Most Pathetic Guy in the World

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Elzeta : I was expecting cringe but I only found a normal guy

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : I’m not gay but I like The Chainsmokers.

Depression Session : This is comedy gold.

JensForum : The 'drumset' line killed me!

feroui hamza : i love it when youtube recommends weird but cool shit

Isaac ureta : What are the odds of someone filming this in 2007, and me watching this 11 years later in Perú latin america. It makes me think of all the small moments full of emotions of people we don't know and maybe we will never know.

This is not me : I was expecting a video of myself. Disappointing.

Wholesome Lad : *_I love dvds_*

Mustafa Damirgi : This guy is funny, I bet he could get a job at snl.

dat calculation tho : Man this comment section is ancient...

Levo GAMES : YouTubes golden age. 2008 - 2012. (I know this is '07 but still)

High Elven Wisdom And Love : Why is he the most pathetic? Be nice.

MaximEnglish : YouTube is trying so hard to be a time machine again.

The Narrator : Isn't this guy on SNL

J-Brazen : A God once said "I'm not gay but I like Justin Timberlake"

Lets Gamer : the only pathetic guy is the one recording

LegitFreakyOmega-1 : This is like a lost relic

Lotus 73 : Old YouTube was the best YouTube

MrL1G3R : Weird flex but ok

Knorkrax : I'm watching this on my oven which has like 64 gigabyte

caroline : smh at these youtube algorithm children in the comments. sad! you didn't experience good neighbor when they were pumping out content regularly.

LucasHunt : This is literally just an every day dude

Tomas Ornelas : we are just in that moment in life were we just watch wierd videos on max 3 min

Sandra Rivera : Isn’t he on snl

aaron neeley : I know this is like a joke video, but that drumset was pretty tight

Chace Shinohara : It is said that this guy is emptier then a black hole

Brian Lee : Weird flex but ok

Procrasti Nation : I don't get it lol

Ruben Hayk : did you tube recommendation AI was drunk last night?

Dextruider : *How is he pathetic?*

SaNiN Ek : *Damn that's Sick*

NothingNowhere : The guy recording kind of sounds like Methapor

MagentaApex : 'The most pathetic guy in the world' is what clickbait was in 2007

LongRace Chase : Why is this in my recommended-section

Captain Bozas : I live in 2018 and I keep discovering stuff from over 10 years ago.

Daniel Valverde : Dam thinking that this was once one of youtube's first batch of videos

*Mechanical Breathing* : 0:59 “yeah i got a drumset” points at a guitar.

E M : A random video from 2007 gets recommended in 2018. 🤔

Sabo /onepiece : Wash your hair please

壊れたリフトBROKENLIFT : DIgital archaeology.

Xer Aubrey Diezmo : How is he pathetic?

Just a dude : The only pure thing in this world

naisubadi : This dude smokes beer

ClementineCancer : Is that Bradley Cooper?

Nictric : This guy is on SNL right

ilike2Danimegirls : Thank God YT recommended this to me, I was suffering anxiety before watching this

The Brice Plays : So relatable

Spider-Ant : Most *awesome* guy in the world. I guess this guy making the title didn't know what pathetic meant. I also don't know how to spell it.

city taxi : What if he is blind, partially deaf, and have schizophrenia but is trying to look like a normal person.

Hathunter Comments : I'm so much more pathetic than this guy, by miles