5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s

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MyRegardsToTheDodo : If the food ends up in your mouth and tastes good, it's the right way to eat it.

Psychedelicqat : “Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets” YES! I’ve been saying this for years! I tear them apart though, it’s more fun that way

syd cam : i've been eating cupcake sandwiches for YEARS lmao

Tanaka Kun : 8:39 *"What's the difference?! It's all gonna go in your mouth."*

Levi Holst : Everyone: oh no, now I’m all stickyyy Brandon: *LET ME RIP THIS MF OPEN REAL QUICK*

Lunch Guy : *The only wrong way to eat food is when it doesn't end up in your stomach*

ooh lala : no wonder they're called STRAW-berries!

Viljar : Its not the right way its a different way of eating

OREO : im sorry but chicken wings without bones taste DIFFERENT.

tally da geek : I did that strawberry hack before and when I did it a freaking bug came out so yeah I was a bit traumatized after that, I still am.

Two Ace : The pineapples are too green. That's why it was so difficult.


killer bean general : Yeah 5:46 "this is perfect because you get more cake with your frosting" *physics left the chat*

Blue Wolf : Lowkey my family did the pineapple thing yesterday 😂 Also HAPPY EASTER 🐣🐰🐇

Mary Godfrey : 4:52 actually one of my best friends does this whenever they have cupcakes but she doesn’t slice it she kind of like rips it off

Potatoboii : You can't eat food wrong. You are just eating in your own way.

Sam Hill : This video screams first world problems.

MallowxG : Tori was right, it has no difference, IT'S ALL GONNA GO IN YOUR MOUTH.

Petero Lalagavivi : Lol everyone's pretending it takes more than one bite to finish a cupcake

Charlotte Leu : There is no WRONG way of eating food

Jillian Johnson : “Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets” THANK YOU

Lyn Zelle : FACT: The pineapple they served weren't that ripe. The one in the video was fully ripe that's why it was easier to pull out the fibers. Should've used riper pineapples to make it work.

Spug : The only reason the pineapple one didn't work is because the pineapple wasn't ripe

Becca Torres : Here’s the thing the pineapple needs to be ripe and yellow if you wanna do the rip and tear trick

Cole Pearson : There is no wrong way to eat food. It's food

ANF Animations : What I'm doing wrong is watching this video

Hack Master : Doesn’t mater how u eat it cause it will come out the same way💩

Gilberto Guzman : Pineapples weren't ripe enough to peel easily

Nazreen Abu : U need a over ripe pineapple to do that

Laru Martinez : *Wait, Is that why it is called Straw-berry...?*

im 19 : "this is a new way to eat a nice ripe pineapple!" *Gives them the most green pineapple possible* "It's not working?!"

Noob army : We're not eating them wrong were eating them differently

Zerashadow : why would anyone take out the whole toblerone to start eating it, i always just keep the most part in the packet and break of piece by piece.

Jacklp2.0 HD : you can't eat food wrong just eat ist

Person 1 : The pineapple thing is only a certain kind of pineapple

Smh my head : There’s no such thing as eating it wrong just a different way of eating it.

Kifah Hassan : "Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets" 😂😂😂

Jaimie Mendoza : boneless & bone in chicken wings do not. and i repeat. DO NOT. taste the same.

Sorcha Vaughan : That pineapple is still not ripe enough to eat the way in the video. The one in the video doesn't have any green on it

Almighty-Keyyy # : you can't EAT something wrong, you just eat it

Unknown Person : There’s no certain way to eat a food correctly Except for cereal If you put milk before the cereal I hate you

Aliya's Ideas : Most of them were given pineapples that weren't even ripe 😂

Jacoby Ullman : Quick tip. If you want to do the pineapple hack, use a ripe pineapple.

SSaltyIsSeawater : 6:22 I actually think this is a good idea for making chocolate covered strawberries. You can just eat the part in the middle normally, then when you put it in chocolate the chocolate would run through the inside, therefore making it taste better.

Nicole : Oh wow no wonder it's called a straw berry

Fabienne Selinger : There is no wrong way to eat something, if you got it in your mouth and ate it... you did it right!

Yøshoki : There isn’t a correct way to eat food. I eat my food however I want. I eat my food the way that makes me happy

* s N a T c H a D* : 10:16 *chooses the cupcake hack that you cut in half using a knife then complains about using an utensil for the rest of the hacks* :~♢

MollyWalton : I had a toblerone earlier today (for the second time ever) could have used the last hack