U.S. Navy Recovers NASA Orion Space Capsule • EFT-1

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U.S. Navy divers from USS Anchorage (LPD 23) recover the NASA Orion space capsule after it splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on December 5, 2014. The recovery operation marked the end of Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1), the first orbital test flight of the Orion spacecraft. The craft, without a crew, was launched on December 5, 2014, at 12:05 UTC (7:05 am EST), atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Space Launch Complex 37B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The mission was a four-hour, two-orbit test of the Orion crew module featuring a high apogee on the second orbit and concluding with a high-energy reentry at around 20,000 miles per hour. Units - Expeditionary Strike Group Three, USNS Salvor (T-ARS 52), Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Eight, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group One, Fleet Combat Camera Pacific, and Fleet Weather Center San Diego. Film Credits: PO1 Paul Seeber, PO1 Gary Keen, U.S. Navy Video Released On December 9, 2014 Derivative Works: Gung Ho Vids

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Grizzly Country : *For a second I thought my mother-in-law drifted out to sea again.*

Summit X : An absolute amazing design and build , if I could have written my life’s story I would have have been involved in the space program . I can’t imagine a boring day ever, simply fascinating.

MOLAROIS MORAIS : This ship is too low for rough seas....

დDaňya ĞHდ : people who are watching this please turn down your valoum beacuse the helicopter might damed your ears

carolinacasper C : wow, that is incredible Also, the Navy's ship looks amazing!

ItzYaBoySlade : I would like to have one of those awesome reflective heat tiles.

ronettreker : 3:29 That guy has a frog instead of a camera on his helmet. Just to let you know.

Matt Jones : Good job Navy and Astronauts.

Christopher Nieman : That craft is truly a work of art.

Gung Ho Vids : U.S. Navy divers from USS Anchorage (LPD 23) recover the NASA Orion space capsule after it splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on December 5, 2014.

Pokemon2019 : Wish I coulda tagged along for the ride. What's an extra 140 pounds anyways?

TheRebelOne : Great video. It's amazing to see the capsule so close and detailed after its space flight and re entry. Normally we would see a news clip 500 meters away from it in a helicopter. Good job.👍

Crazy Horse : What fantastic footage, it's like something you would see in the movies, but it's real life. Wow 10/10.

Daz uk : awesome footage thanks for sharing such a epic moment.

steve1978ger : Although Orion shares its basic principles with Apollo, it's not the same at all. It is bigger and a completely new design. Space buffs should look forward and embrace it instead of reminiscing about the Shuttle. We all liked the Shuttle, but it didn't do much that can't be done with conventional rockets, its specs were based on requirements that do not exist anymore, it never lived up to the financial savings it promised, and compared to all other manned space flight systems it had an appalling safety record. For sustained human activity in space, what is needed is a reliable, versatile system with comparatively low operating costs. The Shuttle could never deliver that, Orion just might.

VINAY ROCKS : Sound of water😍

Mattia Imperati : Forza Napoli

OnComingStorm Studio,LLC : Good job Navy!, always proud to see our service people working

Aerohk : the water, the sound, the spacecraft, it's too much lolol

Brian Streufert : All those sailors standing along the edge of the ship to watch the recovery of America's next space vehicle was inspiring. #Pride

photosshop : Beautiful coverage, thank you to sharing this with the world.

mrfunkington : How cool to be young and in the US Navy. Not a desk job, that's for sure.

Lisa Marie Franks : How long have you been doing this? Your work is excellent.

sergio cintra : Parabéns aos Norte Americanos pelo excelente trabalho de pesquisa espacial..

West Lands : Best Navy in the world, bar none.

Marcos Silva : this make me want to play Kerbal Space Program again

Scritley : I can't imagine the hardships that our service men and women must go through on a constant basis to keep us safe and I'll be forever grateful... but this has got to be a great day on the job for these sailors!  Well done!

KodenameKrusty : What a great ship to be stationed on. Great Job Navy!

Michael Southcott : That ship is badass

Timothy Lampel : lol yea somebody totally dropped the F bomb

_BluE-bl00d_ 11 : I'm going to space :-D

videoua5 : Thank you, always interesting videos!

ADAM ALEXANDRU : geri 2030 world space mighton alphafbet

Michel Guerrero : Muy precaria, no funcional y muy extensa la recuperación de la cápsula. Para ser la Nasa™ DEberian tener desarrollado un systema de anclaje mas versatil, practico y seguro en el casco, de tal forma que solo tome unos cuantos minutos asegurar y transportar la misma a su destino.

Muthoni Wanjiru : Orion's shape reminds me of R2D2's head

Dalek 2150 : Incredible looking Naval vessel. Looks scary to be out in the middle of the ocean and swim to the capsule, brave folks.

QNFee : those tiny white leters we see on the capsule is that some heat resistant paint ? and do you know what material that flag is. and i dont see the parachute

james turner : why do that when you can spend 250 million on a special ship

james turner : save the frogman make it a quick connect from a Chinook

ZexersFusion Nexers : This is a Training for the navy.

panda44r : You see, what really went on here was, the sailors ran out of rum, and NASA found out about it, so they sent a rocket full of rum from the launch site, to replenish those dying-of-thirst sailors. Mission: ACCOMPLISHED! :o)

Ricardo Ellison : Note the burn mark center screen at 2:11   taking the spacecraft back to the technicians who built it, they will be going over every square millimeter, top to bottom to make a performance evaluation. Say hello to our newest spacecraft!  The bigger question is, is this spacecraft serviceable, can it be used again. The Apollo spacecraft were a one-shot machine., the heat-shields were of an ablative (Melt away) design.  Being that they are using heat tiles similar to the old shuttles, it would seem these machines are considerably  more durable.

datsme : All this dumb water training exercise--Russia land on dirt! Open capsule door, cosmonaut jump out, drink vodka, eat, nap, get in boat, wait for American capsule.

Anuvrath chadal : do water wont go inside from backside of the ship at 5:09 when opened fully it for the capsule .....how the mechanism works...

The Student Official : Just make sure to check if malicious shapeshifting extraterrestrial is onboard

Candleruz blaze : OK it's a command module

Marcelo Pires : Como pode depois dessa cápsula sofrer altas temperaturas na ré- entrada, a pintura da bandeira está intacta, sem nenhuma deconformidae?

Will N : I love the water sound.

Robert Evans : great job navy