Chick-fil-A First 100 Campout (Grand Opening - Greece, NY)

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The Barela Family : Looks like such a fun experience! Love the end where you said your favorite part was meeting everyone and "how it should be". Hope your camera is ok!

Nora Villalobos : OMG

Nester Bug : wow .. i guess when you always have a chic fil a you dont realize the hype :)

jahid boys : 648dan back me

Blonde Mom Ambition : Why do I always end up watching food related vlogs when I’m hungry 😂 hahaha I love how there was a camp out for that place like it’s Black Friday or something 😂

My PB and J : WOW! Congrats! I've never had Chick-Fil-A! Hope we get one near us one day! It's worth the whole experience when you win!! Enjoy those 52 meals!

The Watts : Loving the vlog so far guys :)

The Arcade Couple : Yeahhh chick fil a!!!!

Hoki horas kids world : Loves your channel. Bell hitted😀

Ally play time : That burger looks so delicious. You had to go thru a lot. But it was worth it.. it's a experience you won't forget. Thanks for sharing awesome vlog.

Randomly Raina : Omg I hate that he dropped the camera but it cracked me up! Yum chicken in a biscuit 👅 I love that they fed ya while him were there. The crowd had moves! I would love to do that, so fun! Loved the message at the end, we should all be able to come together, despite our differences! Great video!!!

Miranda Heavenbound : Congrats on your win, awesome prize! I noticed people seemed really nice. The media divides brother we are all more alike than different. God bless You guys!

Miranda Heavenbound : Looool your special effects, awesome. Wow, what people will do for Chick Fil a. Haha your kids turnt up. Loool When they came on the energy went to like 1000. When I lived in Arlington, TX you could barely get in this restaurant, jammed packed all the time. Great job guys!

Kati and Jordan : Congrats on the big win! They just did this a few months ago at the new Chik-fil-a down the street from us. We didn't win though hah it was too cold.

Amanda Mills : What a great experience!

Hannah Nickerson : It’s just a chicken sandwich. You should really get a job Ted

Chi bleX : Today I feel lucky to find your channel. a very good channel, contains videos that are very interesting to watch. And I have subscribed to your channel, hopefully we will be good friends. thank you

torres_family6 : Just found your channel. Great video. Props to you for doing that I wouldnt be able too.


Fudgee the Shih Tzu : That's a fun experience 😊