Muppet Beaker sings Yellow by Coldplay (no mememe)

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Bradley Baum : This is weird! I was expecting the person who voices Beaker to be singing this with Beaker's usual voice, not have him mime to Chris Martin!

Beaker : MEEP

BeeStripes 030 : I love how steady and heartwarming the drums in the audio are and then it's played with Animal's crazy fucking ballistic drumming in the video.

RottenDoctorGonzo : Who else is watching in 2019?

Esparza Cartoons : I never knew beaker had it in him

Ricardo Santos : So beaker finally got his voice :)

Joy Hsiu Yin Kwa : Beakers so cute....he got new its so great job....thank you beaker i love you...u so cute....i love the ode to joy and the balled rapsody.....100% great job beaker....😄

Saint Claire : These musicians are very cute and amusing.  <3

TjocFreddy : who is watchiing it in 2017

Thomas Jones : I feel robbed!!

Andrew Taylor : Holy Shit..that was amazing...

flyte : somehow i doubt animal could play so normally

Josh Berman : Wow! It must've taken Beaker a century to sing this professionally!

Mikel Shang : Gutted... I wanted the mememememe

Gabe Morehouse : Why are they holding the guitar and bass backwards

Jazmin moreno zepeda : soooo beautiful :) 

Moonsugar Stardust : great. now I'm attracted to beaker.

BLUE MOXIE : Brilliant..

300IQ Wizard : WTF this is great 

Dennis Bull : who is watching 2017

Phill Wainewright : Classic!

Madison Alcauter : Whoa when did Will Champion have hair?

Richard Morton : Animal reminds me of Keith Moon

larshoneytoast33 : How did i just discover this

Lucy A. : I love Beaker, wanna more videos of him!!!

Deadclown45acp : 2017 and I'm amazed


Harry Taylor : Who else is watching this in 2016?

Laura C : what the heck :|

Josh Berman : I would absolutely love to see The Diana Ross Episode actually replace its original UK Version with this really awesome video that I just watched and just to shock, surprise and amaze die hard Muppet fans. The guy who made this video is probably a Beaker fan and felt very bad for Beaker getting the absolute worst of it in nearly every Muppet Show Episode and Frank Ozly, how can I blame him. Great job Buddy. My hat goes off to you if I was actually wearing one right now.

Des Moore : Beaker songs muppets

Samuel Wahlberg : who else are watching in 2017?

Luc Allard : 2017 - and Coldplay is still paying Beaker / Mupps for the rights. When asked for a comment on this big bucks bonanza Beaker said MeMeMe. Classic.

_____ : the drummer is Agro from Channel 7 in Australia haha gold

Hellen Rosa : 😄😃😄😃BOM BEM NO MUPPETS🤗😛👏😘😁😆

Janice Place : I like this ...... : ) and, it's yellow, with a bit of purple & especially blue ......( oh, and, some glitter ) !!

Bluebuthappy182 : Wow I didn't know Beaker had such a good voice.

amazing Pei : Danke... sehr geil gemacht.    Entombed - Blessed Be / Beaker - Muppets

Ömer Büdün : our president Beaker!

Cody Gearheart : So cute!

luis omar masias ambriz : beaker rulezzz jajajajajaaj :)

Andrew P : Love.

32Loveless50 : that can only be playback. :D we got no MI MI MIIIII :D

Josh Berman : Great way to get Sargent Floyd Pepper to be in the video by the way.

Val Claisse : Good singer :-D

Topher Holland : Unexpectedly weird.

TheAaronFreeze : This was pretty cool

Griffin24712978 : Best muppet song ever was kermit singing same as it ever was by talking heads.

první Gauner : super

eltanin awry : Feelings...