The Truth...

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Cool Tech : This made me open my eyes...

Bella Boyd : I don’t understand people like jake Paul or Logan either y’all are so pure and he just used you guys and I’m so sorry we love y’all!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bella Boyd : They used y’all as pawns in his game and that makes me really sad cuz y’all are so pure and sweet and perfect ❤️❤️❤️


Livanator _2788 : No one should treat someone this way. I thought I was a jake pauler, but not anymore. Jake Paul is a dick. The Martinez twins r caring and amazing people. And if jake Paul sees this message I just want him to know.... he shouldn't treat someone this way, JAKE PAUL, just stop treating people this way it's terrible. JUST FRICKEN STOP. I now absolutely HATE jake Paul and now I love the Martinez twins! The Martinez twins r amazing they have a HUGE heart for others. I love them, I feel terrible for what jake did to them.... I am learning how to speak Spanish for the Martinez twins!! I just want jake to know.... TREAT PEOPLE HOW U WANT TO BE TREATED. Jake Paul if u r seeing this u should not keep all the money for yourself u should try to share. Wow I can not believe someone could treat someone else this terribly... Martinez twins I love u and I want u to know that I support u and my whole family does to, all my friends and my whole entire family members!! 😍I love u Martinez, Emilio & Ivan!! 😥😍😍

PinkAnt : Man, I never watch Jake Paul, but this video was so sad. Im Proud of you guys!

Diego Santiago Santiago : Once a bully always a bully

Oarson Ramon : So sad 😢😢😢😢

jeff the killer : you guys shouldn't have never joined the team 10 look what he did was bullied you guys and did horrible stuff to you guys i hope you forget about him and have a perfect life now love ya😘

Lusine Akopyan : Wow man....Jake is trash pure trash....

A.E.B : Bad things always happen to good people 😔....I subbed and randomly clicked on your vids and liked hope, you guys find the outmost prosperity and success in life 🙏

jaeden paige : It’s really upsetting and disappointing when you realize that there are people in the world like jake Paul that don’t understand the concept of stepping back and looking at how they affect others. Even if you have money and fame, the truth will eventually come out and then your image gets completely trashed. I’m happy for the twins, and proud that they left. For the fans of jake Paul, I hope you someday realize the negativity you are supporting.

Lena Milinkovic : Now I hate Jake

Gavin Stecker : I can not believe that Jake did all those things to you guys

John McComas : I’m so sorry Ivan and Emilio

Emma Sup : That was deep!

Sara Abou Snoun : I thought I was a Jake Pauler but now am not and u know the truth always on

April Worley : jake is a piece of crap i cried during this video

Damian Solares : Martinez don't worry God is with you

Jules Angelaaa : I think the reason y jake invites the martinez twin to have more viewers

iwasintheshower : It's honestly so nice how much you guys care about your mom, the fan art, everything. You can tell how genuine you are. So sorry you had to go through all that hurt. You deserve so much!! 💞

Akis 123hd : Im stocked of the KSI fight becuz i want jake to get beaten up


gucci gang : feel so sorry for you ivan and emilio

Tasha Coan : Go to his house and prank him big time

imani drozd : This is actually really sad, I can’t believe I’m just finding this now. He’d always pick on you guys because you guys were new to all this and didn’t know any better.. this is depressing :(

alexvids 1121 : Jake Paul more like fake Paul

Kitty games : I'm so sorry that that happed to you guys 😢I never liked Jake you guys are my favs❤💜❤💜❤💜❤ 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚 omg my art I saw my art in that clip he hit right through it 😨😨😨😯😯😯😥😥😥

910 RainbowPukee : It is sometimes hard for me because I have trouble saying my r’s right and one of my sisters makes fun of me and when she knows what I’m saying she just says “What the heck are u saying!” Over and again

Colorless Rainbow : I wonder what twins he's gunna go after now?

The Little EYE : Omg he is a old rack i hate him

Kelsey : I think Jake's just jelly bacause you have more attractive and likes and subscriber's

QueenAriii Moonlight : Watched in 2018..Wow..this video made me so emotional and I could relate with not being able to speak English very well I went to a school and everyone speaked English And I was bullied for not speaking right. No one should have to go thru this! What he put u thru was Bull and you both deserved way better than what u were given. I have one question though.., when he did all those things and not to the other people did they just stand there and not help you both out?? Screw them fake people! Im sorry this happened to you guys.

Diva Costa : Jake paul eres um ideota 😡

It's Me Murland : No you guys had a good amount of following before him. This breaks my heart, people don't & wont understand mental abuse. It's truly hard to move on, I am glad you boys were able to get out. Now start living your best lives🙏💖.

Diva Costa : Lamento 😢

Charlotte Croce : 😢its people like these twins who deserve a better life💗.BUT PEOPLE LIKE JAKE PAUL ARE JUST ASSHOLES💩.Martina twins we will be here for you no matter what💗💗💗💗💗

imani drozd : I started getting really sad at the part where he made you guys assault eachother and the fact that you guys have to live with knowing what that means now...I’m so sorry. Same with the situation with your mom and the money...

Hermione Granger : YOU GUYS ARE WAY BETTER THAN JAKE!!!! JAKE PAUL IS A FILTHY MUDBLOOD. The Martinez twins are much kinder and funnier Anyone else agree? Hope you see this Love from THE BIGGEST HARRY POTTER FAN EVER :D P.s thank you to all the ppl that liked this vid You ppl have a heart :))

Alpha_WolfEclispe 1234 : I wish I could give you both HUGE hugs. 😰❤️ I don't like Jake Paul he's an asshole..

GameyGamer75 : i want to see jake hanging from a tree and logan recording his corpse for views

Josie G : I used to like Jake Paul but when I found out he bullied the Martinez twins I stoped liking him

Jasier Grant : I hate Jake Paul now

Safiya Marcelle : I'm truly heart broken💔😔 Seeing what two teenagers in a foreign place had to go through to put up with Jake's bs. I heart goes out to their mom, I can only imagine her pain knowing she sent her sons to America hoping they will make a name for themselves only to realise they were being I'll treated

Nowii Dominguez : Dame la direcion de ese pendejo para darle un levanton

Robert Timothy : You are the best

Leslie Salgado : I feel so sad for u guys 😢😢😢we love y'all

Swara Ragini : Omg guys it really hurts 😢💔

Aiman Haider : I'm really happy you guys did this or jake would have manipulated you guys into doing anything and everything!