yucko the clown compilation. Half An hour from the best clown ever.

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matt s : This guy has balls that clank. I don’t know how he is still alive

LUAP : Yucko should make a return on Adult Swim!!

river Brown : Savage

Filthy_Gaijin.69【褻外人】 : Back when MTV was great and not SJW, BLM Political correctness garbage.

lee moore : When MTV was actually good..

Sleaze Crew : i love yucko i put money in the swear jar just to laugh.

Ben Jacques : back in the day when people could laugh at an offensive joke!

The Terrible Puddle : Yucko is my spirit animal

John Jingleheimer : Sad thing is, you put this guy on the street today and people would cry like little babies, probably starting a protest or some shit even. Smh.

Austin Smith : back when any joke was allowed

Jeremy Mitchell : I miss the old mtv, now it's a shithole

beatlesfan675 : The original social experiments/pranks in the hood

???? ???? : I swear he was made from pure cocaine

Diana Fernandez : 😂😂😂 the old lady got him good

WeedIsLit : "IM FROM UNIVERSITY OF TELEDO" LMAO who gives a shit??

Jewdy Hopps : He’s like filthy frank but actually funny

JANDRA : I would defiantly want to have this type of clown at my bday party

BigPrometheus : Notice how the big ppl can take a joke really well. We're used to the abuse

Thicc boi : How many times has this guy been beat up or hit😂

LUCUS SREAR : The last real prankster alive. Except he's retired. So. No more.

H-Town Swangin-N-Bangin Andrew : I wanna kick his ass I love him!

HorrorMetal : Yucko, you're my hero. You're exactly what this easily offended and overly PC modern age needs.

Alan : WOWWW I've never heard of Yucko and he could be the biggest savage thats ever lived

Валерия Карреон : 22:38 "I pledge allegiance to the balls..." 😂

Rafael Muniz : They would never let this guy on TV nowadays with all the sjws. Theyd be protesting Trump.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown : Yeah, my dad was a drunk

Brandon : MTV was lit

Doit NXS : Holy crap he's insane.

Jo Ba : being that cool looks like tiring work.

a french fry : Pennywise's failure of a brother


macymayo : don vido the diddler

sanga523 : Why did you bleep out all of the swearing or get footage where they're already bleeped?! This videos Basically pointless without them.

KamrkaptainGOPRO : When he tackled that guy acting like a statue 😂😂😂😂

Tambourine Man : I can easily see Jeff Ross instead of Roger Black as yucko

Salt Cubes : Alot of people dont give him credit for how quick witted he is

matt burkhart : Came here for my daily dose.

Ollie Roe : Is Yucko Eric Andre? When he screams it sounds like him

Citizen Civic : Oh shit!!! Springfeel Pervert at 17:23

alex barnett : Yucko is the turn up god

Drew Perry : As soon as I saw don Vito I lost it if only bam was with him

88SLLS : It's just insult humor, some of them are pretty good, but most are just low hanging fruit. It's kind of hard to insult people based on first impressions though and also be clever about it, unlike making fun of a friend who you've known for awhile. I think this kind of shock humor died out not because of political correctness, but because it lost its shock factor. There's always a new generation though who'll find this shocking because they're not accustomed to it though, but it creates another problem when the new audience can't relate to some of the more clever jokes that make references to pop-culture from a different generation.

Nick Pattelli : The pig line at the start had me in tears.

CAT ON PCP : Jeff ross? Is that you?

Violet Milligan : the most savage clown of all time

Brandon : MTV was lit

m skut : I'm hiring him for my kids birthday

KamrkaptainGOPRO : This is funny as hell

Brian N. Farber : ... and estrogen. XD

Big Salad : I love the people that play along with him