Muppet Beaker sings Yellow by Coldplay (no mememe)

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BeeStripes 030 : I love how steady and heartwarming the drums in the audio are and then it's played with Animal's crazy fucking ballistic drumming in the video.

Thomas Jones : I feel robbed!!

Harry Taylor : Who else is watching this in 2016?

Dennis Bull : who is watching 2017

Withered Freddy : who is watchiing it in 2017

300IQ Wizard : WTF this is great 

RottenDoctorGonzo : Who else is watching in 2019?

Bradley Baum : This is weird! I was expecting the person who voices Beaker to be singing this with Beaker's usual voice, not have him mime to Chris Martin!

Andrew Taylor : Holy Shit..that was amazing...

Destroy All Anglos : Why are they holding the guitar and bass backwards

Madison Alcauter : Whoa when did Will Champion have hair?

celdoor : Beaker looks so sad in this video. He fits the song perfectly

Josh Berman : Wow! It must've taken Beaker a century to sing this professionally!

Saint Claire : These musicians are very cute and amusing.  <3

Deadclown45acp : 2017 and I'm amazed

Richard Morton : Animal reminds me of Keith Moon

lysjocksan : wow! the syncing was so good I started I missing something? I could've sworn this came out when Chris Martin was like 3 years old lol and Diana Ross was involved. I thought maybe they did a remake. Good job :)

Jazmin moreno zepeda : soooo beautiful :) 

Phill Wainewright : Classic!

Sean Tobbe : shit i thought he was gonna say mee and almost died of confusion after he started singing :/


Moonsugar Stardust : great. now I'm attracted to beaker.

Diogo Miguel : Best video on youtube

Paul Maurice : Pretty awsome

Yvonne Thompson : syncronising awesome!!

Beaker : MEEP

Lucy A. : I love Beaker, wanna more videos of him!!!

larshoneytoast33 : How did i just discover this

Mikel Shang : Gutted... I wanted the mememememe

flyte : somehow i doubt animal could play so normally

Esparza Cartoons : I never knew beaker had it in him

nataliewilkinson01 : Nicely done. :)

Laura C : what the heck :|

BLUE MOXIE : Brilliant..

Ricardo Santos : So beaker finally got his voice :)

Jogwheel : Dude, the time-remapping on this is fucking stupendous - that must have been a bitch to lip-sync correctly! Good job.

Apocryphile1970 : Brilliant!

Mihaela S : Thank you so much Norman for sent it me. It is very funny indeed. You make me smile now, thank you. Your vid made me to forget a little at my break foot. I like Coldplay a lot too, and yes you are right, they are a very good band. Mihaela.

gbritaney : haha!!

john1842msu : Those 2 ornery old muppets up in the balcony pressed dislike 370 times.

TheAaronFreeze : This was pretty cool

TumzDK : 1:29 (in danish) : Jeg sked.. åh ja! jeg sked en gås

Josh Berman : Great way to get Sargent Floyd Pepper to be in the video by the way.

Jazzy J : NICE

American Flag : Dafuck ps.domt hate on me I lov the song

DrellyBee504 : @djdarrenjames140 Guilty! LOL

Charlie : This never gets old.

bobtheduck : Wow, youtube hasn't muted it yet. Great luck, man!

Locutz M : this was well done i was looking for mee mee but it turns out pretty well

neilybobmojo : This has got to be one of the most awesome things i have seen in my life!!!!!