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makarilla : More reasons to hate Jake Paul

A Dong : After Shane's video, like if u believe jake, comment if u believe the Martinez twins

Anastasia Kuzina : yeah, the truth always comes out... by being exposed by shane dawson lmao bye

Jekiah Young : Who else is here from Shane?

Sophia Sparbanie : Even after watching Shane’s video I don’t think Ivan or Emilio lied in this. Jake Paul isn’t a good person but they are and you can truly see that they were hurt and unaware of the pranks or why Jake bullied them. Stay strong Martinez❤️ily both

LKGAMING : Jake is making fun of the twins English but lets see Jake speak Spanish and the twins actually speak good English for Spanish people

Alexies Lei : I feel like somehow Nick and the twins are both telling the truth based on their perspectives. As we all know, before the twins weren't exactly the best in English so everyone knowing only English and them only knowing a little English created a language barrier. For example, they probably agreed to the stuff without really knowing what the others were talking about. That's just my opinion, honestly. But who knows maybe the twins are lying or maybe it's Nick who's lying.

bellmy balke : Y'all I'm addressing this to the people who watched Shane's video and are jumping to conclusions. First let me make it clear that I never watched team 10, jake paul, nick crompton or any of the other people in t10. So i had no clue who the twins were before this docuseries. And apparently Nick 'exposed' the twins when he said that the pranks were staged. But the thing I'm confused about is, why do y'all believe Nick and not these twins who have a LOT of evidence to support themselves, when nick doesn't? He's not even speaking for himself. I'm not saying I believe the Martinez twins, I actually don't know what to believe. So I'll just stick to nothing. But at least the Martinez twins seemed genuine when they said this. It wouldn't be surprising either, Jake Paul is a toxic and shitty human being. All I'm asking for people to do is NOT to jump to conclusions and play the blame game. I love Shane, but this isn't right. Not everyone lies to get fame.


just_me : Ok so I didn't watch all of Shane's series but the twins were in a contract with Jake so they couldn't really do something about it. Even if the pranks were fake doesn't mean it's ok to hurt someone. Just because they know about it doesn't mean they can say no. I'm so sick of all of you that are saying they are fake and stuff like I don't even watch Jake or anyone else from Team 10 because I'm just sick of all of this. I don't know if everything they say is true but I know that Jake did something. Btw please don't believe everything someone says. It doesn't matter who (Jake, Shane, etc) research on your own and get your own opinion before just restating what someone else's opinion is. And don't take an opinion as the truth. If you don't agree with them that's ok but try to understand their point of view. There is always more than one side of a situation. Just because someone didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen. People will always lie and people will always try to get attention by telling lies. But don't just say they are wrong without understanding them. There is always more than one side of the situation. There is so much more I want to say but I don't know how I'm so tired of this shit (Sorry for my English, English is not my first language)

G-Kid : You can see it when they talk, just how truthful it was.

Fodwa Sale : “THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT” yupp sure did! You guys lied. Now have a taste of the oh so sweet karma 😂 🐍 If you haven’t seen. Shane Dawson interviewed Nick where he said they lied about this whole video. They were aware of the pranks before any of it happened. The room that Jake broke was a fake room that they made so they could brake it for a video. If you want to know the whole story then watch Shane’s series about it.

Linn B : True Martinez the truth always comes out 👏👏👏👏😂

JoeyDaPlayer : *The TRUTH* uhhhhhh..... 🤔

lilnato _ : wow, you guys got exposed, i actually liked you guys before all this drama. thank you shane and nick. jake paul is not what i thought he was.

Gillian Faye Lechoco : Making you assault each other? That’s the sickest thing a person could ever do to you guys :(

beary styles : I feel heartbroken, not for you guys but for jake. You guys took advantage of the resources he provided for you, but you threw it all away. I get how you guys would feel offended by jakes comments but the way he explained it he thought you guys would be okay with it since you guys gave him insults as well. I don't like jake but I'm a human being, i want you to know that putting this out here could really hurt a person.

A Dong : who's here after Shane's finale on the jake Paul series?

Sadhika Alampally : Who's here after Shanes last part?

The bevinator : Guys watch shanes video on the enemies of Jake Paul and Nick exposed these lier twins

Anon Anon : Man, this entire video is so hard to watch. They were poor, they had dreams of becoming someone great. They're so genuine, so pure, went through so much hardships. Yet Jake Paul abused their trust in a foreign country with no outsider's help. You destroyed their handmade fan art, took their money that they wanted FOR THEIR FAMILY and not even themselves. You assaulted and bullied them in the disguise of pranking. I am so angry at him, so mad, because I believe most of us have been bullied at some point and can relate to them. Jake, if you don't change your way, you're going to die alone and unloved by everyone around you. And that is perhaps, the loneliest, the saddest way to go.

