A video of me cutting my sweet, long dreads! (For charity)

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LongHaired : amazing. what have you done with that dreads after cutting them off?

econgloberfan : HOw did this help raise money?  You look better without the dreads. It looked sorta nasty.. seriously you're so handsome you don' t need dreads. Did someone pay you to cut them off?  I must say it was hard for me to watch because I know it takes a while to grow them out.  Oh well you could restart but trutfully you look so nice and clean without them. Dreads are not for everyone

greatdane114 : Thanks man. Who are you? Haha!

BigMrC Do : This is great stuff Dane, love you man :)

Genna Tourh : hahahaha "He's a madman but he's doing it for a good cause, so nuff respect for the dread, yeah?" amazing.

rubix187 : Haha, love how you got so many different people to cut a piece. Cheers

LunarDreadlocks : Haha that's awesome

faerianne : Bless You!