Tokyo Motor Show 4 - Honda EV Concepts | Fully Charged

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Ryukachoo : even my hardcore geargrinder car dude friends absolutely love this concept car. it's a simply styled throwback to old 80s boxy designs and has a nice and expressive but simple front end

Electro Drives : This really is a futuristic-looking car. It's like something off of Wall-E. Really impressive, Honda.

TheAllSeeingWheel : These are the first "futuristic" looking cars that it think actually look good.

JDR 235 : Id buy for 3 reasons 1 honda is reliable asf 2 it looks retro yet it still looks futuristic 3 its different Bonus- Tail lights, head lights, simple yet extraordinary

Alex Mainz : Id cry if i bought a car like that and would have to put license plates on it😭

Charles Ball : Please bring the urban EV to the US. We're stuck with SUVs and Pick-Up trucks.

Rafael Santos : Yes! Bring back boxy cars! I'd probably change it the screens at the front for e-ink displays, and I really hope they'll be available with more than 300+ km.

Mickael Blake : *I adore the Honda Urban EV Concept* - It's electric - It's classic/Boxy - It's stunning - It has a lot of technology - It's A DRIVEABLE LOUNGE *Definitely buying it when I can*

Asphalt : Future is here. I can't believe it.

McBong's Lab : absolutely beautiful concepts, i hope they look as good when they are released :)

SHADEFACE : Dude is a great host. Fantastic job talking about the cars.

Beat Fed : more cars need to be designed in such a beautiful, simple and well composed way like this instead of being offensive, complicated and ugly like most modern cars today which have to many unnecessary design features and cues, like they're trying to hard... Honda has made these cars look effortlessly beautiful and iconic

Shikshan Hindi : They loook soooo retro and cool

Frank Ly : HONDA would make a huge mistake if they decide to not bring these cars to the US. Electric cars are coming from various automakers and HONDA has a true winner in their hands.

Fluffy Kitten : This relatively simplistic and subtle design language is pretty refreshing, especially considering their main competitor (Toyota/Lexus) is incorporating more and more autism into their designs as of late.

truelazerlight : All those stupid flashy show-offy Supercars can shove it. The Urban EV looks just absolutely stunning! I'm in the market for an electric vehicle next year and if they manage to make this relatively unchanged (like they did with the Civic 10 years ago) and it's relatively affordable, I'm so in!

Zero Two is waifu : *Tesla slowly peeks around the corner...*

Symlex Brn : Its very interesting that the front bench seat is back

JBlink LU : Imagine a kind of "sport mode" on these cars where the front lights gets an "angry eye" shape. That would be cool in my opinion.

Jay Belafonte : Funny how the future is always Retro

BldgWha7 : Once Toyota and Honda release electric cars Tesla stock will plummet

Drunken Master II : I’m surprised the designer of the second car wouldn’t have other cars he like to name, maybe he didn’t want to take anything away from the honda car he made, but It’s kind of frustrating not getting any hint into his creative process.

1Lifeonearth : Jesus Christ, it's 2018 all cars should be electric by now... get with the program... (everyone other than tesla).

Özgün Demir : man these are friggin gorgeous I hope honda doesnt change much when producing these.

Daniel Climent : Freaking amazing design, simple, fun, the proportions are insanely perfect.... I'll better start saving....😰

Hidden Emperor : honestly this is some award winning type of design, clean luxurious, clean in form and in shape

Okiha Addict : This is actually a car i want :-)

TRY to HELP you : Simply brilliant show. Thanks for the coverage guys!

Lebbz : Reminds me so much of the Ghost in the Shell film cars. Gorgeously retro but also very futuristic at the same time.

Alfie Aolomons : Still better looking than any Tesla.

Olaf : I want one. Give me one.

Muhammed Zariff : The front reminds me of a futuristic yet old school camaro SS and the back looks like a 69 Mustang fused together ! brilliant ! Where do I pre order ?

Think outside #the box : car looks like a Japanese anime character

Michele Spaliviero : these are two of the most beautiful, neat cars ever. They will lead a new wave in car design.

Rye Shelton. : looks way better than todays jellybeans

TJ : If Apple made a car !

Kaneki : Beautiful

Andy Brice : These really are very elegant, but without being too cutesy. Perhaps Honda should take the design of all their cars in this direction, and make them more distinctive.

george boyd : im not a fan of e.v. cars but damn Honda,, these look awesome!

Bimmer Won : As long as you can get at least 200 miles per full charge I’ll consider buying it.

Knee Grows : Not a fan of electric cars... But I LOVE EM!

Marc Gratton : I want one

sebastian sanchez : *Now that's a car*

Smith Js : What's the point of concept cars?

consciousprogrammer : That car is freaking BEAUTIFUL! I would love to partner with Honda and move people to using the sports EV in my country.

Claus Steinenböhmer : The urban ev was screaming Peugeot 205 gti at me...

Lajki : your questions were horrible im sorry xD

S Q : And....will never look like that when it comes out. That's why I hate concept cars. Nothing but a tease.

Donnie Cheese : Hood and roof should be solar panels. Always charging. Naturally. Love the roolette/turbo fan wheels.

Michał L : Don't get too excited. These are concepts. We've seen a lot of concepts, even when it comes to conventional (internal combustion) cars and the concepts and the reality were often so different that you could barely recognize similiarities. Cool looking concepts, I'll believe it when I see them in retail.