Real Life Peter Griffin Goes To NYCC 2014 | BOOM! Big Pants

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Robert Franzese cosplaying as the Real Life Peter Griffin goes to New York Comic Con 2014. Get to know a little more behind the aspiring voice actor and cosplayer. -------------------------------- Support Robert Franzese - The Real Life Peter Griffin Here! Check out the Real Peter Griffin's YouTube Page Check out the Real Peter Griffin's Facebook Fan Page -------------------------------- Produced by Eric Gruenfelder, Philip Dunphy, Thomas Jacobi and Robert Franzese Directed by Philip Dunphy and Thomas Jacobi Edited by Chris DiBerardino


Der Wolf : If there was a live action family guy movie. This guy is perfect ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

J V : My dream is to carry around a chicken suit, with the mindset to one day run into him. And fight in the streets.

One Particularly Smart Ape : How's Chris? He's doing alright. And Meg? ... Who cares?

MrFuriousX : Hey he got a mention on a Family Guy episode!...thats a HUGE WIN!

LemonOVA : Now make 2D anime girls real

Joseph Murrell : My favourite part is when he sounds like Peter griffin

Hadrian : Gotta stay in Shape for this cosplay, Peter Griffin's shape.

ItsRapidz : he seems like a really chill guy in general

I WILL REIGN : Dang that Korra cosplayer jumping was so adorable...

Karthik Nagarajan : He is an extremely cool guy. I hope he reduces his weight. It's not good for his health. Hope he realises his health is more important than fame.

SegaDream131 : This is how not to be a freak...... 👍👍👍fanfreakintastic...... Best ever.

TF StopMotionator Productions : This guys the right actor for peter griffin , for a live action Family Guy movie..

Nieg Nieg : didn’t know they made that Peter Griffin into a real thing!!

Payton Fuller : At work you may be a nobody but it come back on your the voice of everybody

I Am Groot : Such a mixed feeling. One minute I'm happy people like him live to make others happy despite being obese, then I scroll through the toxic comments and it makes me despise humanity all over. This man brings more happiness to those around him than some of you grinches will in a lifetime.

Natural Marvels : This man totally needs to guest star in the Orville.

r0b690 : 1:49 Jessica Nigri lol. Also I love the "Hows Chris?" "Hes doin alright" "And Meg?" "Who cares"

Chandy Boy : I hope you see this. You're a cool dude. Great impersonation and solid personality

Doom Unity : 2:11 that voicecrack though.

SpongicX : There was a missed opportunity in Ted 2, since Comic Con was featured in that movie, they should have invited this guy to show up in the film.

Noble Mobile : How’s meg? Who cares?😂

Nank : "If I'm not real then why does a fat nerd pretend to be me at every comicon" "Please don't mention him, it'll only encourage him"

CrimsonNerd : That Korra was flipping adorable.

Hypnos : What is this the E true Hollywood story?

BuIIetBiII : I don't think I've ever seen an impression that's been this well done. Even the look is just perfect

Zoes Dada : This guy deserves a better life. He could make a living being Peter.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Hey Lois, I’m three dimensional

Ian Browne : was 4 years ago now. Wonder if this guy ever found voice acting work. Does good impressions.

One Punch Taco : Seth MacFarlane Your time of voicing of Peter Griffin is up you are fired!

jshaolin0 : I'd love to see him selling buttscrachers at Comic Con! mmmmBUTTSCRATCHAAA? hahaha

Your Mom : Too bad family guy was only good before 2002

Noble Fishing : It would be great if the rest of the family could join him . Including Brian

Chano kange : 3:41 hehehehe

chimpakawanzelu : best thing that I've seen in a year on youtube. he could easily become a voice actor if someone gave him a shot.

Green Comms : He's bringing joy right back to those he gets it from. Fantastic fellow.

Kyle Gardner : Someone needs to show up as the chicken

Stephen Reed : Imagine if he meets Seth. *_Top 10 Anime Crossovers_*

Banana is Life : He sounds like the guy from family guy.

JinjoVitis : This guy should easily get a job as a voice actor. His range is amazing!

Noot : He was a better macho man than the cosplayer

Matt Kaeder : Want to meet this awesome man. Seems so cool.

Thank The Universe : Great stuff... Keep on being a cool dude! 🤘

LaRamie Michael : The happiness you spread! You're a legend!

awesomemercerdude : How's Chris? "Eh, alright." And Meg? "Oh, who cares?"

Mr flying Melon : He don’t really sound like him and don’t really look like him ....

BCFC : I’m happy that this guy has found his thing. Everybody has a thing that will make them happy just not everybody knows what there’s is.

Bruce : "How's Chris?" "He's doing alright." "How's Meg?" "Who cares?" I DIED AND IDK WHY

Fu Ji : Does Seth know about this guy?

Stoneryoda 937 : Wild fire .... hmmmm he should do a George R R Martin next year