This is how a Genius Thinks | Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Konscious Kat : yeeessss

BLAQK ! : _WORD PORN!_ ... now i can go smoke a *_🚬_* *_CIGARETTE_* then go to sleep. _even though i dont smoke_

Sumukh : The world is full of PORN.

Samir Kumar : *Oh my God.... Great speech sir..*

Fonseca Productions : "You realize when you know how to think it empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think" - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ernie McKrackin : Education system test your memory , not your intelligence.

Khyati Bavani : I was going through something and saw this video pop up on timeline. THANK YOU it helped me feel so much better ✨ #synchronicity

Raiyan Rizwan : After reading the comments, I just want to say that the story about the two employees was just a damn EXAMPLE to help you PICTURE what he is trying to say.

Nishit Salian : TO QUOTE THAT LATE AND GREAT CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: The essence of an intelligent mind lies not in what it thinks but how it thinks.

Colt Hawkins : “what is the height of this spire that we’re in?” “i don’t know. one moment” *runs outside, goes into car* *GRABS PHONE CHARGER AND GOOGLES ANSWER*

Viva Freedom : We don’t hire critical thinkers. We hire loyal yes men!

faltutinks : We should make atleast a million clone of this man

tennaj : Neil deGrasse Tyson for President !! And I'm not joking !!

Randell Porter : Neil deGrasse Tyson:  This is how a Genius Think?  How would he know?   Aragon and simple minded.

led slinger : okay but how about if the person who did architecture could have also figured it but just knew the answer.

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : He's not a genius. He's smart, eloquent and a very important educator. Einstein was a genius, Richard Feynman, Newton, Beethoven. Not Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Hawkeye88 : Brilliant.... Simply Brilliant

Philson : SAUCE

Overloaded : i was promised porn here

FentilWpg : Wow.. all these Trolls in chat... Yes NDT is a Genius... all you need to be a genius is over 140 IQ which isn't hard to get. Maybe it is easier to be classified a genius now because, by the looks of the chat ... the average IQ is also dipping

Remarkable SeiF : How do you measure your own shadow tho?

Moody _3030 : I mean i clicked because i saw the word PORN , but that was lit

wes alker : The sad thing is, whoever posted this video titled it 'This is how a genius thinks'.

ZeroRekoning : Its funny that we all know how flawed the education system is but everyone is scared of change and that fear alone delays the growth/evolution of modernized education.

Daboy Pogi : "Genius"

D Daddyo : Sounds great Neil, too bad your speech makes you a hypocrite!

Odin : niel is not a genius he is an actor playing a role.

Rot Bake : I just got a fist full of dumb in my face. That's the best he could do? That speech was inspiring? ...How bout were living in a world where 1+2 does not equal 3. It equals what ever the hell we say it does. Does he even realize what people exactly like him are teaching our children? This speech is anal leakage.

RESEARCH FLAT EARTH ____________ : Neil Tyson Degrassi proof that you can lie to the world and get away with it by simply theorizing bullshit.

InvaderGryder01 : Tf is this channel called

Anybody Noname : It's a bit too abstract for me, can someone explain?

Xerox Re : This chap is no genius, he can barely construct a sentence

Meurth : The music is really annoying and unnecessary

Parents : C R I N G E

Educate Society : Practical Knowledge > Memorization

Nando Basile : Sorry to say, but this is just the difference between "know" something" and "understand something" . Any serious scientist knows it perfectly. It is a matter of learning method, no need for "genius". Neil is a great guy, a nice communicator and a straight intellect. But he's no genius.

Dick Artist : great words, but it seems hypocritical now because Tyson is only a popularizer of science, and he has not once popularized an original idea.

thedavecorp : "Brimming over with wrongability." - Arnold J. Rimmer 2nd Technician, JMC RED DWARF

Toby Plays : NDT is da man

eggory : The ability to think for yourself - and think properly - is the most valuable thing in the world.

jj binx : "there are more stolen bikes in my garage than there stars in the universe" - black science man

TheHunterTV : Katy

Anthony Boris : no words just DAM!!

Xirucio : It just : Peehheeuuuuuu.....!

Mukul7 7 : You know I was very serious when watching the video until the end I saw the channel name “word porn”

Bumnapper Fannyfartle : Is that Intersteller music?

Raihan Akram : Don't Memorize!

KJK 23 : The earth is flat

Suzan Nandi : I have great respect for him.

Emil Jansson : Pity a man in familiar places, who yet feels like a stranger.