The Truth...

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Cool Tech : This made me open my eyes...

liss santos : You are better than that stupid 🙄

Taylor Terwilliger : I completely understand. If someone did that to me I would leave and never come back. Ivan and Emilio follow your dreams not anyone else's.

MrR B : I believe what they say , I just don't believe in their tears ! 🙄🙄

Loom Geek : You shouldn't feel sorry or have sympathy for him. I know what it's like to bullied over language barriers. Jake's a shit head guys

Jamie Reese : MY HEART 💔😥

Joseph Meets Travel : Jake needs to get his ass beaten and possibly banged by some big guy named meatball in jail.

The Billionaires : Once a bully always a bully, trust me that man is about to go down in some time

V to the Kook : awwwww my poor babies i fell so bad for you guys you shouldn't have gone thru all of this 😭😔💔💔💔 BUT DON'T WORRY WE WILL SUPPORT TILL THE END I LOVE YOUUU ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kirstie Baker : I say take jake to court!

10,000 subscribers no video challenge : i promise you im running jake pauls fade when my music blows up.

Cirstea Delia : Talk to the Dolans..They would help you..

Lexi Green : Wanna here a joke? JAKE PAUL!!!!!😂


Bliss Girl : I just love how everyone's calling jake Paul horrible names and it's Friday perfect it's like heaven

Sabrina Morelli : The thing that’s makes this the most real is Ivan’s English. It is so much better. It shows he wasn’t thinking too much at all about the situation and that he was just saying what was on his mind. So much respect for you guys❤️

Hey_ Jay : I feel so bad for them I never knew that someone can be that rude especially making fun of someone trying to speak English like people have feelings

Amra Elalynn : Youtube needs to take team 10 down!

Gillian Faye Lechoco : Making you assault each other? That’s the sickest thing a person could ever do to you guys :(

Irina Simion : It's everyday bro - racism, lack of respect, selfishness and thirst for money. And it's sad... bro.

Jamarrea2x : Thats Tuff

SarahK8Rose : I hate jake paul he is a bully

Dylan Mascola : I thought Jake Paul was cool and did good things in his life. I'm looking at this and I realize Jake Paul is a dirty idiot. No one should ever listen to him. He is a bully. He is imbecile. He is not humble and I bet he is gonna fake apologize just so he can get more money. He forces the Martinez twins to do terrible stuff. Jake Paul is the most ungrateful person ever. He is a bully.

Joslyn Marqs : Jake paul is an actual dick, and the worst thing is that he knows he has a young audience who are still trying to make sense of the word and if he is the role model that they are looking up to then ... God help us all.

El Papu : Si van a poner el título en español pongan el video en español hijos de su puta madre

It's Me Murland : No you guys had a good amount of following before him. This breaks my heart, people don't & wont understand mental abuse. It's truly hard to move on, I am glad you boys were able to get out. Now start living your best lives🙏💖.

HHHJ Gametronio : My heart💔 My eyes 👀 Jake Paul 👿💩 Martinez twins♥️😃

Dania Mejia : You should start making spanish videos with subtitles, it would be great

H I : This video should make everyone realize that Jake Paul is an awful person. Now we have a bunch of people that left Team Ten saying that Jake Paul has hurt them in some way. This video is another person agreeing with that. After all his 'pranks and jokes' are real. Its not fair to have people go through this. JAKE PAUL IS TRASH.....

grace scarlet : i am so so sorry. from the bottom of my heart, i am so sorry. that was an awful thing to go through. i’ve honestly never had much of an opinion on you two before but now my whole heart breaks. bless your souls.


FPS Gamer 12 : Jake paul is retarted and is stupider than lil pump He trash and dumb and he should kill himself

BLGhomiie : your mum must be heartbroken to see you two like this. :(

Ezzy 1089 : Ignore chance and Anthony they are just as bad as Jake now

Shinchan Nohara : Everyone who watched this video and didn't unsubscribe to Jake Paul, really deserved a Jake Paul in their life! Would be a blessing!? I always hated that him after seeing some of his vlogs, knew he's an selfish, insecure, fakeass bitch tryna be called an inspiration ugh asdfghjjkolp. Honestly I knew Logan Paul first and only came to know Jake through him. But I had unsubscribed Logan coz let's be honest "he's an ignorant, racist choch" but the day he released that diss track for Jake I subscribed back to him!!! Just unsubscribe to this asshole jakeass coz that's gonna affect him, his ego and make him notice not everyone appreciates bullying and being mentally/physically traumatised!!!!!

• Taylor Nicole • : I love you two so much. Stay strong 💜

Carlos GamerTVHD : Rice Gum Was Right Jake Is a Bully

Joody Jood : I believe you guys ... stay happy please and don't care about jake because he's just a stupid child🙄 I love you guys sooo much please don't be sad 😔❤❤❤❤❤

Mya Nadeau : 😕😈Omg @Martineztwins... I just discovered the blind side of Jake. .....I thank you for sharing this.. karma will get him you boys are really strong for making this video we love you 😍 karma will get im soon or'll see...

gail freeman : This is messed up jake you never should judge nobody I love the Martinez twins💛💛💛😢

SlapMyDirtyhand Please : I don’t speak good Spanish but.. jake paul ha sido derrotado, los gemelos martinez dejarán salir la verdad

Kayla Tran : finally a genuinely honest video about Jake Paul 😤

Jennifer Lopez : Sueeeeeeeee HIMMMMMM!!!!!!

Vanessa :D : I don’t really watch anyone from team 10 cuz their shit but watching you guys and Alissa’s video adds up to say that Jake is a fucking bitch! You guys should had left when the pranks started

Jovana Malesevic : RESPECT!! You guys are amazing, my heart. Omg 💔😔 I love you guys. You didn't deserve this. I'm so proud of you❤️❤️❤️❤️

Brandoninsta : hola friends

Alexander Hsu : i will be happy when jake paul loses his fanbase and is forced to beg for forgiveness.

funneh and the crew big fan aubree world : Well u just runied it /un sub

BriMe Toys : I seriously understand