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I'mSleepyLeaveMeAlone : Came here cos of JustDestiny but i recpect u guys ❤❤❤ also dont let people take advantage of u America is a dangerous but awesome place becareful 😍😍

itsMayee TM : Behind the camera Jake Paul is very VERY mean.

Joshua Nakila : Jake Paul fans is still blind for seeing the truth ..

Jay Kim : That's not pranking that's fucking bullying

Dominic Villarreal : You can literally hear the hurt in their voice as they speak about everything...

classyfacemakeup : Yo, this sounds like fraternity hazing/ psychological/physical abuse what y'all went through. I feel so so sorry you guys had to endure that. I can't imagine living in that environment everyday when you're just trying to pursue your dreams and create. 😭 This story is heartbreaking 💔

Viraj : Jake Paul will pay one day

Artypuffcream 1725 : This is the first time Ive heard of the Martinez Brothers and I feel really bad for them😭

Arty Millie : I recently started to watch Jakes vlogs and I really enjoyed them and then i saw you guys on it so i searched u up. I despise Jake Paul now. I am never going to watch anything of his again. U two r my inspirations now. I love ur videos so so much. Never stop what ur doing cause u r amazing at it. I feel really bad for both of u. I just want u to know that i will never stop watching ur videos and people love to watch u, they don’t just do it because of Jake. All of my love and support, Millie. ❤️❤️xxxxxxx

David Cruz : He needs to go to jail. He's a bad boy

Theoxxh : I'm sorry for you guys..

Silv : This made me like the Martinez Twins.

Nacknone4 : When jake Paul kills entire team 10. *vlogs it* Names the video: Shooting team 10 gone wrong. Jake Paul fans: *YAYYYY*

IAmCookoo27 : Am I the only one that came from JustDestiny's video?

Lilly Cruzate : I always hated Jake Paul

GAMER BOY X : Expose him

Asia Masarone : They were treated like slaves

Ju Ju's fun : Stay strong Martinez twins we love you guys❤️❤️❤️

impjoker : im so sorry i wish u were treated better

Socorro Muñoz : I feel So bad for you two, the fan art got destroyed😢

Gillian Faye Lechoco : Making you assault each other? That’s the sickest thing a person could ever do to you guys :(

Chelsea Vlogs : 2018 anyone

ithilien weekley : Wow guys I guess jake Paul is really evil off camera I’m so sorry

Micheal Campbell : Jake is a two face mother ..f feel very sorry dudes

Macy Keys : I find ur accent cute

Syarah Ibrahim : I was not a fan of u guys , but after i watched this vid , i felt really bad ! Well i can see myself now being ur fan. Anyways i will support u ..

Sunny Inder : Came her of justdesteny this touched my heart it actually punched my heart that psychopath it weird no privacy always get pranked I would punch that fake Paul in da nose

Lely Estrella : Jake Paul dosen't deserve his fans

Lizie’ DIY and Vlogs : Omg😭💔 I am so sorry this happened to both of guys just be yourself, don’t ever let him make fun of your language bc I got fun bc of my language when I first came here in the USA and you guys are amazing. Don’t let anyone let you down. Jake was probably just jealous bc you guys were so much better than him, I love you guys so so much. You two are one of a kind. xx much love💜 and I am so glad you left team 10, you guys didn’t deserve to get hurt without any reasons. Hope you read this😕

LOGAN FORBES : you did the right thing <3

Anon Anon : Man, this entire video is so hard to watch. They were poor, they had dreams of becoming someone great. They're so genuine, so pure, went through so much hardships. Yet Jake Paul abused their trust in a foreign country with no outsider's help. You destroyed their handmade fan art, took their money that they wanted FOR THEIR FAMILY and not even themselves. You assaulted and bullied them in the disguise of pranking. I am so angry at him, so mad, because I believe most of us have been bullied at some point and can relate to them. Jake, if you don't change your way, you're going to die alone and unloved by everyone around you. And that is perhaps, the loneliest, the saddest way to go.

Wian van der Merwe : I hate jake paul

Sun-Hi Yokoyama : I am so incredibly sorry for you.. No one deserves to be treated like Jake Paul treated you! You guys are in my heart and I am sure that karma will come hard for Jake Paul one day. He will lose everything he has and that's what he deserves. And to see that you guys still wished him luck, thanked him for how much he helped you in the beginning and even apologized that it has gone this far shows me how mature, wise and courageous you are! Much love to you and your family and I hope that one day you and your family will live in blissful peace and wealth ❤

[InF] H3xAn3 : im 13 years old but i want to meet u and say some good things to u show u how my country is its poor but beautiful i feel the pain 🇱🇻💗🤯😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

Noemi Soriano : I love your videos and don't feel sorry for yourself because jake is going to regent that and he is going to feel the same way as you guys do and know that we're here for you guys.❤️❤️❤️😍😘😘😘😭

A.E.B : Bad things always happen to good people 😔....I subbed and randomly clicked on your vids and liked hope, you guys find the outmost prosperity and success in life 🙏

Hoshi Yoru : One Like = One less Jake fangirl/boy and another person helping to take him down.

Mikey Cairone : You Don't Deserve This Ivan and Emilo Your Awesome

Diamond The Meme Master // My Name jeff : Jake Paul is a kid

RiriPlayz : Omg I love ur accent

G-Kid : You can see it when they talk, just how truthful it was.

castiel_not_understanding_a_reference : Watching this video has brought me to tears because of what jake did to you guys. And the broken foot part really pisses me off, I mean all of what jake did pisses me off but that was crossing the line way too far! I mean he talked about the video title and clickbait while not helping someone in need!

Brynn Turner : How you guys can be treated like that and still care for Jake and respect him like that, I have so so much respect for you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing. You guys are doing well for who you are.

101nomnom .-. : This is very late, but Jake is a very, very selfish asshole who doesn't deserve his subscribers. I'm very happy you guys made the decision to move out. He's destroyed your guys' property and fan-art, harassed and bullied you guys. I'm partly satisfied with the hate he's getting, he needs more for the things he's done. Especially the hidden things off-camera. His fans are completely blind to the things he does, and just go along with it, "hate on this person? Okay.", "Make this person look bad? Alright, whatever for you papi Jake." (maybe not the Papi part, but I know and have seems tons of people call him 'daddy'.) If I ever meet Jake Paul imma beat his ass with my old chancla and throw him in the trash where he belongs. Los amo chicos, sigan asi.

Sweet Nana : ahhh my heart guysI literally cried I am very sorry because you had to leave with a racist and a bully it is heartbreaking

Channel for an Art Lover : Jake Paul had no respect for you guys at all, I have so much sympathy for you guys and I'm happy you moved on, the truth really does come through and I'm glad you stood up for yourselves.

Selina Morel : paul is very mean dont let him bring you down

michael carter : I feel you guys I fudging got abused and sexually harassed by my close friends only because they fu*k*ing watched Jake Paul and thought it was funny because they saw it in YouTube who ever disagrees with these brothers well you try getting abused raped and craped on and stabbed by the back hard and getting forced to fudge each other up and getting bullied cause you are different and getting hurt and not getting taken care of sink that in your thick skulls hatters F you I got your back guys it’s ok I don’t like Jake Paul to or Logan Paul you know what F Logan and jake

The Best Person In All Of Space : When I become a black belt (if I do) I'll go to the team 10 mansion I'll beat him up and I don't care if I got arrested.