This is how a mechanical bull should be ridden!

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covertyankee : Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

FullMetal 112 : She probably had a lot of practice.

yeet me : _bull? ridden._ _girl? satisfied._ _crowd? entertained._ _hotel? trivago._

The Homosapien : When she says its her first time😂

Marce Rieti : I'm the only one amazed by the strength of her legs?

Zanar Aesthetics : Wonder where where she was learning how to ride like that

Chickin Who Makes Video’s : Wow, her thighs are stronger than Thanos

chingalachuga : When you look down at comments for a half of a second and then she's somehow riding it backwards

Jaime B. : I bet many girls are hating on her i am a girl and I think this is great!! Her leg strength is amazing and she has moves! Kudos to her

Mia Iero : The way shes flipping her hair im dying!!! Wtf

i.STiLL.FUNCTiON 510 : *How the F$CK did I end up here from looking up Chicken Enchilada receipts.???*

Miguel Subrumuny : Ok two things: Why the hell is this my recommendation And I and no clue what to say when my mom walked in while I was watching this

M3M3_G0D : Crush: “I like girls who are freaky but a lil bit of country” Me:...

Jared Adam Christensen : Okay She's gotta be a pole dancer in her spare time or something. That leg strength is INSANE!!

Hannah : My little bi heart is quaking.

XxCammie ChanxX : lmfao she fell down at the end

Amos: Ali718191 : My thing is how many times did she go to this place to practice her routine

Madison Erickson : I expected these comments to be worse lol

GeNetiX9871 : 10/10 would smash and the girl is not bad either?

KP Cal : Lol imagine being straight, can't relate. * replays video *

uhm. : “i kinda wanna shove her off but i can’t do that.” HFBDBBD

FaLLeN : I think her vagene is so huge it is creating a vacuum suction...

Brajan Bushati : She even managed to fall in style 🤯😂

Juna Hoxha : People...this is from 5 yrs ago.Like...why am I watching this now??

LeVy : I swear i'm a straight girl.

Ms Koala : Thats lowkey skill tho😂😂😂💀

Elly Velvet : She had a good orgasm.

NinjaJaiden23 X : I'd never thought how I would like to be a mechanical bull until this video.

Meowbeanz : *ahem* -lady boner-

K A : The bull probably smells after she got off

Neil Singh : Next Day... Bull was fired for sexual misconduct at workplace!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Libby Equestrian Libxoxo Sunshine : She's Not Even On The Saddle She'd Be Great As An Equestrian 😂😂

Oof : 80% of the comments talk about how they find this attractive 10% of the comments talk about how they have sinned from thinking dirty about the bull ride 9% of the comments talk about how they wonder where she learned to ride a mechanical bull like this 1% of the comments say how they think this is cringe and im that 1%

Hazel Newsam : You can see the girls hating in the back

Gm Visuals : Her daddy in the crowd screaming “that’s my girl”

maisie Ashton : Why the hell is his in my recommended ?

iisabelle Humphreys : That one girl in the back who said she kinda wants to show her up but can't do it.

CHEMIKA : I wonder how many numbers she got that day.

tanaija • : *the bull has left the chat*

The Notorious Shady : She definitely has some riding experience

anas khan : Imagine her riding you

Alexa : **BACK has left the chat**

Seungkwans Sidehoe : This high key disgusted me

Cecilia D : Well umm *DAMN I would fall off in 5 seconds*

chris jones : Bull couldn't get her off, my turn

•Scorching Tea• : 1:27 IM DEADDD THAT SPIN THOOO 💀💀💀

MUSKAN KHATOR : Bull must have got a BONER

J Lily : The leg muscles on this girl are goals!!!

Reb Sta : Cat from victorious be like:

Ozzstar : I wouldn't be able to keep up with her in bed. 100% true