Flash bang testing.

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Zuzu : *looks at description* "Uh woahh" 10/10 best description.

Sky High : The camera looked straight into the flash bang but didn't get blind. *VOLVO PLS FIX*

Matsimus : “MY EEEEEEERS ARE REEENING” *Thats how mafia works*

Versaucey : Flashed your own team, reported.

Crunchy Napkin : I prepared myself for a really bright white screen... I'm upset

Hayden H : Plays CoD Sees video *Kowalski, analysis*

Toasted Fan Art : "Hey kids, welcome to the police academy" *throws* *flashbang*

oh yeah yeah : This is so unrealistic, *why didn’t the camera go white screen?!*

Neelam Rawat : Which CSGO map is this?

Ace Trainer Lupi : Welcome to "Why is this in my recommended" episode 53

PanKrzyś : 00:13 we get it... You vaping

NadeKing : _right click throw_

ᴇɴғᴜsɪᴏɴ : Fire in the hole? aint seeing some hole there bud.

StuntmanFab : no flash. thats not how mafia works, you lvl 1 crooks...

Siddharth Jain : 0:04 when your teammates don't use headphones...

Zh ng : F*cking griefer, reported

Depression Session : *RUSH B INTENSIFIES*

Golden Animz : T : Rush B cyka blyat! T 2 : ok? *after in B tunnel* T 3 : *Radio* : Sector Clear CT : 0:04

Brandon Key : Someone make an edit of this except the camera is whited out

200 subs without videos : CS:GO lied to me

Kraken Reborn : im disappointed, that looks like a smoke grenade

trycoldman23 : *When you said B tunnels but they went A long*

ron l : When you troll your own team. Pls vote kick.

〈Clex〉 : They must have eaten carrots before the video...

Tom As : Omg Merlin from kingsman is alive

Zany Ninja : “So what do I get to do in this field of work” “You can flashbang a bunch a bunch of kids...” “I’ll take it!”

ZeeC : My life is a lie ..

RetardNation : They finally nerfed the flash bang.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : *My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*

haz : I didn't get blinded by a white screen. Disappointed.

Szymon Mądry : Firrreee innn thheee hoolleee!!!!

Aniruddh Arora : 0:10 when there's no fortnite comment

kung foo keney : *but isn't fire in the hole for nades*

Kaan Master : valve fix this glitch

voksi : Csgo’s flashbang is better

iiDarkiez : Throws a FLASHbang *ear rape*

Cheese Miss : 0:03 when you can't hold it anymore

Zaki D : I turned my heads off when he throw it

TheVoice OfTruth : Where is the blurred vision and loud ringing noise?

AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive : Merlin? You are alive!

SEER : Pls report the camera

Roberto Nome : Didn't know that Mcree got a policeman skin...

Joy Mukherjee : Vape Lord 9000

x DRAM4TIC x : *Goes on a tinder date with someone who looks nothing like their profile pic* Hi! *Throws Flash Bang and leaves*

AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive : The amount of disappointed CS players here :)

Kane John : I thought it would make eyes all white like csgo

K0ng0 : That's what my team in CS:GO sounds like when i teamflash them at the start of the round right outta spawn.

Restinpeace Avicii : Cyka blyat

Dapper :I : 0:12 VAPE NATION

Ubayd : Cyka blyaT