U.S. Navy Recovers NASA Orion Space Capsule • EFT-1

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datsme : All this dumb water training exercise--Russia land on dirt! Open capsule door, cosmonaut jump out, drink vodka, eat, nap, get in boat, wait for American capsule.

steve1978ger : Although Orion shares its basic principles with Apollo, it's not the same at all. It is bigger and a completely new design. Space buffs should look forward and embrace it instead of reminiscing about the Shuttle. We all liked the Shuttle, but it didn't do much that can't be done with conventional rockets, its specs were based on requirements that do not exist anymore, it never lived up to the financial savings it promised, and compared to all other manned space flight systems it had an appalling safety record. For sustained human activity in space, what is needed is a reliable, versatile system with comparatively low operating costs. The Shuttle could never deliver that, Orion just might.

QNFee : those tiny white leters we see on the capsule is that some heat resistant paint ? and do you know what material that flag is. and i dont see the parachute

Wannie NG : 犀利

Gung Ho Vids : U.S. Navy divers from USS Anchorage (LPD 23) recover the NASA Orion space capsule after it splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on December 5, 2014.

Dick Licker : so far the safest vehicle I've seen for re-entering the atmosphere. sometimes old tech is good tech, if it aint broke don't fix it!

treesniper12 : That million dollar US Navy Classified Hightech industrial camera noise at 2:07

ronettreker : 3:29 That guy has a frog instead of a camera on his helmet. Just to let you know.

Dean Borchert : I'm 65 and NASA is still doing the same old things as when I was a teenager.........

Pat B. : Look how far we have come in 45 years...we can now land a capsule in the ocean and retrieve it! Nice job NASA!

ItzYaBoySlade : I would like to have one of those awesome reflective heat tiles.

OnComingStorm Studio,LLC : Good job Navy!, always proud to see our service people working

Inside Man : Back to splashdown recovery seems we are going retrograde  back to the 1960`s :(

jimgam730 : Go Navy

planetcheck : Were there three talking chimpanazees in the spacecraft when they opened it up?

Scott Wolf : Great, we've built a slightly larger version of the Apollo Command Module, 55 years after NASA awarded North American Aviation the contract for the above mentioned.

Ben Polega : This is cool

West Lands : Best Navy in the world, bar none.

TheFiscallySound : WOW .. NASA has really advanced manned spaceflight! Mercury in the 60's was recovered this way .. and so were Gemini and Apollo! I bet some young NASA scientist came up with this idea! Sigh

Ajesh Aj : its very super and very proud to us government

Aerohk : the water, the sound, the spacecraft, it's too much lolol

Manchester Hall : 2:08 someone just had to send a photo home.

CursedWarrior100 : So glad NASA is still up and running :) We have made some great strides when it comes to space technology.

radbcc : I still don't understand why we complicate stuff. Why don't we land on solid ground and then recover like the Russians? Why add to the cost/complexity?

photosshop : Beautiful coverage, thank you to sharing this with the world.

Brian Streufert : All those sailors standing along the edge of the ship to watch the recovery of America's next space vehicle was inspiring. #Pride

nick butter : Retro Cars now Retro Space craft

carolinacasper C : wow, that is incredible Also, the Navy's ship looks amazing!

Joshua Plotkin : I am kind of confused. NASA currently has three manned spacecraft in development. Two of which have successfully flown unmanned. Orion and Dragon. Why do they need the Boeing capsule that has not even flown unmanned yet? For that matter why do they need Orion? Dragon is designed to carry seven astronauts on long duration missions, has a heat shield meant to survive Mars  re-entry velocities, and has not only flown unmanned but has made several successful resupply runs to the International Space Station. Maybe instead of working on three different capsules, they should work with SpaceX to get the one that is actually working manned and beyond earth orbit. Same crew capacity, same potential for lunar and martian missions, the later of which might even prove we were not alone. Even if it they only find microbial life, it is conclusive proof that life of some sort did exist beyond the Earth. We just need to get some scientists up there and find out once and for all. And who knows, with all the water they keep finding on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, there may still be life beyond the earth in this solar system. We'll never know till trained professionals with special equipment actually get there.

Michael Klein : The coolest part of this video was that they freakin winched that thing straight into the ship. I love it, rockets were always better than the space shuttle.

Muthoni Wanjiru : Orion's shape reminds me of R2D2's head

Andrew Novitsky : Who is dat mikkey mouse?

Paul Horn : This pictures looking so similar to the old Apollo, when they put the Moonman out. There is a repeatation of history, where is my mobile-morse-telegraph?

Daz Margrave : awesome footage thanks for sharing such a epic moment.

Ryan19812012 : NASA is going backwards i don't care what anyone says. If NASA managers didn't mate such stupid decisions we would have the space shuttles still, or even a new one built.

DJ SCY : Is the Orion capsule bigger than the Apollo capsule?

Scritley : I can't imagine the hardships that our service men and women must go through on a constant basis to keep us safe and I'll be forever grateful... but this has got to be a great day on the job for these sailors!  Well done!

Stuart Lees : capsules, parachutes, splashdowns, frogmen fumbling around in a rolling sea.  we've come so far !!!

Matt Jones : Good job Navy and Astronauts.

printapaul : Back to the sixties !! This is so called progress ?

Lisa Marie Franks : How long have you been doing this? Your work is excellent.

Fred Thompson : Imagine where we could be if we only invested in interplanetary space craft instead that DEATH TRAP Space Shuttle.

Truth will be deleted : And the stickers on it never burnt off? If you believe this then I pray for your soul.

Cristina Yapura : NASA ORION  CAPSULE

W Zen : That capsule is a prop. Look how it bobs like a cork. There is definately no heat shield since that would add significant weight and prevent bobbing. I love the silhouette of it with the two balloons atop. It looks like Mickey Mouse.

Robert Paul : Nothing like going backwards from the shuttle. Great job folks.

Midway : All the same capsule of Apollo. Back in the future.

逸致闲情 : 那美国国旗什么材质的?一点都没烧变色?

pramoda sahoo : great achievement

tetekofa : NASA claims that the Orion capsule weights 20,000 lbs, yet floats like a Cork, go figure.