How I Became A Celebrity In China By Losing My Cellphone

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Lobetec : why do buzz feed employees have so many crazy stories...

HitzCritz : I wasn't expecting an actual insane story, good for you BuzzFeed!

Insta is mkultrakid : One time I lost my phone and then I got sad. And yeah.

Cookie Cutter : *why do buzz feed employees have so many crazy stories... i wish i was this cool*

Owen Tustinfuchs : The weirdest part is that this is a buzzfeed video that isnt clickbait

Cookie Cutter : *i have lost 4 phones and all i got in return was an empty bank account*

Halo Payload : I lost my marbles yesterday, now I'm president of America

Konami Code : 6:32 The moment where Matt realizes Brother Orange has seen pictures of his penis

awonderingcloud 0-0 : You made each other famous. You made that Chinese man famous as well. His life has probably changed forever.

TheSpicy Jelly : *I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO LEARN CHINESE* _Boi U Had A 20 Hour Flight_ Edit:HOLY CRUD 638 LIKES and oh Idk Chinese hard to learn

The Footballer : Why does everything interesting happen to buzzfeed employees

Im a Cat : Me : Lost my phone... Nothing happends This guy : Lost his phone... became a celebrity EDIT: OMG 200 likes.., thanks guys

Pixel Bytes : 0:07 Title in Chinese: "brother orange" Me: "Oranged bro"

TIMOTHY : Wtf is wrong with china they literally see 2 random men and then they ship them

Mook Mook : Such a simple yet compelling story. Well done.

Русский сквотер is cool : Lady: hey Guy: hey Lady: Did you know stolen phones go to China.. Guy: time to go to China!

Jay L360 : Being an Asian-American, this is hilarious and lovely. It’s a miracle how a friendship was created by a missing phone and how your life changed.

anasheoaki : Is there any Chinese guy here that wants my phone?

Lome Lome : Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

Lobetec : So how did Brother Orange's cousin get the phone?

Normal Human : *How I became a celebrity all over the world by breathing oxygen*

Axiom Ape : *This is legitimately the craziest chain of events that has ever happened due to a stolen phone.* *Craziest story I have heard in a long time*

Paddy Gillespie : this is the most wtf thing I've even seen

Hey There : Ok, I watched it. Now get out of my recommended feed.

Light AF : How tf do people be this lucky *smells like me*

V1N7E : Surprisingly not clickbait

samukaa : So, if you want to have an intersting life you have to be an buzzfeed employee.

i watch ali-a : I've never seen a good pickpocketer

Nate Cross : "i feel like britney spears!" later GODAMN MEETS BRITNEY SPEARS

emilyshmelimy : 4:16 Are we just ignoring the blonde hair/wig?

Clorox Bleach : How I became rich by doing nothing.


Johan Lindberg : Plot twist: Everything was already planned and they're just actors

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry : Okay let me just watch this so that it can finally leave my recommendation

Lobetec : So he became viral on weibo overnight? something isn't right...

Valentin : Weird flex but ok..

Zach_ : Now I want to lose my phone...

Shameer Malik : so apples better then Samsung?

day ago • 3 years ago : 4:40 so the girl said that she was meant to find Mat or something so isn't she stream sniping

SilverSearcher : Don’t let you distract this from the fact that DJ Khalid has been working out for years and he’s still fat

An Uninterested Saitama : id be sad too tbh. i mean the guy looks near 30 and there is a big difference in age so yeh would be weird


Doge wow : listen i may be one of those people who doesnt like buzzfeed, but this story is amazing and it brought tears to my eyes

Jazzy Swifty : Next on BuzzFeed: How I became a celebrity all over the world by losing a hair clip

K S : omg!! I totally remember reading and sharing that buzzfeed article back in 2014! it's so cool to see this story made into a video!!

Ryan Kirsch : I lost my iPod touch once at where I thought was at my house and then one day it began attempting to login to the iPod and successfully did so, this freaked me out. But then the iPod began sending messages and then I decided to check where the iPod was, and It was all the way in Washington, I live in Pennsylvania so this was a shock to me. That is all though I haven’t heard from the iPod in about 5 years now. I wonder what happened to it.

Winquet ‘ : *loses phone* Next day: *I’m at China looking for my orange tree sister* Should I loose my phone on purpose XD

MrLWGreen : Fine Youtube ive watched it!

Generated BlaZe : How to be popular: *lose ur phone in a different country*

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : If you're a celebrity in china is that mean your celebrity-ship didn't last very long.