1984 - Jordache Jeans - The Jordache Look Commercial

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Vamp ليون : That lady in the front doing the seizure / coke dance lmao

jammadamma : Get vaporwavin'

A : I'm distressed

Joaquin Rodriguez : this is my new ringtone

Greg White : well, at least the song is nice and pleasant

Small Great Dane : I feel very inspired but I don't know what for. Great and COOL commercial!

Anthony Williams : Wish they would bring the jeans back. Jordash were very comfortable and I always felt stylish.

TheDecorama : Oh my. My generation. How embarrassing.

john quackers : did the tom tom club sing this jesus christ

gmfd76 : Featuring Grant Show...

Zap Rowsdower : When the two guys jump their way into the front and start snapping their fingers, you can almost smell the cheese coming off the screen.

Ulfric Stormcloak : Press 2 for the Jordache look

In My Honest Opinion : I only came here for the music

bobo42024 : Cocaine's a helluva drug

MrSamer83 : I tell you, the 80's had a lot of corny commercials and this was one of them LOL

『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф : It sounds like vaporwave but from back in the day.

Kevin F : this will be in my head all day now

slightlyevolved : Shake shake shake snap snap shake snap snap... butt.

Miriam Boyd : Denim for Jordache.

Jacquobite : Damn now I want the Jordache look!

Cradle2theGabe : Twenty Thousand Hertz brought me here. I can't wait to sample this choice melody. Jeans look aight.

fartamplifer : I thought that might be one of those videos that just loop for 10 hours but nope that's the actual commercial.

Cap't Dilds : This is legitimately awesome, 100% unironically good.

Xaos Bob : Watching your uploads, and your descriptions are all pure gold.


jon pezlo : Jordouche look

Antonio VidaLoka : Show

teflonmagnet : Spazzes...all spastic queens

dicaevoli1 : Kinda sounds like DIE WOODYS

Rachel McAlpine : This is not ok. 😂

LynK : That 2-tone denim came in black and gray too.

PIX Promos & More : Holy Synthesizer!

hijhiysonikku : vaporwave

Paul Sklar : Sometimes I'll watch headbangers ball reruns late at night and I just can't even believe the 80s were a real time. The clothes, the culture, everything was bananas.

Tati’s Music Chat’s : This song is great

IanIsIt : My mom literally remebers this exact commercial!!!!

Jocelyn Lundy : I love and missed that commercial

A Nobody : they're absolutely off their faces

Bobo411 : This looks very 90s to me...maybe where I grew up was not fashion forward.

Devin Balasi : @neontalk thank you for always introducing me to gold!!! Follow them on IG 💜

Joycelyn Lundy : I love that commercial a lot since I was a little girl I used to dance on that commercial

Daniel Olivas : Humanity peaked in the 80's.

malbecks316 : More like Douchebag Look

Journey STAR : without the vocals, I think the song would be pretty decent

Justin Fencsak : Black Monday made fun of it

Christopher Bishop : This commercial has that Madonna's vibe.

Akera Reese : This commercial should've been parodied by some comedy show.

elizabeth kemp : Damn now I’m gonna be binge watching Jordache jean commercials all day!!!

HahahaVille : when i smoke a lot and i do mean ALOT of meth, I dance this way...

Doug Peters : The worst 1980s commercial I ever saw!! NO WONDER Jordache jeans are no longer popular!!