The Truth...

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G-Kid : You can see it when they talk, just how truthful it was.

Mckenzie Davis : I honestly always hated Jake Paul

Asian Team : 1like=one punch to the balls for Jake paul

Olivia Darlea reacts : 1 like = 1 punch 🤛 for Jake

Eve : Bless they put like English 'translations' on the screen when they think they're not being very clear aw

Anon Anon : Man, this entire video is so hard to watch. They were poor, they had dreams of becoming someone great. They're so genuine, so pure, went through so much hardships. Yet Jake Paul abused their trust in a foreign country with no outsider's help. You destroyed their handmade fan art, took their money that they wanted FOR THEIR FAMILY and not even themselves. You assaulted and bullied them in the disguise of pranking. I am so angry at him, so mad, because I believe most of us have been bullied at some point and can relate to them. Jake, if you don't change your way, you're going to die alone and unloved by everyone around you. And that is perhaps, the loneliest, the saddest way to go.

maria ramires : 1 like 1 punch in the face for jake paul

Yanacie More : Wanna hear a joke..... Jake Paul😏

Alejandra Arce : I’d file a law sue, who agrees? I mean he lied to them about having a bank account. Jake tricked them and took advantage of them.

Girly-Game r : I already hated Jake Paul but after seeing videos like this ... I just honestly despise him as a human being ...

LKGAMING : Jake is making fun of the twins English but lets see Jake speak Spanish and the twins actually speak good English for Spanish people

Asian Team : Dislikes = people still in the darkness Darkness=Jake paul

Cole Maina : Jake is a monster he'll root in hell, the thing that pissed me is when he forces them to have sex together that is awful,another thing Is that he stole their money . one prayer for the Martinez twins

Annie : I hope Shane covers this and doesn’t push jake forward

Nathan Varin : More reasons why Jake Paul is trash

makarilla : More reasons to hate Jake Paul

Lps Dawsøn : 1 like = 1 slap to jake paul

Minmove Again : 1 like = Infinite slaps for jake Paul and Logan pual

Lily Hart : One like = One million punches in the face for Jake Paul

Nobody Important : “Who laughs last, laughs better” -The Martinez Twins

MitchellReacts : You guys are so genuine and caring! Really wish you two the best. No one deserves to be treated like that

Jelly Bean : This isn't mean, they're not making fun of Jake Paul they're just saying the plain truth... 😥 I'm so passed at Jake for treating them like this! 😠 GO MARTINEZ TWINS! Every like is support for the Martinez twins and and help to bring down Jake Paul! 👍

Alexander J : I can’t begin to tell you guys just how much respect I have for you, for sharing your story with the world. Jake Paul is the most arrogant, obnoxious C*NT out there. I wish him nothing but bad karma, what goes around, comes around.

Eduardo Cuiabano Machado Soares : You two are right. I know how you fell. I was living in Argentina (I am brazilian) and I was being bully because I didn't knew spanish so well. It's so bad when you fell that because you can't do nothing for this. I don't like Jake Paul and also Logan Paul. They are horrible people and you are right telling the thuth. Congraculations doing the right thing

MŦħɇ X : I'll inform you every time Weird World plus edit to let you know! 594,882 likes= Slaps for Jake

Gillian Faye Lechoco : Making you assault each other? That’s the sickest thing a person could ever do to you guys :(

Lava Networks : People wonder why people hate Jake Paul. To put it simply, he's just the worst person in the world. I'm subscribing to the twins for two reasons. Firstly because I am also a twin. Secondly, and more importantly, I share their hatred towards Jake Paul. I always hated him. I was never a fan of Vlogging YouTubers because for the most part they're just so disrespectful and self-centered (except for the twins and Morgz. They're cool, they can stay) and their fans are cancerous. If Jake pranked me like that or broke my foot, I would attack him the first opportunity I get. If a prank is funny (on BOTH ends) then that's alright. I would prank him in a similar way and we would be cool. But those "pranks" are over the top and for me personally (not sure about anyone else) I would attack him and won't stop until I either break his nose or I break my knuckles trying.

Camilla Cofferati : That assault thing is too much

breanna meriweather : WTF is wrong with jake paul that shit is soooo messed up.

Maria's Kawaii tube : Because of this video NOW I HATE JAKE PAUL!!!😡😡😡

Katherine G : Don't worry guys! The truth always comes out, karma has its ways... sooner or later!

ALL IN 2 : Jake paul is an idiot and everyone who supports him needs to open their eyes

ShubbyShabaas : I hope Jake Paul suffers in Hell for ever.

Annett Gomez : Damn Jake is such a d*ck ,Como eso no esta bien they sacrificed a lot for jake and the team 10 and all they get is BS ,la gente mala lo pasas malas cosas .and i could relate to them and it sucks and I’m glad to see that Los Martinez twins are out there . No sos duro mucho besitos ,take care guys😊

Krog TV : Wtf you guys. I had no idea who you guys were until seeing Nerd City's absolute hit-piece on JP. I am so sorry you guys were treated like that by him and the others. That is so wrong.

Sabrina Morelli : The thing that’s makes this the most real is Ivan’s English. It is so much better. It shows he wasn’t thinking too much at all about the situation and that he was just saying what was on his mind. So much respect for you guys❤️

Angelo Hatem : Iam not lying iam watching this in 2018 and iam crying

King Yuki : I wish you could lock the room door 🚪😭😭💔 and you fake smile but in the heart you are broken I feel so sad for you😢😭💔💔

Kassandra Santiago : Lets comment mean things to Jake Paul

EatMorFilet : I just unsubscribed from Jake Paul. I am praying for both of you, and I hope you guys can raise money for you and your mom!

Diabr oo : You should sue Jake for the money back

Shashank Shankar : Pls fine a lawsuit he harassed u

SHWindigo : Jake paul, you have made the title of the person I find most disgusting in the world, I hope your face gets smashed in on August 25th. We need to get him off Youtube.

Lenny : 1 like = 10000000 punches to JA- *barf* JA- *SUPER BARF* Logan Paul’s brother

Kayla and Kylie : I am crying inside and war is going on with two people at my school. I am so sorry that you felt this way you guys deserve so much better. And the fan art and notes, they were something's you guys deserve. I hope you guys have a good life. I also speak another language. You guys will be successful. Love you guys 🤗😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Noway : Hey, Jake Paul you gotta explain something here! Respect to the Martinez Twins!

Cakely Playz : I feel bad for y'all that's soooooo sad😭 that sucks #### Jake man y'all are awesome I hate Jake now I'm sorry he kept pranking y'all 3vr9da9 btw I spelled it like that is cause his meme I'm sorry y'all got BULLIED sooooooo much that's not fair he sucks all he wanted was FAM its not fair!!!!! y'all were my favorite in team 10 btw he lost a subscriber and y'all made 1 A.k.a me I'm wring this as I'm seeing it omg your room he teared it in PEICES😥and your fans were probably crying😭 he needs to get a life he shouldn't talk behind your back that's what my old friends did so I can sort of relate

Tiger Power : :( is this true? 1 like equals a eraser for my tears

the amazing world of amira al sabahi : don't care about that big head at least you have your brother and family that really love you 😘