The Truth...

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I'mSleepyLeaveMeAlone : Came here cos of JustDestiny but i recpect u guys ❤❤❤ also dont let people take advantage of u America is a dangerous but awesome place becareful 😍😍

Dipsticks Had a lif. Art. : English is the hardest language to learn! YOU GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! YOUR'E DOUNG GREAT!!!!! Edit: I stand corrected english is ONE of the hardest languages to learn

HUNTER D UCHIHA : Nah Jake poul doesn't have humanity worst then Donald trump

Vanessa Hernandez : Bro a tear literly came out of my eye

Lauren ROBLOX and more : This is heartbreaking 💔 I didn't want you to be through that 😥😢 I also feel really really really really bad :( This also made me cry because what you had to go through..and the fan art because all of the fan art were beautiful and Jake just destroys it because he's a heartless monster. I hope you have better treatment. Love you Martinez twins❤

classyfacemakeup : Yo, this sounds like fraternity hazing/ psychological/physical abuse what y'all went through. I feel so so sorry you guys had to endure that. I can't imagine living in that environment everyday when you're just trying to pursue your dreams and create. 😭 This story is heartbreaking 💔


Vedant Nagani : Doesnt jake looks like a cheap and degraded version of justin bieber😂😂

Justin Fernandez : Jake paul sucks

Tyfoid Fever : I would rather listen to Gucci Gang 1000 times and Dora explorer 1000 times then watch one jake Paul vid..

itsMayee · : Behind the camera Jake Paul is very VERY mean.

Dayana esparza : Jake is racist

getinmybelly12 : This video broke my heart. I actually shed a tear at the end. You guys seem so sweet and genuine. I am angered and completely appalled by the person Jake is and I'm so glad that you were able to get out from under his control. Wishing you all the best going forward <3

Arwa Ahmed : *I'm sorry for you guys*

lindsey Qasem : Jake paul is a bicth jake paul is the worts person i have ever known in my life😭😥😥😥😭😭😭

Channel for an Art Lover : Jake Paul had no respect for you guys at all, I have so much sympathy for you guys and I'm happy you moved on, the truth really does come through and I'm glad you stood up for yourselves.

HolyTitan : Who came from just destiny?

Mikalya Wendler : I loooove y'all. Y'all are so cute. And don't deserve Jake Paul's team

Miranda Zavala : Jake is so mean

CodyHenry Frampton : everyone dislike jakes most recent video!!!

Lucinda K : Ohhhh the truth is out!!

Princess Naynay : This made me mad and I cried because this is so sad 😭 I don’t like bullying and I hate to see you guys getting bullied because I love you guys so much

Alex Rosales : Now u need to bully him 😔✊

yes. yes. : Jake Paul is so mean I wish I can meet u guys in person u guys r such good people

makayla dicon : I AM NO JAKE PAULER NO MORE

GAMER BOY X : Expose him

Tanley Myers : My god your human beings you guys shouldn’t have been treated like that. I’m sorry you guys had to go through all that really is upsetting he was really treating y’all like slaves smh I hope y’all are better now

Amy Wang : This is just so sad 😢 Jake is such a psychopath, he has mental problems

M. Hassan Ifraheem : Jake Paul is not a good person . Take Revenge from him by joining Logan Paul and have a prank war in which destroy his house

Robloxian alamat101 : Team 10 was never a team at all.

Paula Cervantes : People Like Jake Paul, Shouldn't be Famous by who they Are

Mr Moseby : Jake Paul is abusive and psychotic. You're happiness is very important, so it's good that you got out of that horrid place. I hope you both have much success for the rest of your lives!

Du ke : its so hard to watch this vid :(

xXMegaSylveon Xx : Please,Don't apologize,it's Jake's own twisted and sick mind.

Christine Jung : this made me cry. they deserve so much better.

Da Narwhal : I would like to see Jake Paul go to Spain and try to talk to people there

Rufina Basurto : you now what i will kill hem

Mayra Huerta : Woooooooowwwww seriously he is a criminal and mentally unstable therefore a threat

Madison Snider : I am going to unsub to team 10

Theoxxh : I'm sorry for you guys..

Lilly Pow : This is sad I feel sad

Khloe Dee : I feel like crying


Brookelyn Todd : Guys this BROKE my heart...I love you guys so much...

The comic turtle : Jake Paul should respond to this (Opps he already has... I should delete this comment...)

Emily Kay : I don’t even watch Jake Paul or you guys and I don’t really know that much about Jake Paul or Logan Paul and stuff related to that but I kind of stumbled across this video today ( kind of a long time after you posted it) and it actually made me sad. I can’t believe a person would do that to someone else. You guys really cared about Jake and Gave him so many chances and we’re so nice to him but this is how he treated you? It’s so wrong and you didn’t deserve to be treated that way at all!!! I hope this doesn’t make you think America is like this all of the time. It’s a good place but you just met the wrong people. Best wishes!!

Amanda Drotzur : He needs to teat others the way he wants to be teated

donnie : This honestly breaks my heart, how can someone be so cruel. I'm glad you both left, there's a special place in hell waiting for him.

Mila Hernandez : Martinez Twins you guys should move with rice gums mansion Alissa Violet moved there and shes happy☹😟😢