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Boris Teodosijevic : I'm not sure what I would like more. To massage that girl, cause she is... hmm... or to be massaged by that guy, because he is good in what he does.

CC220 : That Ass is life

Mat thew : This man is in the right line of work

devilblueduke : damn that butt is tight and cute

Jeremy Garner : The butt jiggle at 4:05 I wana know what exactly that helped with loosening up 😏

Sun Boy : Shakin dat ass

joshua wooten : Anyone else think this was the beginning of a porn you might have seen before 😂

Ash Bull : It's a god job she didn't fart with that flame there.

paul cummins : Great body, beautiful woman overall. Definitely have to switch careers now lol.

Brandon Wilkins : If that model's job is to get massaged all day, I want that job. Who is she?

Pasqualino Pasquini : che culo

T- Creation : i love her ASS

AlexanderTheGreat : I would just stand and stare as well at that ass. It's only natural.

Nightcore Lab : I need something like this

Minecrafter 5534 : All the guys were taking a picture of the woman's ass

Jason Allen : You knew as soon as he started pouring oil out of a conch shell that this was going to be high class

RABBIT fatrabbit : I need  him in my life.

Khotie Choe : Exhibition massage nonsense..

Deasfree Eula : I love that ass, very nice and beautiful

M.E A : how da hell did I end up here

kcrgd : wow

Scott Eb : After he gets her all worked up I'll step in and bang her!

Paul Weatherby : Italy's got talent.

max sardone : Anto', ma perché te la tiri così tanto? So' solo massaggi non te lo scorda'!


Lukas Röser : 4:25 Flashbang dance: massage edition

لو كاكوو : خرب حضي 😭 وين هاي اريد اشتغل وياهم

Mix King : y did he take so much time in ass lo😂😂😂

C. Mike : the guy has some nice techniques for massage, but i don't see the point of the fire and glass suction, i'd rather do the suction on her with my lips... sea shell with sharp points for oil??? why??

MiezeMatze666 : Beautyful body. Massage is too much show-movement... holy real good massage therapist is fidging around like this when you work 8h + a day

Anthony S : I need a girl i can do this for.. any takers?

MrHousetronic : dat azz tho...Shake it but dont brake it...

Mjr Lebiedbiew : Music ???

BJB : I got wood watching

荣耀张王 : 这男的真爽

Lr Me hoai : WOW.

سبرنغ تراب و بوني : 😍للطيز

Willyan Ferreira : Que raba

بشلاغم بن اعمر : هههههههههههههه تناكت

Baye Issa Mbengue : x

kodiak : Great video!

chmielo82 : the best job ever

Rathl Sharma : Great massage

trevor philips : There is no hope for this planet😑.

Hugo Sabato : Ass Bae!

Rule Britannia : Do it with her pants off so we can see it all

Duilio Granatieri : Quello che funziona è la comunicazione ossia come proponi le cose

Adi Adrian : That ass is happiness

Adi Adrian : What a great ass

ICU ICU : this man is embarrassing. acting like he was a magician ...