This is how a mechanical bull should be ridden!

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i.STiLL.FUNCTiON 510 : *How the F$CK did I end up here from looking up Chicken Enchilada receipts.???*

Zanar Aesthetics : Wonder where where she was learning how to ride like that

Kenny 92 : Talk about Reverse Cowgirl ...

Ron Swanson : I now sexually identify as a mechanical bull...

Kenny 92 : This is cringe and hot at the same time ...leaning more towards the hot side though

Surftons official : This is between Pornhub, Nat Geo and Nickelodeon.

hsasmgable : All boners aside, I'm genuinely impressed at how she manages to take the momentum of the movement and use it to re-stabilize her position

Muhammad Arham : So the key is to not trying to tame the bull but to follow the movement and to harmonize your movement with bull's movement.

Wesley Hurd : She never has to worry about paying for her own drinks 😂

covertyankee : Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

Gev G : When robots become a protected class in the future, this video will be referenced by the National robot league, as the first instance of robot sexual abuse.

GeneralVodka : How can he hold the camera so still with only one hand?

Snaw3 : I wondered why pornhub changed their design for a second

Christian G : In the next episode of *my recommendation*

chris jones : Bull couldn't get her off, my turn

Snake_XIX : Imagine your dad riding the bull like that

Phil up : It's obvious the dude who controls it is taking it easy on her.

Jonathan Mahler : Why did this video from 2013 go viral now???

Pro Player 1⃣ : It's no nut November why YouTube recommend this to me

Gm Visuals : Her daddy in the crowd screaming “that’s my girl”

Preston Clark : It''s amusing because her movements are a thinly-veiled facsimile of copulation leaving little to the imagination

maxice01 : In need of her name for research purposes

Mike Morrison : Too funny. Around the 2:15 mark you can hear a lady’s voice saying, “ I kind a want to go up there, but I can’t do THAT”.

Never More : I think after that she's wet🤣😂

The Notorious Shady : She definitely has some riding experience

Joe Cam : Her parents must be so proud lol

Axl Wijaya : Another episode of "why is this in my recommendation?"

Arya Faeqy : In Soviet Russia, girl don't ride bull, bull rides girl.

Giovanni De La Rosa : I need her level of confidence

Ozzstar : I wouldn't be able to keep up with her in bed. 100% true

CommanderCyclone : B E G O N E T H O T

Rombizio : No...this is how MEN should be ridden.

rofl lmao : i felt something moving at my pants after she changed the position

zycane : Youtube being youtube, maybe they get more money for themselves when they suddenly promote an old video?

Ravi Kiran : Why YouTube took 5 years to show this to me..

Kendric Lan : From now on i feel like i can get a boner just by eating beef

Thya Smith : She's going to need a few neck adjustments from her local Chiropractor

Intekhab Mohd : I want a gf like her

solar pony : Shes a lesbian for sure 👌

BCtube01 : When she sat backwards on that bull,my coke bottle popped 🍾😂

pureforce56 : This is what happens when you grow up without a father.

Blue Flame : Impressive.... For her to remember a sequence that long...

jay private : I bet that cows back smells like heaven.

Tramonte : 9 months later and a Minotaur was born.

Jim Browning : I missed my train stop thanks to this video. It was worth it.

Max Brazil : When my wife wakes up shredded tomorrow morning she can blame this video clip.

yok pok : The new pole dance

Elena Larson : We get it, you strip on a pole a lot

Im Dronn : Wow, she really is *riding* it ;)

splinter360 : Damn. She's a true born rider. Her man must be smiling all day....and all night.