This is how a mechanical bull should be ridden!

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Instagram Most SEXY Mechanical Bullride !


Chris Jones : She definitely pissed off every woman in that bar

Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' : That bull going to need a cigarette after that.

5winder : Correction: that's how I should be ridden.

CreepyDeamo : Finally YouTube is starting to know what I like😤

Axl Wijaya : Another episode of "why is this in my recommendation?"

Justin Y. : scoot over mechanical bull, *it's my turn.*

Jerry Marshall : If the bull breaks down ill volunteer my face.

Prince Powell : Did anyone give credit to the guy with the switch controlling the bull?

Mark Hogan : 2013 : No. 2014 : No. 2015 : No. 2016 : No. 2017 : Still no. 2018 : Nope. 2019 : HERE'S THIS SUPER SENSUAL RIDING VID, HAVE FUN DOG. - Sincerely, YouTube's Recommendation Algorithm.

shreya shahi : Everything aside she has strong thighs.

Anthony Jimenez : I was waiting after the credits for Samuel l Jackson to ask her to join the avengers

James Poff : Happiest mechanical bull EVER!!?

*_vanessa_* : 2:09 *_”...I kinda wanna show her up, but I can’t do that”_*

sanda manas : This actually more satisfying than strip clubs

Lucky Lex : *this womans boyfriend must be terrified to go down on her, one wrong move and she could pop his head like a grape*

munyumba mutwale : Good Lord would she be able to snap your willy off with that mid section strength ...

25carlosportillo : I'm gonna feel weird about any guy who can ride a bull like that.

Rahul thukaram : *In the resume* Expertise in riding. *Interviewer:*   *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Arkhamkey : Listen to 2:08 ... yeah she got them ladies in there way pissed off lol

Giovanni De La Rosa : I need her level of confidence Edit: Woah this the most likes I’ve gotten & it’s been a month lol

Falcor's Adventure : Cowgirl and reverse two favorite positions..... After doggy

paso193 : Jeez! WTF! A romp in bed with her would be epic! .......and probably fatal! LOL......

therocklobman 28 : That bull died, and gone to HEAVEN

Johann Farmann : I lost count of how many times I Mentally impregnated her.

Lucifer Broke : Are we gonna ignore how her hair catches the beat properly? 10/10 she's definitely a dancer.

mr malavey : I just kept seeing Peter Griffin with one tit hanging out shouting "I'm so drunk " 😂

Christ Minister : 2033: KID: Gramma How'd you stay on the bull like that? Gramma: Kagels.

Andrew Baker : There's gunna be one big damp patch

*Bane* Liking My Own Comments : This is how my face should be ridden😛😛

covertyankee : Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

Shaima Omer : Totally questioning my sexuality right now.

-Dachschaden- : Normal girls do pillow humping... She is humping mechanical bull


Dirlesh Wolf : Good luck making love with her. She won't let you go until SHE is satisfied..!!

Shinnzy : Give me her confidence... please.

ThePixelitomedia : obvousily a stripper, they learn to keep balance

Orlando Flores : Yeah she got to have experience before, not taking credit from her she did great.

Khino TV : The real definition of COW GIRL!

Tommy : Wonder how many guys she rejects after doing this lol

Yulianus Zhong : The trick is to have a tight grip on thighs and relax the spine to allow center of gravity shift accordingly to keep the balance.

Joseph Cabale : I reaaally want one of these at my funeral where everyone will be required to ride it!! Lola included!

Dipanshu Kothari : Her partner will be damn satisfied because of her moves and flexibility. She is beast in beds

Melkor Gaming : Does this girl have an Instagram account? I need it for research purposes

Trip*Like*I*Do : Replace her with a guy and would look like the gayest thing...ever.

hsasmgable : All boners aside, I'm genuinely impressed at how she manages to take the momentum of the movement and use it to re-stabilize her position

John Dela Cruise : My long distance imagination suddenly turned on while watching this!

Roman Dimas : Wow, she really knows how todo ride She's a pro.

S M : Im jealous of the bull she can ride me anytime

johnmiceter : I think she has had alot of practice riding 😁