Aphex Twin - Avril 14th (Extended)

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Happy Avril 14th! -


dont fucking go there, you will never come back : Happy april 14th everyone. I hope you have a wonderful life😊🙂

louis gardner : April 14th should be a national holiday because of this track

Ecelepsy : The comfort of the mundane. The relief of falling into the norm, coupled with the unrelenting fear that your life will never be anything more. The satisfaction of a day's hard work undercut by the terrifying realisation that another day has passed and yet you're still no closer to where your 5 year-old-self dreamt of. Monochrome time-lapse of crowds in the underground at rush hour. Faint sounds of children's laughter. Thinking about her. Call your parents? Get to bed again and again and again.

Sebastian Balcazar : Happy Avril 14th, have a great day and see you next year.

Matt Ludlam : This song will play when the world ends. I can imagine everywhere being completely nuked, and then somewhere, on a pile of rocks, an old record player is playing this song

Send Nukes : Chris Rock: Who taught you how to sample Aphex Twin? Girl: Yeezy taught me.


CaptainFicus : this is what being in love sounds like

Joe Zaydon : This makes me think of a rainy afternoon on an average Tuesday. Home from school. Just lying about, sitting on the couch. Staring up at the ceiling listening to the drops on the roof. Waiting for someone to come home.

TheHilikus89 : I want this played at my funeral

owen miller : reminds me of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

hazardzone13 : Well, today’s the day...

Shot Dunyun : because of the face i first thought that it was a very trash techno song with murder sounds sampled in background... i think i was wrong

Great Value Bleach : Whose fault.....

Joe21 : Rubber dhingy rapids bro

fruit tart : that face does not match the song.

Simon Brody : Come back here every April 14th.

Me Me : "lets play the blame game, i love you more."

James Cope : I think Kayne and Aphex fans are slowly learning how to get along.

Backless Chaps : Not too complex, not too simple, and not a bad note in the entire piece. What an enjoyable melody to get stuck in your head :)

Death Dew : If I die... Let this song be in my last memory.

alfie : Today is my birthday, avril 14th :^)

John Deleon Jr : Happy Avril 14th everyone! Make today a good one, cheers!

RetroBlue : every avril 14th ive just gotta play this song!

doom : the picture scares me :(

Long-Dong Cornichon : This is so perfect for sitting in the library reading a book about ethics while it´s raining outside.

Jonny Millard : Happy April 14th. Aphex Twin Day.

Tsar Drakken : it's avril 14th my dudes

John Johnson : need to learn this on piano

AmbiencePT : Her

KenzieM : People being creeped out by Richard D James' face. #SmuganimeFaceReactionImage

Richard Lionheart : Kanye isnt the greatest person, but no argueing that he is a good producer

Chris Ballew : How about an hour long version? Or maybe a 10 hour version? Yeah, 10 hours should do it.

A man on YouTube : This soothing drug Should be played when you have a dream of dancing with a loved one who is just a memory

Jacob Denise : Sooo..... Who wants to play the "Blame Game"?

John Johnson : Rubber dingy rapids

Snake PvP : Yeezy taught you well

Memo Khoury : " good artists copy, great artists steal " - pablo picasso

Reggie-a : The whole vibe in NITW feels like this

Adrian Wolmarans : Its Monday but this is really Sunday music

rachel : Why is the picture so sinister for such an angelic song

TwingleFace the Noob : Damn. How has it been another year already? Happy Avril 14th, y'all.

Liam Aspinall : This must be what love feels like!

GrauchoMurray : I miss my dog.

Patrick Bateman : Rubber dinghy rapids, bro.

Saurino : Listen up to 31\07 of Mecna...

Drew : Holy shit I just found the Blame Game sample.

Sam J : Heard this on a dog documentary and now I can't stop thinking about dogs whenever I hear this song.  

Charline : Marie-Antoinette ♡