cao : Leave editing to the violists cause they need it

Sherry Gorse : Next video: 1% Chicken Skills, 99% Editing Skills

rebecca wang : this is the quality content i signed up for

Dat Goat On Fire : This is how they take samples for digital pianos

jesus christ : It sounds like flute at times

Candy Ninja : "Musicians" in the future

Ingrid Wong : Ying Ying is great because she has a great editor, unlike Ling Ling! Embrace Ying Ying, the new Ling Ling. #NewProdigyYingYing

That Oboe : Ling Ling can compose an entire concerto using this editing technique... Of course Ling Ling has also perfected the technique of the "Semitone Change", thus allowing her to change all B naturals to B flats

NomOnDemBeanz : Ling Ling has -100% editing skills and 200% every instrument skills

I Could Not Plan This : i guess you meant eddy-ting?

Kawaii Fluff : Hard when you have 0% piano skills, 0% editing skills and 100% twoset violin watching skill

Mystor APPimations : Ling Ling could edit and play at the same time

MCT-MagicCardTrick : Just Doing My Job

Ivan Regala : Hi .Am I the only one here who doesn't know how to play violin etc

Psycho Cuber : Sounds like a flute...

Seno Sanjeev : Lol la Campenella was beautiful

U J : Is it me or does the editing make the melody sound like a flute?

Malavika Harish : lol the speed up for the chromatic scale was lit...

hannah k : Interesting. I just found out that the young piano prodigy can also play the violin and composes her own violin concertos. She is 12. I am 20, play the clarinet for 12 years and feel like a useless piece of shit.

Sofia Jorgic : ling ling could edit that faster than brett thinking about playing the viola

Chitra Niran : Editing is awesome.. how much time happened to do this😱?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : ling ling has 100000% skill

Hailey & Maria : i have 10% piano skills and 1% editing :(

Gustavo Hernández : Who else knew right away the piece he was playing the moment he started at 00:16 ??

Magguie : This editing must have been a heeeeell oh goood! *How many time did this take xD*

Tub Tub : I could do this... if i had a piano... or could edit... never mind I can't do this...

Tanisha Shriyan : R u.....effing kidding me? *WOWZAA!!!!*

Angela Lee : Ok,but the fact that you guys actually edited this is amazing 😂

Ling Ling : But guess who has 1000% violin skill

Celestia S : Of all pieces in this world...he chose La Campanella 😂😂

Pat me slowly : You deserve more views