This is how a Genius Thinks | Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Educate Society : Practical Knowledge > Memorization

Sumukh : The world is full of PORN.

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : He's not a genius. He's smart, eloquent and a very important educator. Einstein was a genius, Richard Feynman, Newton, Beethoven. Not Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Colt Hawkins : “what is the height of this spire that we’re in?” “i don’t know. one moment” *runs outside, goes into car* *GRABS PHONE CHARGER AND GOOGLES ANSWER* ________________________________ edit: never had so many likes. thanks guys, yall are the best

fabb91 : Clicked for the porn....stayed for the word.

Overloaded : i was promised porn here

jj binx : "there are more stolen bikes in my garage than there are stars in the universe" - black science man

ZeroRekoning : Its funny that we all know how flawed the education system is but everyone is scared of change and that fear alone delays the growth/evolution of modernized education.

Geheime Person : When you watched a episode of Rick and morty

Ernie McKrackin : Education system test your memory , not your intelligence.

comma period : I love the comments saying how he is not a genius. You are all tackling the word "Genius" too literally! Every one has mixed definitions of a genius and they can be on a spectrum. A genius to an illiterate person is a literate person, and like in this video, my personal opinion here is that Tyson is a genius to me because he's made me and countless others aware of the failing educational system. It's been said and repeated by many before him and it will continue to be said, but to ignore the fact that he and many others have figured out and understood this essential problem we need to address does not make Tyson or others lesser than a genius.

ComplationLM : Neil Smoke-Degrasse Tyson

[REDACTED USER] : *Spell, Cat.* P-O-R-N, Cat.

Yuilen : That's not how a genius thinks at all, this is just the thinking of someone with common sense...

kyle cantinella : the last quote made the whole video worth it

YouTube Channel : This reminds me of when I was in middle school and took the TAKS test. A test the state gives all students to see how well they do on a state level. I got all answers right for the math part of the test and the teachers were shocked. I did better than everyone in the class. but I never could memorize math formulas so they thought I was a dumbass. I just solved all the problems by using math without formulas and was able to confirm answers with the options given to me to choose from to ensure they were all correct. once I got in high school I performed horribly too in math because those formulas we had to remember were even harder to remember

Nigel Maccuver : The candidate B must be very high on Trigonometry 😂😂😂

Young Morgan : This guy is smart and all and has my respect but i just wanna say he looks like Joyner Lucas

Sugar Show : Smart people never can avoid bullets.

PRIVATE SECTOR 042 : Neil Tyson Degrassi proof that you can lie to the world and get away with it by simply theorizing bullshit.

Dick Artist : great words, but it seems hypocritical now because Tyson is only a popularizer of science, and he has not once popularized an original idea.

Shahhsss Loning : Don't watch this high. I'm warning you

Moody _3030 : I mean i clicked because i saw the word PORN , but that was lit

SyzTeMaTiC : Can you please for the LOVE of GOD change your yotuube name. My son watched a video on this channel and asked me what is Porn. I have no clue how he learned this, but after watching his browser history i seen that watched this video. why do you make children fall into darkness :( I feel disappointed how Youtube is making this happen.

Siphiwo Richard Maphalala : I'm hiring dat person

Philson : SAUCE

Dimitris Bachtsevanidis : There are about 1400 persons who did not like this video??? Maybe they are politicians, big company guys, people who "succeeded" in their lives because they had the benefit to get born rich and everybody else who likes to govern to non thinking people. Because governing people who can not act is really easy. But governing people who can think and act and can decide how to live is much harder.

BLAQK ! : _WORD PORN!_ ... now i can go smoke a *_🚬_* *_CIGARETTE_* then go to sleep. _even though i dont smoke_

bluepizza2112 : You realize when you know how to think it empowers you far beyond to those who only know what to think

Marik1234 : Today I have done a math exercise is a different way than everyone else cuz I forgot the formula

Will Cook : this is a good example of autism as well.. autistic people tend to just see things from a different angle but if given patience and freedom to explore problems in an unconventional way (for example, being the person who walked out of the interview to find the answer), they can figure things out fine. The problem is they are shunned and labeled plagues on society because people are impatient and want certain things that they have been programmed to expect, no matter how illogical it is to obtain. I am not claiming that autistic people are in any way more intelligent or superior to normal people, I do not have the right nor the knowledge to make that statement, but I am saying that this is a very valuable message he is trying to convey - we all need to be more open minded and kind to one another.

Emil Jansson : Pity a man in familiar places, who yet feels like a stranger.

Fonseca Productions : "You realize when you know how to think it empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think" - Neil deGrasse Tyson

iVictory Victor : wow, i was wondering why your name is that, now i realised, yep i'm pretty word-horny

GameWorldRS : "When you know how to think it empowers you far beyond those who know what to think." One of the most amazing quotes I have ever heard.

Youngfool : Yep, im a genius.

halfmoon26 : when you want to watch something other than porn

Bruno M : Holy shit. That was gold, man. Love this channel

LifeISLife DoomDog : hard truth

Kaden-Ω Bone : Can i get the name of the song playing behind this master piece.

Thot Hater : Over rated

Mark Emerson : Both are equal because both make use of acquired knowledge. Now give me two applicants without knowledge and ask the same question

faltutinks : We should make atleast a million clone of this man

Abdessamad El Hossaini : this is pure porn for me

InvaderGryder01 : Tf is this channel called

green lantern : he's a genius, but he's a puppet

MaVeRiCk SlEeT : I hope this was Neil trolling, otherwise this address was more ironically self deprecating than elucidating. Firstly,in order to make wrongness a gradient you have to preclude the very idea of a "being correct", that means in the example given "cat" is the least wrong answer possible as opposed to the correct answer, because as soon as there is an absolute correct answer everything else is just wrong once more. Furthermore, concerning the conjecture concerning the two applicants, if someone has prior experience with subject, is it not tacit to assume they have already thought it through prior? (i'd be praising the applicant for their power of retention if nothing else)At best both applicants are capable for the task, at worst the one who memorized the EXACT height is more efficient. P.S. what was his point btw?

ikamuse Johnson : *_with their brain_*

Daniel Fofaniel : Clickbait title. Tyson is no genius. He's the director of a planetarium, FFS. Science communicator <<< scientist.

Tyler Durden : This guy is not a genius... he’s a media puppet so everyone calm down he actually doesn’t have any good advice