The Tom Green Show - Undercutters Pizza

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Doazic : Best part is the toolbox full of ingredients.

WINGSPAN TT : Never liked Tom Green that much but this prank (business?) in particular was grade A stuff.

Kurdt Nbk : that guy just trashed his own driveway with toppings.

Galvatron1117 : I love how this White trash dude is wearing a shirt with the word "bum" on it and has a beer bottle in his hand, as he threatens someone with a hammer.

Stealth Burrito : I would have bought Toms pizza. He's selling it for cheaper!

l : Beautiful display of low class reactions to anything outside their comfort zone lol

Anngel Love : This took place down the block from my house haha

Chris AA : Despite the several copycats on yt, Tom Green's old pranks are still the funniest and most ballsy.

Kung Pow Gaming : Guy:"Turn the camera off" Why the hell would I turn the camera off with you threatening me with a hammer?

Tambo74 : lol B.U.M XD

The Gaming Butts : do they really have to be that mean ,obviously a joke!

Kathryn Meadows : People are so violent and angry, wow.

EddieMachetti : He calls Tom a moron and kicks the toppings all over his driveway xD

njam101 : I love how Tom uses his Canadian politeness throughout!! 

temple bell : matt, matt.  come on, matt.  this is the line, matt.

Blossom Russo : Call me crazy, but that hammer fella overreacted to Tom's entrepreneurial approach.

David Bobson : hammer in his hand, what a tough guy

illuminatioracle : i'm glad B.U.M. wear is in history's junk heap like these pieces of white trash are

Jonathan DeGroot : What a B.U.M.!

Kelly Torres : Think tom green was scared

Willie Hatless : Never met a redneck with a northern accent before...

nonesta13 : Damn tom was scared "Matt this is the line"

bullsfan0323 : Canadian Hillbillies.

ParadiXe311 : He got so pissed off, he had to threaten Tom with a hammer.

Shamus Bob : I think they were embarrassed they were white trash living in the garage Al Pacino lived in in Scent Of a Woman.

Kurdt Nbk : i was a pizza delivery guy and this actually happened to me once. no joke.

John David : 1:08 Guys shirt suites him well. 

Dan S. : As a cross-cultural experiment why not try Undercutters Chinese Food.

Cole : In Texas if something like this were to happen you could legally shoot them and get away with it. Not even joking.

sychrov81 : "BUM" says everything      :D :D :D :D

Matt K : Too bad the Boston dickhead kicked the tackle box. They good a great reaction of of him, but I really wish this bit was longer. Its a really funny idea.

Tamra Casey : Damn, we're the duck are these violent freaks? Why take this so seriously and threaten with a hammer? Freaking losers...I would just laugh it off...

Karl P. Horse : The best part is that his face isn't blurred. Meaning that this trashy idiot actually agreed to let his face be shown just so he could get his 15 minutes of fame on TV.

RonJammin : Wow that B.U.M. Thor really doesn't like pizza!!

John Troy : The worst business idea I've ever seen.

jposco : Bop bop bop bop bop bop - undercutters

Zack Yutzey : one of my favorites. i remember seeing this for the first time on mtv

John Troy : The veggies in that tool-kit looked really fresh. Guys, zoom in and check that out!! WoW!

Rooster Montgomery : He should have told them they can put the cheese in their buuuuums!

Jordan Rios : "Why you gotta be a moron?" LOL

John Smith : And people wonder why so many people get shot by Police... imagine you drive past and see this madman aggressively advancing towards someone holding a pizza, brandishing a hammer... Of course the cops are going to shoot if they think someone's about to be murdered!

NewYorkS4U : I'd buy the pizza for cheaper.

CaptainCranch : This isn't in Boston this is Lynbrook, NY

jakethemuss3 : I remember watching this on MTV and crying I was laughing so hard.

Caleb Tennison : Tom’s a legend.

Dennis Duhon : he sounds like Rizzo from the jerky boys

TrO Mbona : this man is a genious

Dozzer : God this brings back the memories! Fucking love you Tom!

KoRnFreeK Last : I miss the Tom Green show

Damien meza : I wonder if they're hiring?