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طلال سام : I don’t know you guys.. but FUCK JAKE PAUL ,. I’m so sorry that you had to live with that asshole

dolan twins fan edits : Why would he do this. I thought Jake was better than that.

K.I.D. GAMER : If You hate Jake Paul Like my comment

Rishat Hussain : Who else tried to hold back there tears??

Lil Uzi Vert : Jake Should Kill Himself, He Disrespects Everyone And Is A Bad Person In General, Drown In Bleach Jake.

Makayla's Roblox Adventures : More reasons to hate Jake Paul

Kayden French : Jake Paul needs to show respect he only cares about cameras instead of family. Him talking about how good of family he has and that he cares about all his fans it's a lie. The Martinez twins needed help and they never got what they wanted or needed but Jake did. Jake didn't care he tortured them. Sorry Martinez twins hope it gets better.

yenny Peta : The martinez twins was the only reason why i even watched jake paul videos because i love how beautiful the twins are inside and out,i hate jake paul so much right now.

Alejandro Salazar : Are you guys lying??

Ntanda Thapelo : Please unsubscribe from Jake Paul if you feel for remorse for The Martinez twins

Temporal Mind : That's so fucking rude to make them live in the living room. Jake basically tortured him. Someone needs to make a petition, and just giving to fund a legal case against Jake Paul for his abuse.

gamers vlogs : I’m unsubing from this fucking torture jake Paul how could u do this to such nice people 😥😓😓 love you Martinez

Were Shadow : I’m pissed I mean Now I hate Jake Paul sorry you live with him now you can be free from that asshole don’t worry your mother will appreciate you giving money I love you Te amo Mis Martinez twins ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

caitlin : more victims of jake paul? *_shocker_*

Hack_Boii : Jake is a b*tch

Dance Moms You ❤❤ : This is shocking. Like, what the fuck type of person is Jake Paul? Stay strong guys, you have all the support of us. Don't worry, better things will come💕

Jade Martin : I don't really know you guys I havent watch many of your videos but I'm truly sorry you had to go through that you guys seem so humble and sweet and I wish you the best I hope you get justice for what he did to you ❤

Alexia Bueno Blas : Guys I feel so sorry that you guys had to live through this abuse. Stay strong 💪 💖 love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

Noora A : U guys r nice Jake he don't seem to be great guy by his look and behaviour 👿

TheDominikus : Cringe lvl. Martinez Twins

Laura Idiomas : Im not very ifoed about this topic but about what my sister tells me...Jake is fucked up...Im watching these vids and im so heart broken I didnt know it was THIS BAD

noobka24 : Fucking Jake Paul man.

Ntanda Thapelo : How are Jake and Logan even related Logan is so nice and Jake........😥

Paola Tinoco Rincon : Omg he broke their fan art that’s messed up

Brianna Marie : Poor babies. Wishing all the best for you guys

Wilber : They say prank but that was just bullying☹

withered foxy : Jake can go too hell martenez twins I feel bad for you

KaitySmusiC : You have great English and I love you accent

Lux Dees : I believe u so much your my everything I never want y'all to be sad 😢 so y'all should not be sad ever because I have your back I may just be a really big fan but I will always have your back

Natalie Elizabeth : don't worry, it will get better, u have great followers I love you

Canal do corredor : Jake Paul é um filho da puta desgraçado que faz bullying eu odeio esse cara esse desgraçado arrombado toma no cu Brasil não perdoa Jake Paul

Saraaa. Sw : I knew that jake is an ass... but omg ! You guys are strong af ! Be proud of yourselves and stay strong!! You have our support

Desiree French : Jake needs to apologize to you guys for what he did.

Jaqueline Martinez : omg me siento tan mal por ustedes

Aylin Bustos : Why don't you go with logan he is super nice you could be together and make videos together I just feel bad because jake I hate jake Paul and love logan Paul so please go


Bobby Moore : With Alissa it could have been a lie or something but now it has happened twice I know Jack is just a bade person

CLARA S : I've never liked Jake Paul, he's so stupid for laughing at your English. Like boy... I'd laugh if you'd speak Spanish. (soy de españa, muchos besossss) He's a freaking brat, taking their money and all that shit? thats messed up

Cupcake Sugar : I'm so sorry for all the abuse he put you thru. I never really liked team 10, but I really feel bad for what he did to you guys. Go join the Clout Gang!

Queen Ana : Boooo Jack paul SUX

Hansel Åström : I really do hope this is sincere, you guys have gained my trust and I sure hope you'll get to keep it.

melissa 2700_ : Jp is a puta. you guys are way better then him 💞

Alexia Bueno Blas : Guys omg I feel so bad for you guys. I know how hard it is to come to a new country and not know the language. This story really touched my heart and fuck Jake Paul wtf is his problem breaking stuff that you guys build yourself and with your money like Jake Paul is such a fucking fake ass snake. Like fuck him y’all don’t need him in your life. That’s just sad how he made fun of you guys because you guys didn’t speak English. Like he needs to shut up, who the fuck does he think he is making fun of someone who just came to the country and doesn’t know english. Like Jake Paul needs to cut left and learn how to respect. Smh 🙄🙄

that girl mya : Ok I love Jake but the ending when they should ya that video was messed up I thought Jake was better then that

Sarah Cichanowicz : I'm sorry you had to go through this. I hope you are able to take care of your mom now.

Flow : You don‘t deserve to be treated like this. It became very emotional at minute 20.. :/

Durdi : Do disstrack on that fucking bitch

Troy Hanley : Every single person that is watching REPORT JAKE PAUL

Troy Hanley : Jake is probably why kids are starting to be bad it's because of Jake they learn the bad stuff from him