Annie music LOVER : Its sad to think this much people believed them..... When the truth comes out...everyone's true colors are revealed

Flannel Brothers : I know I might get some backlash by posting this comment, but I feel like it needs to be said: I don’t watch the Martinez Twins. I never have and most likely never will. But everyone coming here and saying “Y’all are caught lying” and comments similar to that should be saved after the series (at least that’s my opinion.) Yes, I watched episode four of Shane’s series and I heard what Nick Crompton said, he seems like a nice and genuine guy. But we don’t know if what he said was really the truth or not. For all we know, Nick said that the last time he sent a text to Jake was before the fight and wished him good luck, but Jake never replied back. Nick wants to be friends with him again, and maybe he’s trying to get redemption back by speaking kindly of Jake. (If you were trying to be friends with someone again, would you speak badly behind their back? No.) Again, we all don’t know. Maybe in episode five Shane will sit down with Jake and Jake will say something completely different. That maybe his videos aren’t actually fake. We just don’t know because every episode in the series brings something new to light, so if you want to comment, be careful with what you say because you never know the actual truth. Or what’s to come.

XPLR Girl : I’m here from Shane’s video. EXPOSED.


Curly Maya : The most horrifying part is where jake made him dry hump his brother wtf are you kidding me!

Juicy Stuff : The fact that i actually thought what they were saying was true...

Fat Frog : "THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT" PMSL!!!! Yeah....10 months later.....

P Knts : I thought Laura’s Lee video was fake , I was wrong

Honeybun : Should be titled the Martinez twins lying for 27:25 minutes straight

Diabr oo : You should sue Jake for the money back

SnowMan : I felt sorry for you guys...I can't believe what you did... You are worst than Jake Paul!!

HighJujuOnDatBeat123 ROBLOX : the saddest thing about this is that, jake actually helped them in so many ways...and they just used jake for fame and views and that’s not ok, you guys know those things that pop up in jakes vlogs before was planned and now you guys come for him by lying??! that’s really not ok, it hurts to see jake getting hate form people, and now u guys?! the only person who actually helped you in so many ways, and you just do him like that? wow, thats just sick, how crazy can this world get? from friends to lying about jake guys deserve a medal for that, congrats.what has the world become?

Caress Gabow : The martinez twins say "the truth will always come out" so thats what Nick did lol.

Abigail Olazaran : I’m the only one who just don’t believe a word that nick said? It seems like he was only trying to defend Jake no matter what, there are too many testimonies about Jake not being the nice person he pretends on social media. Nick was acting and speaking to carefully that for me everything sounded like bullshits

Noway : Hey, Jake Paul you gotta explain something here! Respect to the Martinez Twins!

ItsJasmine A.D : I love how the title says the truth but this whole video was a complete lie... you guys just got EXPOSED U LIARSSSSS. U say jake is a bad person but u used him the whole time and then lied saying he bullied u with all the pranks but u knew they were fake. U wanted attention and sympathy u got it I hope your happy....

Liam Tonga'uiha : I love how just when they’re out of team 10 they think they can talk shit on Jake like why didn’t u say something before 🙄

D 1407 : And now Nick exposed you, so...

E B : Yep, truth comes out 🐍🐍🐍🐍

Divya Raj : I have always noticed that they were treated so badly. I thought it was all scripted in those vlogs. I feel so bad for them, they went through so much. I wish that they will get their money back to give to their mother. This is such an unfortunate situation. I wish that you guys will never go through this ever again.

Lb Belrose : When the truth actually comes out about what actually happened, that room they made for them in the living room was made to be destroyed, a lot of the things they’re talking about are lies...jake says everything that happened in the new Shane Dawson series. The pranks were fake, they knew about the pranks the whole time. So they only made these videos is for clout. Literally. To make the money

Not today Son : I felt bad for you guys first now you got exposed by Nick and now idgaf bout u ppl

Marsha Maniar : I really don't know who to believe...Nick myt be lying cos he's still friends with Jake..maybe the pranks are acc real but Jake wants everyone to think he's not a sociopath..but if the pranks aren't real then these guys are straight up lying and using Jake for fame....mind boggledd😂

Botw707 : You guys are manipulators. You both lied. I felt so sorry for you and I believed in everything you said. 💔 As soon as I saw "The Enemies of Jake Paul" I unsubscribed

classyfacemakeup : Yo, this sounds like fraternity hazing/ psychological/physical abuse what y'all went through. I feel so so sorry you guys had to endure that. I can't imagine living in that environment everyday when you're just trying to pursue your dreams and create. 😭 This story is heartbreaking 💔

chronicles x : He helped you guys then you back stab him wow

Fatima's Diy channel : No seriously tho to all of these ppl who believe what nick said in shane's series...I dont think its the u can Cleary see that the martinez twins r not lying by just way they r talking. U tell me why did all the original members of team 10 leave it Chance,Tessa,Alex literally all of them.

Shannon Tracy : Listen dude you need to respond cos you got exposed by ma queen Shane