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Sher Randhawa : "That chord there, see that shit" you'd make a boss piano teacher.

koykah : i had the biggest fucking smile on my face watching this video and then it ended and then it hit me i dont know how to play the piano. just a blue boy if kno i mean :(

Niels Anton Heilskov : I don't trust paypal. Can you send the money to me in Denmark by post? I'll pay for the delivery costs.

chris thomas : i've never wanted to play the piano more in my life

Kees Garrigan : Can we do a guitar cover?

Hanna Pilon : this is about to the best 69 cents you've ever paid

maurice : that chorus sounds so lovely, i don't know why

Sweet As Cheese : Oh man im to late :'(

What TV Productions : is he giving us the finger

TehNariek : Yo Mac, your latest album inspired me to dig out my old keyboard that I got when I was kid (never actually learned to play it) and within an hour I managed to pick up 'Another One', this video helped so much. Cheers for all the inspirado, dude. Keep killing it.

Dom Green : I don't even care i'm going to do this

biomez : wish i wasnt autistic and could play piano

nauseau : I'd do anything to 69 with Macky

OisinClarkeMusic : Why is this a half step higher than the original Mac? I was so confused haha! This is in C or some shit and the original is in B or some shiz, can you explain haha? Thanks doood xoxox

Sarah Ryan : mac, become a music teacher, we all want to make sounds like you !! I sent you a picture of aaron carter yesterday on instagram thanks for looking at it lmao  stay special & make music forever

yeah baby : Mac is a friggin god

Bluelight Spike : You can't even begin to comprehend the amount of love i have for your music.

David Garcia : What organ are you using Mac?

Franco Silva : Please Macky, come tu Peru! Love you

clayton reesor : Lol is it too late

xChaozGamingx : does anyone know what piano hes playing? The sound is really nice

Dad - Made - Pizza : just remember that the hat does not fly far from the bird?

Mellow Mike : Youtube removed video responses because they are butts.

Sleepy Dog : this gave me a tickling sensation under my testes

Kyle Gibson : can it be techno and look like a cheeseburger?

fuscia : Can I still get in on that $.69? I've been out of work for like 4 years, it would help me A LOT.

T R O P I C A L W A VE : dame like mac

twinspectre : I need that 69cents.

мси Doni : Mac DeMarco is SUPERSTAR

Francis Slam : Elton John at the end killed me

Modern Nomad : Oh baby! Time to have some fun, thanks mackie boi, love you bb

tommylipper : Anyone know the name of that electric piano? Sounds so fuggin sexy

Jair Martines : what keybord/piano/synth did you start out with when you first started making music?

Erme Schultz : Grand TheMarco! We are so proud that you are our fan! That bears that we used in our channel is really funny. You are adorable to copy our idea. Congrats to your channel. We love you as you love us. Kisses

Harry Porter : Hi Guysss! I did a piano cover of DeMarco's 'another one', so if any of you liked and checked it out, that'd be awesome - thanks so much!!!

Jelena Oksana : nice~~~~~

Jelena Oksana : i like it ~~~~~

Brandi M : Your electric piano sounds gorgeous!

Hansel Leos : 1:35-2:00 made a me cry a bit. Epic yet beautiful. Love ya Mac!!!

Pinche Abril : Can we be bestfriends, il call you mac and cheese lmao jk im not creepy... please be my bestfriend

Luke Sutcliffe : i love you mac

Alfred Pagano : Any winner ever?

Ariff Zulkifli : Mac come to my house, I make you coffee.

Yoshi Lazarus : 2 fast daddy o

devobonbon : Can it be a band cover?

Kyle Bolender : Is it okay if I do a recorder cover?

Mondos : Are we allowed to not do this???

M.A Watson : does anyone have the chords written out for this I learn better that way