Flash bang testing.

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Edm Legend : Imagine that landing on your lap while sitting on your couch 😬

Tempura Roll $3.14159 : when a flashbang has better vape tricks than you

trycoldman23 : *When you said B tunnels but they went A long*

Spectray Sweden : Rush B Cyka Blyat

Game LeakPro : I feel robed of my child hood... Where is the flash i see in games

Michael Kozenkov : can u show how to throw it on de_cache in B main tho?

1400 DaRookie : hey!! you found me!

Shawn Dakin : We get it you vape

AboveTheLaw : I bet he goes A long every round.

TheFeuerwerksfreak : OMG 😲 heftig deftig 👍🏻😁👌🏼🇩🇪

ellieee e : Rush B

bloxsclaymation : "ahh my ears"....."MAWP MAWP MAWP"

SupraBdub : darn that is loud

Wh-The-Killer : Where is the flash, did you mistake it for a stun grenade?

Italo Gamer : FIRE IN THE HOLE

West Senkovec : He missed the hole

Surreal Boi : Nothing like csgo- disappointed


VFORVENOM : To the children in the comments saying "they affect eyes and not cameras". Actually this was done in broad daylight in an open area and many metres away, this is why it didn't affect the people or the camera. But in a room it will affect people on a visual and audio level of temporary deafness and it will affect the camera sensor also. Camera's much like the human eye will have blooming and burning images in their sensor. You can test this yourself by shining an LED light into your camera lens and then turn it off, it will be burned into the sensor for a few seconds just like the human eye. You can damage your camera sensor by pointing it directly at a mid day sun (especially if zoom is used), the sun will damage the sensor just like the human eye. Things like blooming exist just like the human eye, in fact the camera was designed based loosely on our understanding of the biological eye, it certainly isn't a direct match by any means, but it uses the very same basic principles. Just as speakers were designed based on the understanding of how the human voice box creates sound through vibrations of air. Just as microphones were designed with the prior understanding of how the human ear drum works, with channelling air vibrations onto a membrane which creates movement.

CaprioEN League Of Legends : Dá o's vape nation

Gerard : Issa Halo

ömer yazır : Flash atma oç

donduran öküz : Bomb has Bern defuses

Clint Moberly : dude screaming fire in the hole, sounds like me in the bathroom in the morning

Nscope : Ay CYKA... 0:11

Viliam Beňa : Tfuuuuw omaaaagooood omaaaaaaagoddddddd maaaaears omaaaaaagooooodddddd Yup that's americans

Izzuddin M Nasir : maaaap maaaaaap mmaaaaap

григорий сергеевич : Rush B suka blyat!!!

Dylan Walsh : he sounds like Michael J. Fox yelling fire in the hole.

Golden PvP : na popflash

itscolinII : How is Stewie NOT BLIND

Jaime Díez-Hochleitner : WEST VIRGINIA!!!!!


Cengiz Seçkin : *IM THE 100TH SUBBER*

Moath Salameen : if he is in a real battlefield . he wouldve killed before the third fire in the whole 😂😂

TwofiddyFourstroke : I LOVE TINITUS

noah stump : Me at the start of every cod game

DownCast Life : He looks a bit like Merlin

Big Bald Head : Do you even vape, bro?

Shiryu : I saw nothing.

Robert Shepherd : When did Johnny Sins become a cop?

PRSouthern : Can these ever prematurely detonate? As in the timing after the pin is released? Just curious. Great video.

KAFADAN SAKATSIN : where is white screen :D

branden8045 theultramangofighter : Dude I thought flash bangs create a flash

Mad Moove : Counter Terrorists Win.

SHiFTY : Do you vape?

SHiFTY : Do you vape?

lel : We get it flashbang, you vape.

William Arias : Wtf is this doing in my recommend😂

Ultra Instinct : Animals ... Monkeys