The Truth...

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Princess Sofia : Saad 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞team martinez

Rick Sanchez : I hated Jake Paul...Now I hate him even more!! Hope his channel gets deleted. *I am ready for da' hate* '_' Edit: or maybe I'm not ready because I won't get any. 👌👌 Hate y'all too..❤❤

Manuel Suarez : Jake Paul lost a subscriber and the Martinez twins gained one!

A. Hakim Plawan : Why the hell does Jake Paul still have 16+ M subscribers?

Sabrina 101lps : Jake pretends that he is telling people to work hard but really he's just telling people to be jerks I HOPE DEJI KICKS JAKE'S A** HE BETTER BEAT THAT JERK UP


Life As Audrey : Tbh I started crying when I saw the video of jake forcing them to hump each other😔

C1oud Sc4rf Official : if i was a hitman i would have killed jake years ago

Giorgos Georgiou : You know what I disagreed with you but when I saw this video I was pissed with Jake!!!!I'm so sorry Martinez twins!!!!!!

Matthew Reeder : Jake Paul is out of control and he thinks he can get away with anything but eventually it will all catch up with him and he will fuckup and do something so bad that his fans and no song could get him out of it.

Dipsticks Had a life. Art. : English is the hardest language to learn! YOU GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! YOUR'E DOUNG GREAT!!!!! Edit: I stand corrected english is ONE of the hardest languages to learn

Haseeb Tariq : die jake paul. you twins rock!

Rose Eva : What you two went through was so wrong no one should go through that I don't have a clue what you felt when you two went through the pain and humiliation but thank goodness for you two are speaking out and telling everyone your stories and exposing the truth and I hope one day people will open their eyes

shadow Dragon1635 : F jake Paul and Logan Paul

quattro3ren : i feel really bad for you and i hate jake love you martinez twins

Curly Maya : The most horrifying part is where jake made him dry hump his brother wtf are you kidding me!

paco paco : He also took your money and wasted it right the money u were gonna give your mom because she is poor? ; (

Juliana0_0 Playz : Ik how it feels Martinez twins im spanish and it was hard for me to learn english

toy family fun : Im not rich either I had to share a room with my si ster and brother

Garett Newman : Omg just look at the expressions

Yanisleydis Aguero : I wish you guys where my brothers

Ashley Moyado : I know how you feel Martinez twins I was once in your situation in every way especially the bullying I'm also from Spain so I don't know how to talk good English but I wish you can find better friends than Jake Paul. / yo se como se sienten Martinez gemelos yo estaba en su situacion especialmente la intimidacion yo tambien soy de spain so yo no se como hablar buen ingles pero espero que puedan encontrar mejores amigos que jake paul.

Abbigaile Richards : God is not sleeping

Isabela Zimer : I was always a Jake Pauler but after watching this video I don't know if I can look at him with the same eyes!!!! Thank you Martinez Twins!!!!! (sorry if I am a little late in watching this video) :)

IRSHAD ZAMIN : The saddest moment was not only where jake ordered (because there is no other way to describe it)them to hump each other but it was also at the end of the video where ivan broke his foot and was really hurt and he just waved off the matter with a request to follow him on instagram like are you serious!! gaining followers wont repair his broken foot!just like your 11.3 million followers couldnt repair that cruel heart of yours

estephaxy : MY HEART 💔😥

Stricker Guy4 : I have respect for u guys

georgia Ashford : you guys are strong men to have gone through something like that jake paul is a wreck everyone unsubscribe to him. he is not gonna respect the twins then he does not respect us everyone unsubscribe jake paul is not getting away with this!!!!!!!

toy family fun : I was crying

Antifearstrikes : I actually feel bad for you and the others who work for Jake Paul..... So yea.. He treats everyone less then him and he is literally the worse human being ever created.

Aku's Blogs : Mark my words, Everyone is gonna leave Jake, also leaving one day he's gonna be Alone..

Kirsten's Gaming Channel : I just wanna give yall a hug right now 😭😢 this is so sad im so sorry all that happend to yall im crying right now if i was there i would hug yall that should have never happened to yall *hugs*

Pug Life : I just unsubscribed from Jake and subscribed to you guys

Mara Berishaj : why tf would jake make them hump eachother when i saw that he did they i started to cry because who would to that!!

Izzy Bam : But Martinez twins stay strong and always know that Ur better than him he doesn't deserve antthing

Gillian Faye Lechoco : Making you assault each other? That’s the sickest thing a person could ever do to you guys :(

el loogie likes goldfish : one day haters will take over.. hopefully

Emx Wolu : Sorry!!!😭😭😭

Enchi Lada : Jake Paul, hope you go to hell, and get tortured down there. You only care about views not your social life

Sean E O : Somebody needs to beat the brakes off of Jake Paul wtf is going on in this world. I wish I seen him vloggin down my street. An abrupt smack upside the head.

imagine WDW Seavey : I'm so sorry this happen to you guys I lived in Spain and moved in California and it was so hard to understand everyone and I had to go to school and I couldn't understand anything anyone was saying and there was these girls that would always laugh and point and soon I found out that were bullies talking bad about me so I kind of know how it feels I'm so so sorry

Mrs G. Jones-Dozier : Screw jake team 10 more like team Martinez twins

Izzy Bam : Omg he destroyed they're only means of privacy and they're stuff and then he threw out they're fan art like he such a freaking jerk

Mary Asha : 17:02 Jake making them hump on eachother

Teemo Lucians : what the helllll.... now i feel bad for hating these twins back when i watched everysay bro..

American Made : The fact that JP is openly rascist, disrespectful and a bully yet still has millions of kids worshipping him is pretty damn sad. I had no clue who these 2 were, but they seem pretty damn sincere to me. Wish you guys all the best💜

Mangle the pirate fox : Omg this video made me cry! That at the end got me the most... WTF JAKE????? HE JUST BROKE HIS LEG AND YOU DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE HIM TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!????? WHAT THE F*** MAN??????? Martinez twins i love you so much!!!!! I'm so so so so so so sorry for what jake did to you guys... 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖

apostolico23 lopez : im sorry this happend to you😢😢😢😢😢😢😟

GameHack/Pro 1 : Jake Paul should die