Most Pathetic Guy in the World

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Elzeta : I was expecting cringe but I only found a normal guy

J-Brazen : A God once said "I'm not gay but I like Justin Timberlake"

Knorkrax : I'm watching this on my oven which has like 64 gigabyte

E M : A random video from 2007 gets recommended in 2018. 🤔

feroui hamza : i love it when youtube recommends weird but cool shit

Depression Session : This is comedy gold.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : -Pathetic.- Iconic.

Malli’s World : I was 7 when this came out now I’m 18

Isaac ureta : What are the odds of someone filming this in 2007, and me watching this 11 years later in Perú latin america. It makes me think of all the small moments full of emotions of people we don't know and maybe we will never know.

dat calculation tho : Man this comment section is ancient...

Gaboseries : Do you guys not realize these two are making fun of someone's room?

SomewhatUnderstandable : This guy is more talented than any "instagram comedian" to this day

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : I’m not gay but I like The Chainsmokers.

KBotter : A blind person would think this guy is awesome

High Elven Wisdom And Love : Why is he the most pathetic? Be nice.

Dillon Dow : I think I finally get why I don't understand this video: no one does. There's nothing to get. I've seen like 6 people in this comment section try to explain "the joke" to people and every explanation is different. He points to things and says that they're something else, and then he overstates the amount of money he has. That's it? You know who the most pathetic man is? All of us. They made this video to prove that nobody wants to look stupid by not getting it, so they all laugh and say "haha wow, so funny guys! I'm glad I get the joke unlike SOME people." It's a classic 'emperor's new clothes' move. And all of us, falling for it and overanalyzing it, we are the most pathetic people. Come to think of it, that actually does make this video pretty brilliant, just not for the reasons people are claiming in the comment section.

amal zuhair : 11 freaking years this is like ancient

The Narrator : Isn't this guy on SNL

Levo GAMES : YouTubes golden age. 2008 - 2012. (I know this is '07 but still)

cat intensifies : Holy shit 2007

Wholesome Lad : *_I love dvds_*

お尻を食べます : Recommendation tab back at it again with the quality content

MagentaApex : 'The most pathetic guy in the world' is what clickbait was in 2007

FreakyOmega-1 : This is like a lost relic

Lancio Cardozo : The joke : he gets everything wrong. He calls his trophies books. Guitar - drumset. Jacket - shorts .. etc. Etc. I don't know why this was in my recommendation. But I loved it Oh yeah yeah

Lotus 73 : Old YouTube was the best YouTube

Sandra Rivera : Isn’t he on snl

naisubadi : This dude smokes beer

J J : My brother showed this to me when I was 8. I didn't really get it back then.. But now I understand, he was number 1...

Ruben Hayk : did you tube recommendation AI was drunk last night?

Doughboy : Recommended 11 years later

Zane Wong : There isn’t anything wrong with the guy , he is just a hipster , there are tons of them

I'm gonna get some attention with this profile pic : Thanks YouTube for recommending me this video after 11 years.

Devon Rusinek : Is this Tai Lopez?

Berd McNerd Jr. : Did YouTube recommend me this just to let me know I am what the title says?

Captain Bozas : I live in 2018 and I keep discovering stuff from over 10 years ago.

Tiesin20 : Why is this recommended to me 10 years later

John Smith : yes youtube I want more ancient videos in the recommended tab

MJ 899 : Wow I miss the early days of YouTube.

Dominatorz HD : I feel like a time traveller

Spider-Ant : Most *awesome* guy in the world. I guess this guy making the title didn't know what pathetic meant. I also don't know how to spell it.

Your Best Friend's Hot Sister : *YEAH THOSE ARE MY BOOKS*

SilentMemer : I expected to find a cringe guy but then i found the entire Fortnite community

Just a dude : The only pure thing in this world

Magnus Modai : He calls the VHS tapes DVD's, calls his Jacket a pair of shorts, and calls the Guitar a Drum Set. Wtf is wrong with him He's pathetic.

Procrasti Nation : I don't get it lol

Mossmossmosss : in 2018 his world record has been stolen by Lil Pump

aaron neeley : I know this is like a joke video, but that drumset was pretty tight

壊れたリフトBROKENLIFT : DIgital archaeology.

Sean Arey : The title almost ruins how brilliant this is