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5 Foods Youre Eating Wrong The 10s

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OvKings : You can’t eat food wrong there is just different ways

Noob army : We're not eating them wrong were eating them differently

KoltTv : Now I know why they are called "straw" berries


Olivia Chaloux : That pineapple was not ripe enough

LexyLovesYew : Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets THANK YOU OMG

Lazarus Stettsteen : "Glorified Chicken Nuggets" oh mah gawd.

mackenzie dmv : LETS JUST POINT OUT THEY USED METAL STRAWS!!! save the turtles

Aliya's Ideas : Most of them were given pineapples that weren't even ripe 😂

One blue sock : The pineapple probably works if it's ripe enough.

im 19 : "this is a new way to eat a nice ripe pineapple!" *Gives them the most green pineapple possible* "It's not working?!"

Tyler Lazarus : You can't eat food the wrong way😂❤️

David McClune : All this did was make me hungry for wings...

Camden Middler : Cupcake hack Me: no reason " shoves a whole cupcake in mouth ''

Zerashadow : why would anyone take out the whole toblerone to start eating it, i always just keep the most part in the packet and break of piece by piece.

Lunch Guy : *The only wrong way to eat food is when it doesn't end up in your stomach*

CrossHare Gaming : 5 year old me: Mommy, why do pineapples have pokies? Mommy: I don’t know dear, maybe God just wanted it to have pokies. Pokies: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

Evander : Boneless wings are not real wings. They have a whole different taste and texture which is also why they are usually cheaper. Deboning real wings is worth the "work" if that's what you want to call it.

Retard The Retard : "5 Foods You're Eating Wrong" Me: It's not wrong as long as it gets into your stomach.

WasteOfKeples : *They're doing the right things wrong*

Mara Suddeth : Okay but like...i'm still gonna eat them wrong

Eman Sabbah : I love Brandon he always makes me laugh 🙂🙂🙂

Gilberto Guzman : Pineapples weren't ripe enough to peel easily

ooh lala : no wonder they're called STRAW-berries!

IT iskender : I just eat a strawberry with the leafs I dont care

Cherubic Nan : “Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets.”

spongyboi TM : I swear i did the chicken wing trick even before i wharched any of these vids, i tought i was the only one that knew that

Michaela Wagner : perhaps the pineapple would've worked if u bought them a ripe pineapple

Mathieu Arseneau : The pineapple simply need to be riper... Totally works. In the video it's all yellow, but the ones they gave on the show are still mostly green!

syd cam : i've been eating cupcake sandwiches for YEARS lmao

MyRegardsToTheDodo : If the food ends up in your mouth and tastes good, it's the right way to eat it.

Jungcrooketh : The chicken wing one actually works for me

Tanaka Kun : 8:39 *"What's the difference?! It's all gonna go in your mouth."*

Nataliya Voronova : the pineapple in the vid was a lot more ripe

Lillian Barron : 0:27 that hand movement disturbed me a little

DabneyCollins : Those pineapples you gave them were not ripe enough to do the pull apart method. They were still green on the outside.

Belle : me when the cupcake hack comes on ~ "omg i actually do this!!" them when the cupcake hack somes on ~ "now who would actually do this at a party?" me ~ "oh..."

J cezar : The pineapple from the video is a different type of pineapple then they are using thats why is not working.

Nicole : Oh wow no wonder it's called a straw berry

Fabian Lopez : “I’m already sticky” Micheal from The Office:THATS WHAT SHE SAID HA “ITS ALL GONNA GO IN YOUR MOUTH” also Micheal: THATS WHAT SHE SAID

Snazzy Jazzy : I learn more on the internet in a 11 minute video rather than in 5, years of school

Emily Loves pugss : Or maybe just twist off the leaves on a strawberry. Instead of wasting that whole middle of a strawberry

brian rice : The pineapple has to be really ripe for that hack to work

Daisy Cole : The pineapple has to be ripe enough to do it. Like the pineapple has to be yellow on the outside no green.

Valeria Scolieri : “Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets.” - quote of the year

Jamie Rene : I’m a die hard cupcake sandwich person but who the heck cuts it with a knife. Rip it off slap it down and enjoy.

aartzy : The strange womans way *WAY BETTER*

James Charles : im sorry but chicken wings without bones taste DIFFERENT.

S WORLD : correct way to eat pineapple is with pizza