yucko the clown compilation. The original. Half An hour from the best clown ever.

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Money Mogul : I saw this in recommended and I was curious. 10 seconds in: Wow, some old washed up trash. 20 seconds in: wait a minute this is kinda funny 30 seconds in: WHAT A LEGEND

D M : I don't throw the word hero around a lot but

igloo productions : This show would never fly in 2018. Too many SJW *PUSSIES* nowadays.

That guy Smoove : You gotta appreciate the people who can take a joke.

Paratrooper : MTV went from Yucko the clown to Woke Soy Boys in less than 13 years... Let that sink in.

xxx xxc : Comedy should be a safe haven from political correctness

Bricksolveverything : Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need

Henry Likanal : 15 min of jokes 15 min of him screaming for no reason

Nicholas Jerrel : How many kids do ya got? Just give me an estimate. -Legend

Griffin : I can see where Eric Andre got his insperation

Buzz Miller : If you want to see Clowns just watch CNN or MS13NBC

Kosher puppet Xi Jinping : Political correctness is facism pretending to be manners - George Carlin

Reckless entertainment : I love how he ran into don Vito at a strip joint lol

905 North : When you could watch shit like this on TV without a million snowflakes freaking out ..ahhh the good old days

matt s : This guy has balls that clank. I don’t know how he is still alive

Shimsho : If this guy was on YouTube he’d be doing pretty well

[ACE] Park Avenue : "I bet you're mom's a navaHoe" Single greatest line ever

Ghostface killah : You know that pig that gets lost in the city and can't find its way back home to the farm 😂😂😂😂

Philip Matthews : Imagine the SJW outrage if this were today

???? ???? : I swear he was made from pure cocaine

Jr. Jorge Dandoval : I’m Native AMERICCCUUUUUUUN! Aw yeah I bet ya moms a Nava hoe. Card well played. 🧐👌

Mike Mathias : One of the last year's people were real. Just imagine, 3 years later the Obama administration would cut our balls off.

Scruffles De-Brickashaw : 15:31 she just roasted the roaster

blackice : Even Yucko was taken back at how funny that guy was at 13:29. That guy seems REALLY cool.

John Jingleheimer : Sad thing is, you put this guy on the street today and people would cry like little babies, probably starting a protest or some shit even. Smh.

God : I swear this is the guy from facial abuse.

Meekrab Man : “Look what I got for ten bucks”

Gatsby : he's hilarious but honestly if he insulted my girlfriend like that I would be forced to beat the shit out of them right? As I was laughing I think LOL

Cody Hon : I call for a Yuck movie.

Ben Jacques : back in the day when people could laugh at an offensive joke!

Simply Savage : Little did they now, those teeth werent the only thing bush knocked out.

MR_DEZ_510 : 13:22 "you sound like a homeless Bill Cosby" so hilariously accurate

Gary Bacongrease : I can’t tell if I like him or don’t like him

lol u wut : someday this will talked about in history books as "When Americans could take a joke."

Justin Scalise : This dude is fucking hilarious. Was not expecting to laugh at this.

Jeffrey Alme : You look like a Buick seat!

MonasticSolace : Oh my goodness. You have no idea. I have never shed more tears of laughter in my life than from watching this video. I could have filled an entire bucket. I think I lost it when he was riding that deer made of a metal frame and interwoven with vines / leaves.

Mike Selk : First Time I Can actually say I was Born in the wrong generation

Sarah Brown : MTV is woke now. It’s unwatchable now...

Roy : 3:10 is that Boogie2988

Dank Quixote : "I'm looking for the liberty Bell you must be looking for the taco bell" lmao

Hippo : This guy need to go on Eric Andre show

Tot Rich : Felt so bad when he fell down 21:23

Salt Cubes : Alot of people dont give him credit for how quick witted he is

MEmby E : 7:40 I spit my beer out from laughing 🤣😂💀

Gerald Duval : I miss daily trash TV :(

Barrier Boy : you look like a crow with that beak on your face

Mod Juarez : Is Yuko really the Young Jeff Ross??

Steven Phillips : And this was on MTV? Things have been so pussified in the US.

Covfefe Act The : “You sound like a homeless Bill Cosby.”