1984 - Jordache Jeans - The Jordache Look Commercial
The most embarrassingly 80s commercial ever The Jordache Look

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Quite possibly the most 80s commercial ever created. Denim-clad guys and girls snap their fingers and gesture for the camera while at the beach. This proves to be the most impressive display of coolness in the history of film. A hallmark of the channel has always been Jordache commercials, so just in case you missed any or if you want to watch them again, here they are: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVKuQ0TpzAbftdVX6c-SSVu6NDzqWAs06 Subscribe for daily commercial uploads


Joaquin Rodriguez : this is my new ringtone

jammadamma : Get vaporwavin'

A : I'm distressed

Daniel Olivas : Humanity peaked in the 80's.

Zap Rowsdower : When the two guys jump their way into the front and start snapping their fingers, you can almost smell the cheese coming off the screen.

Greg White : well, at least the song is nice and pleasant

Small Great Dane : I feel very inspired but I don't know what for. Great and COOL commercial!

Pederessy Blyad : Press 2 for the Jordache look

Anthony Williams : Wish they would bring the jeans back. Jordash were very comfortable and I always felt stylish.

slightlyevolved : Shake shake shake snap snap shake snap snap... butt.

Jacquobite : Damn now I want the Jordache look!

Cap't Dilds : This is legitimately awesome, 100% unironically good.

gmfd76 : Featuring Grant Show...

fartamplifer : I thought that might be one of those videos that just loop for 10 hours but nope that's the actual commercial.

PIX Promos & More : Holy Synthesizer!

Rodney : I only came here for the music

Kevin F : this will be in my head all day now

Xaos Bob : Watching your uploads, and your descriptions are all pure gold.

fred s : The epicness of this commercial blows my mind!

John Smith : Back when it was ok for dudes to wear tight white jeans. Ha

Cradle2theGabe : Twenty Thousand Hertz brought me here. I can't wait to sample this choice melody. Jeans look aight.

Christopher Bishop : This commercial has that Madonna's vibe.

Guids : the occasional ass shots are hilarious, also what kind of psycho runs around the beach in full denim

john quackers : did the tom tom club sing this jesus christ

Devin Balasi : @neontalk thank you for always introducing me to gold!!! Follow them on IG 💜

Sylvia Hardy : Did anyone notice Grant Show? #Melroseplace #Dynasty

LynK : That 2-tone denim came in black and gray too.

Rachel McAlpine : This is not ok. 😂

Dweit Shrader : Bittersweet nostalgia...


Miriam Boyd : Denim for Jordache.

Equinox : Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Hilarious

C Smith : I can't tell if this was a real commercial or a parody?

Stoner Joe : This is unbelievable.

Jocelyn Lundy : I love and missed that commercial

A Nobody : they're absolutely off their faces

IanIsIt : My mom literally remebers this exact commercial!!!!

teflonmagnet : Spazzes...all spastic queens

John Smith : I remember getting a pair of these acid washed faded jeans for Christmas in 1990. They sure were acid washed! I worn, washed and dried them twice and they literally disintegrated. Took them back to high end store. At first, the snooty cashier was being an A hole, insinuating they were old jeans and no way would that happen to new jeans. I demanded the manager. Gave her the receipt and the manager checked the inside tab and said, yes these are from or last shipment. Give him a full refund. I laughed in the snooty bitches face. Haha


Ted Wilson : David Bowie .exe

Antonio VidaLoka : Show

Tati’s Music Chat’s : This song is great

hijhiysonikku : vaporwave

Bobo411 : This looks very 90s to me...maybe where I grew up was not fashion forward.

MrSamer83 : I tell you, the 80's had a lot of corny commercials and this was one of them LOL

Joycelyn Lundy : I love that commercial a lot since I was a little girl I used to dance on that commercial

Paul Sklar : Sometimes I'll watch headbangers ball reruns late at night and I just can't even believe the 80s were a real time. The clothes, the culture, everything was bananas.

Adlin Ling : Of course.