yucko the clown compilation. The original. Half An hour from the best clown ever.
yucko the clown compilation Half An hour from the best clown ever

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Over 1 million views!! Yucko still rules!!! yucko the clown (roger black) compilation. The original. Half an hour from the best clown ever. All episodes as seen on MTV without any breaks. Subtitels are dutch in case you're wondering. courtesy from Stankervision, MTV Compilation made by Oscar van Driel (C) Feel free to add to playlist or favorites. Do not upload or copy to another channel, or your own channel without my permission.


zkurtz21 : God I miss those days when people didn’t cry over everything

Dimitri von zhagk : the original honkler, yucko was so ahead of his time

Minong Maniac : Imagine him at Berkley college in 2019.

donnan huggler : I like my sexism, racism & toilet humor in clown form, lol

Warp Speed Don't Rainbow Read Me Nigga : Notice how people are more relaxed than today. People could take a joke

Callsign_Steel : MTV aired this but now look at them. How sad

Andrew Andrew : This shit is so refreshing

ElectricBacon : Petition to bring back Yucko the Clown 🤡 😃

Ben Jacques : back in the day when people could laugh at an offensive joke!

trap ninjas : I’m 44 seconds in an I’m already rolling on the floor

Anders Houmøller Eliasen : "If you're not gay you are on the waiting list" lol 😂

gabrielgray : I wonder how many times this guy gets smacked a day ?

Jay AR : Jesus Christ, MTV made quite the "makeover" since 2005.

D M : I don't throw the word hero around a lot but

Sebastian Randono : No reactions makes it better some how. Just pure insults. Great.

Rico Conti : This guy needs to come back on his own or on Netflix he is to damn funny not to be putting out content.

Haxzaw : ...I wonder how many months out of his life this guy has had to suck soup through a straw?

sum.brokeboi : If this happened now these days the feminists would report him for sexual harassment or somehow rape and wouldn't take a joke

John Jingleheimer : Sad thing is, you put this guy on the street today and people would cry like little babies, probably starting a protest or some shit even. Smh.

MrZackomac : This dude spazzing out with hislegs and arms honking that horn is some of the funniest shit I have ever seen. Normally I would hate that type of stuff but its the perfect filler

LeggyPeggons : Man is a legend. We need more people like him

David Walker : I wonder how many times He has been punched out.

El Sicario : 8:14 she got owned so badly

Austin Smith : back when any joke was allowed

John Torres : This guy can run for president

Christian Mendez : This guy produced Brickleberry and created Paradide PD on Netflix you all should check those shows out.

Adam Smith : Are those running shoes No. I can tell.

yourefat andlazy : yucko deserves a star in Hollywood

Thermite paint : WOWWW I've never heard of Yucko and he could be the biggest savage thats ever lived

Ryan B : RIP Yuko. That last H shot to the dong finally did ya in

Matt Emberton : 7:40 I spit my beer out from laughing 🤣😂💀

Lilly And Dans Beard Product Reviews : Imagine him doing this in today’s America lmao

Stevothepoo 222 : A being made entirely of alcohol, cocaine, and hatred for everybody

kylie andrini : When I saw don Vito in the strip club I almost shit myself Laughing

ferrariteddy : "I dont like clowns theyre freaky an-" "RAAHHHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHA"

Jjones1790 : This guy is totally from new hampshire 🤣🤣🤣

Spectral Hyper : Finally something actually funny I’m dying the whole time 💀🤣💀🤣💀

Steven Phillips : And this was on MTV? Things have been so pussified in the US.

why are we always yelling : How can we arrange for Yucko to show up at the next Trump protest? The triggering needs to happen

Jordan Innes : Hi im standing here with ru paul how you doing sir 😂😂😂😂

Bradly Henson : I   LOVE  THIS   GUY!!!!!!    WE  NEED   HIM  SO  BAD  THESE   DAYS.

Brandenlol : UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO BABY!!!!! God this city is such a dump...

Jared Schellin : You gotta appreciate the people who can take a joke.

mgtow is true : Bring this guy back. This is what people need .... to laugh again. This guy is hilarious LMFAO LMFAO LITERALLY 👏👏😎😂😂💯👏👍

jason9022 : Seeing a "ride the ducks" boat and telling them to go drown..just wait for it

Chris F : "George Bush knocked your teeth out?...Yes, he did." (@ 20:26) lmao

based god : "Duck duck pig" Other girls try not to laugh

Salt Cubes : Alot of people dont give him credit for how quick witted he is

Florida Cracker : “Look at that shirt and mustache, if you’re not gay your on the waiting list” I’m DED ☠️😂