The Tom Green Show - Undercutters Pizza

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tazp123 : This was a great idea for a sketch i actually feel sorry for the crew that it didn't go well :D.

Sheldon Miller : Tom green was jacksss and Nathan for you before anyone!!!

Διονυσιος Κουτσιμανης : Where can i find the Monica Lewinski episode?

Roddy Dykes : Haha the only guy that had a reason to be pissed was the actual pizza guy, and he said nothing!

BSG Episodes : Does not get old 1:39 he's got a hammer, go, this is the line, matt, go, go, we wanted to sell him a pizza for cheaper, this is all we wanted to do

Mark R : I don't know the guy in the B.U.M sweater but can almost guarantee he voted Trump.

MultiTarded : Retarded inbred hicks are like albino niggers.

Don Ray : Guy makes a mess all over his driveway by kicking the box full of pizza toppings...what a jackass.

Charlie Bice : Jay Morh is an asshole is this.

elwhyify : B.U.M

TheGuyWithTheThing OnTheTable : That asshole in the "BUM" shirt had a really good sense of humor.

KLM : man he fucked up that tackle box!

Ryan Smith : Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop undercutters.

Oscar Hollywood : He might not have bought a pizza, but he got concrete with extra cheese and salami

Edward Harris : This isn't fuckin america!

sam newton : What neighborhood is this?

l : Beautiful display of low class reactions to anything outside their comfort zone lol

Rad Shawn ッ : i could really use some more anti hate red neck.

Fernando Diaz : 0:05 to 0:20 best parts outside the climax of the prank

Dan S. : As a cross-cultural experiment why not try Undercutters Chinese Food.

adamtzsch : "You understand? We're fucking American." Yeah, clearly.

Hem T : Tom, you've deleteda while host of videos. Please reinstate the one where you paid a visit to RadioShack. I beg you to do this, I own an Amazon Alexa, and am able to play Dance Hall Days at the drop of a hat.

Laws Official : "gedadda hea". sounding like an old jewish lady smh

Berlinlover1917 : That guy is fucking loser why be mean to Tom Green, it's just a fucking joke.

peartfaldo : I would have bought Toms pizza...he was cuter than the other delivery guy.

Lacey Noel : I want Undercutters Pizza. #SupportSmallBusinesses

23DeftonesFan : "We were gonna give it to ya cheaper" 😂

blipblip88 : One of my fave T G episodes.

IngoPagels : plummers box full of ingredients... Hey tom: make "undercutters 2017 reloaded" please.....

lucyluvs clutch : I bet that family is related to tony soprano

nonesta13 : Damn tom was scared "Matt this is the line"

Rollin'J' Orlando : Methadone clinic guys

Stealth Burrito : I would have bought Toms pizza. He's selling it for cheaper!

Vincent Vega : Did people have to sign releases then and if so, why would you sign a release agreeing to show yourself losing your temper?


Tyler Drescher : What's the guy in the video's name?

JoeCnNd : toms the moron? At least he didn't mount a basketball goal directly over glass on a garage door.

ilivewith13deadcats : In Bastan we pawk aw caws in havad yawd

TrO Mbona : this man is a genious

idlehands333 : Damn some pizza sounds good right now though!!!

Riverwild BK : "SOREY"

Damien meza : I wonder if they're hiring?

bullsfan0323 : Southerners at their best.

kelly McCauley : do they really have to be that mean ,obviously a joke!

John Troy : The worst business idea I've ever seen.

2upacalypsenow : were gonna undercut the competition! lmfao

MrRamazanLale2 : Prick thinks he is strong with that hammer

Jonathan DeGroot : What a B.U.M.!

idlehands333 : Git ouuttaaa heeyaahh!!!

alex neil : i wish i had a hammer