Real Life Peter Griffin Goes To NYCC 2014 | BOOM! Big Pants

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Zoran Ramzo Kamenycky : well, if they ever do Family Guy movie...

Karthik Nagarajan : He is an extremely cool guy. I hope he reduces his weight. It's not good for his health. Hope he realises his health is more important than fame.

Rodney : How's Chris? *He's doing alright.* And Meg? *Who cares.*

LemonOVA : Now make 2D anime girls real

EVENTHOR : 8:31 I lost it at that giggle XD

Marco Campobello : 2:10 ''and Meg?'' ''Who cares?!'' ahaahahaahahaah

Plantingeel : Seth macfarland needs to give this guy a job

Spongey BB : "I get sales for being fat and wearing green pants."

JinjoVitis : This guy should easily get a job as a voice actor. His range is amazing!

Meme. Exe : Girl: How’s Chris? Real life Peter: He’s doing alright. Girl: And Meg? Real life Peter: *WHO CARES*

Bmore Bob : He looks exactly like him and sounds exactly like him but most of all he’s funny as shit and knows just what to say and when to say it. Amazing.

DavaKralj : 1:15 thank me later

Aiman Hakim : 2:29 omg that laugh

Avatar Korra : 2:14 Someone's a big fan of me!.

I WILL REIGN : Dang that Korra cosplayer jumping was so adorable...

Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties : Holy Shit He’s real?!?

Itz Asian Nick : the only thing he doesnt have is the ballchin, but besides that he is a perfect peter griffin👌👌👌👌

Doom Unity : 2:11 that voicecrack though.

SpongicX : There was a missed opportunity in Ted 2, since Comic Con was featured in that movie, they should have invited this guy to show up in the film.

Imperfect Issei : Instant smile! He crushed it.

Amazing Peach : heh heh , heh heh heh , heh heh heh , heh heh heh, heh heh heh heh , heh heh heh , heh heh heh an den a notha, heh heh , heh heh heh .

L Nordin : I liked that Legend of Korra cosplay

TF StopMotionator Productions : This guys the right actor for peter griffin , for a live action Family Guy movie..

ItsRapidz : he seems like a really chill guy in general

Stan S : Jesus Christ there’s some hot chicks @ those comic con. I’m doing it wrong lol

Faizaan Mir : Is that Jessica Nigri at 1:50?

Stephen Reed : Imagine if he meets Seth. *_Top 10 Anime Crossovers_*

M DV : 1:50 I'm ordening tickets for next years comic com, who wants to join me ?

GAURAV08 : 3:02 which character?

Zacimus the master Shooter : Oh my god that’s absolutely epic😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎😊👍🏻!!! Where’s the rest of the family in real life!!! ?

Joseph seed : This Is amazing!

Bobby Carillo : If Seth Macfarlane ever decides to make a live action Family Guy, this guy must play Peter Griffin.

Big Louie 913 : “How’s Chris?” “He’s Good” “How’s Meg?” “Who Cares?”

OX4-Jumper : Jessica Nigri her reaction awesome! And that Korra cosplay <3

Heathcliff : legend

Chano kange : 3:41 hehehehe

Niklas Klasen : this guy is a living anti- depressant

Lord Splynter : *Ok, now make cat girls real*

Deckard Cain : I would love a selfie with him

Cao Ang : This fat man needs to come back. He's a prime candidate for a potential live-action Family Guy movie.


ibanezman04 : How's Chris? ..He's doing pretty good.. And Meg? ..Who Cares.. That was brilliant..

Xavier Lee : This guy is a comedic genius!

Eli Schneck : U don’t have the ball sack chin

jetmouse : He must be big chungus

Joeey Chow : losers paradise

Greg Miller : This is awesome. So cool to see him own the impression and use it to make people happy.

Crux : Roadhouse?

cupcake awesomeness : new sub keep up the good work

Nickbomb 09 : He should have his own twitch channel or youtube channel