Most Pathetic Guy in the World

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Elzeta : I was expecting cringe but I only found a normal guy

Nicholas Lucas : Well... He's cooler than me so I guess I'm more pathetic 😶

abderrafia mounaim : 2007 pathetic is 2019 normal

NJ Sepidoza : Humor that was waaayyy ahead of its time.

Mission to be A Man : Jeez dude. Save some girls for the rest of us.

feroui hamza : i love it when youtube recommends weird but cool shit

French uop : Nothing pathetic. He's just a normal guy

Mustafa Damirgi : This guy is funny, I bet he could get a job at snl.

RyanHardt : *For everyone wondering why the guy is called pathetic:* First of all, the whole thing is a skit, so it was staged and probably also scripted. And second of all, the joke is that he keeps misnaming everything (Examples: he called a guitar a drum set and he called his new jacket his new shorts).

Aaron Mckinlay : "I am not gay, but I like Justin Timberlake" *INVALID COMMAND*

newbies gaming : Another episode of " why is this in my recommendation "

*Mechanical Breathing* : 0:59 “yeah i got a drumset” points at a guitar.

MrL1G3R : Weird flex but ok

Dolfie Hitler : This dude sounds like he skates towards you and say “RAD DUDE”

Tristan Hogan : Shits older than most tiktokers

LucasHunt : This is literally just an every day dude

Leafeon : Why did YouTube randomly recommend me a video from 11 years ago

Xyon : *How is he pathetic?*

dat calculation tho : Man this comment section is ancient...

caroline : smh at these youtube algorithm children in the comments. sad! you didn't experience good neighbor when they were pumping out content regularly.

Johny Cage : I actually like this guy

Reyan Ahmed : "I'm not gay but I like Justin Timberlake" lucky this was uploaded in 2007


J-Brazen : A God once said "I'm not gay but I like Justin Timberlake"

flower child : He isn't pathetic. His cool. Why did you say that about him? You know you judging him says more about the sort of person you are then it says about him and that shows how small minded you are and a big fat meanie.

Life of Vadim : This is low key supposed to be Meta. YOU are supposed to be the most pathetic one.

Brian Lee : Weird flex but ok

RazerPlex北極星 : Dude 11 years ago, YET THE IMAGE QUALITY WAS GOOD AS HELL

Depression Session : This is comedy gold.

osita : Thats the guy from snl

Chace Shinohara : It is said that this guy is emptier then a black hole

soulfreaz : This guy's cooler than me. I'm sitting on a couch made of milk crates.

Wavy Stars : *SNL should hire this guy!*

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : I’m not gay but I like The Chainsmokers.

Tomas Ornelas : we are just in that moment in life were we just watch wierd videos on max 3 min

Bianca Baby : English anime dubs be like

Lucas KCVC : These comments clearly missed the point of the video, its just a joke of how he is misnaming stuff

Gshift : OH GOD! I time slid like Cable! Oh wait... It's just YouTube recommends.

JensForum : The 'drumset' line killed me!

Wasteland Wonderer : "700 hundred dollars" - referring to a handful of coins

Señor Lechuga : Tbh I wanna meet this guy. He's cool

Hathunter Comments : I'm so much more pathetic than this guy, by miles

Mimiyo : Remember when BOOKS were uncool?

Knorkrax : I'm watching this on my oven which has like 64 gigabyte

mars. : is that Kyle Mooney?

Devdatta Joshi : He seems like a nice guy

MY LIFE IS A MEME MY LIFE IS PATHETIC : Most pathetic man yeah right. The guy you're looking for is me :) :( :'(

Dylan Fallon : wow all the videos on this channel are old

Wholesome Lad : *_I love dvds_*

wedem boys : Ahhhhh, 2007 YouTube