How I Became A Celebrity In China By Losing My Cellphone

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Life on Two Wheels : Brother Orange: I see pictures from your phone **MATT STARTS MENTALLY FREAKING OUT**

Corrupt : Matt:**Loses Phone** China: Your Famous

Lizard Chan : “This story begins long long ago” ( me expecting like 1985) “In 2014”

「Strawberry Cream」 : “I feel like Britney Spears!”

maite herasme : *This is a proof of what the internet and social media is capable of.*

Dragonbyte : I turned orange, and now I’m the president of America

Caboose : How I became a superhero in Zimbabwe by losing my pet fish.

Mercury With_toast : It seems like whenever buzzfeed shuts up about politics, they can make good content. Astonishing.

Jaxson Liening : This is like saying... Drops a banana then becomes president of Uganda. Life is crazy

Alia’s Dad : Why does everything interesting happen to buzzfeed employees

Afroman 9056 : Never enjoyed seeing a buzzfeed video in my recommended until now

Salad Volcano : This is like Homer Simpson finding out he's got his face as a logo for a cleaning product in Japan. This is fascinating.

itsmaisyjane : I went to China with my school and everywhere we went we go asked for photos and people swarmed us with cameras and it was so mental omg. we aren't even famous or anything but I think it was just because we were basically just a group of 40 white british 15 year olds. a very crazy experience to say the least...

Zooer : I become an Australian super celebrity by losing a tooth

Luis Quinones : I though this was gonna be a boring video but damn I was blown away.

Crazi : this reminds me of that one Family Guy episode where Quagmire went to Korea because he was in a soap opera called Winter Summer lol and everyone knew him there as American Johnny

Aqib Hussain : Plot twist:He planned all of it

Your Local TI84 : *A ceremony for losing a phone? Can I get famous for saying that I'm asian?*

Ms.Goodhope : This was soo funny and heart warming at the same time.. You really don't need to understand the language to understand the other person.. Much love💕

Owen Tustinfuchs : The weirdest part is that this is a buzzfeed video that isnt clickbait

Its_Celestial : When he loses his phone he becomes famous, when I lose my phone I just get the chancla

infinusg : Wait so BuzzFeed still exists? Really? ok then

Jaxson Liening : But did he get his phone back?

SWOOSH. SWOOSH. : I can’t wait to lose my phone Oh wait...

Kristjan Sild : This is like a story a drunk guy would tell you at the bar.

rakkaat gerbiilini LK : Matt: BAI BAI BAI BAI BAI BAI BAI. BRO ORANGE: Ples dont leav meh! *better love srory than twilinght*

Abdullakh : Ninja: How I became a celebrity by playing a video game

JakulaithWolff : Cute relationship with a stranger. It's really interesting to have to know how's a life of a stranger going comparing it to yours. It's like reading a story, or watching over someone... that's what makes us humans love each other... the idea that we put ourselves in each other's shoes. I know, random.

AdeleiTeillana : It's not that surprising that all of this happened. The Chinese are obsessed with westerners, white people in particular (yes, that's racist, but it's true.) I live in China and people act like this around me even though I'm not a celebrity - not quite to this extent, of course, but people stare at me every time I go out, try to take my picture, get so excited and giggle uncontrollably when meeting me - all because I'm white. I hate it so much. There's a term called "white monkey jobs". Chinese people will literally hire white people just to be present at certain events to make it look like they have foreign influence or interest in their business. They will provide free transport to an event, provide your meals, hotels, etc. and you just have to show up, sit at the head table and be white. Rich families will hire foreigners to come live with them for a few months just to help their kid's English improve. One Australian friend of mine was hired to go on vacation with a bunch of families with kids - she had the most beautiful (expensive) hotel room and had to accompany them to all their activities, like cleaning out Panda cages at a zoo. They just wanted a white English speaker to supposedly help their kids' English and look good in photos to attract more families to come on the trip. I've never done any of this type of thing though, I hate even going out to go to the store, the way they treat me. And copyright and privacy mean nothing here - so if you let them take your picture, you never know where it could wind up. You really could be part of an advertising campaign for something and have no idea.

Lobetec : why do buzz feed employees have so many crazy stories...

Just Me : 5:00 " I feEl LiKe briTneY sPEArs" Btw why is my life so boring

RachelleRocks 10 : I understand chinese so I was just reading every chinese words in this vide lolz

Something. : ''i've lived in this world for the past week'' what..? you're a nweborn..?

Gloria Aguilar : Matt: I’ve been living in this worLD this past week. Me: You’re in the same world lol.

Tockep 2 : *_How losing my nut during no nut November made me king of Nigeria_*

In Lumea Mea : Who else just saw the title and was like: This is definitely click bait. And then was like: *MIND BLOWN*

HotWheeler04 : WHY was this just on my recommended? IT SHOULD HAVE A FEW YEARS AGO!

JakulaithWolff : That Chinese woman singing... x'D

: If something insanely interesting happens to me I might start working at buzzfeed

江尚谕 : Holy crap I totally remember this story being so huge back in 2014 & 2015 in China. Thank you so much for recollecting it after 4 years. Just so you know Matt where you visited is a very distinct part of China where people place great great value on kinship/lineage/clan. It's not the same in other parts of China. Your trip is definitely a very special one.

SCOST : Next time i go to a restaurant i will leave my phone at the table 😂

Don’t Drug Kids : I don’t live far from meizhou.... it’s only a 10 min bus ride away iirc and I’m sure I’ve seen him before

Nao wi : you should have given him your phone number😂

BL4CK KINGZ : Lost phone to became celebrity *NICE*

HitzCritz : I wasn't expecting an actual insane story, good for you BuzzFeed!

Julia Van Kirk : Funny thing is I almost became a celebrity for having natural golden hair in China. 🥴😂

gracievee 44 at loeylane : I should have left my phone at McDonald’s 😡😂

Nizham Rais : WHAT THE Fuuuuuuuuu...............

Luke huang : In Soviet Russia Phone Finds YOU