Miike Snow - Genghis Khan (Official Video)

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Kenneth McIntyre : No one comments about how adorable it is that ALL the minions are super supportive of all this happening. Equal opportunity employer, that supervillain.

seanfall : "So agent, how did you stop him this time?" "I...uh...married him sir." "....Well congratulations."

Decepti -Cracked : "Do you expect me to talk?" "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to _dance._ "

metajeta : Practically killing a man but instead sparing him, dancing together, and falling in love with him?? Now that's a power move

TheGayestGay 27 : *and that kids is how I met your father*

Vivziepop : This is the greatest music video ever made haha seriously adore it! <3

Sun Tzu : You know, when I hear, "I get a little bit Genghis Khan", I imagine that you'd want to conquer Russia and part of Asia. But this works too.

SummerSong : Part two idea: the ex wife is planning an evil plan to take revenge on them both, but has a nerdy henchwoman helping her out, and its revealed she's still sad and torn up over the divorce so the henchwoman does everything to help her and in the end realize all she needed was her partner and evil organization The finally can be the two couple facing off

Muriel Mackie : I like how all the villain's henchmen are just bopping along to probably the weirdest day at work ever.

Jaxa Knight : "Hey remember the time i almost killed you?" "Heh, yea, i remember that honey"

B.R. V. : isn't this how all gay couples meet

Novaximus : Aside from the gay subject I'm surprised how little people comment on the substance. The dance moves and choreography are pretty cool. The evil guy's facial expressions are really well done. I love his dead eyes, emotionless look when goes home to bed. Additionally the song itself (doesn't have to be gay btw) could apply to any relationship BUT I really like how it starts off with a low pitch, then the next verse gets higher then the next higher til you hit that standard tenor. It's a really crisp voice. I also like how they break into the moments with an extra swirl to express intensity. It's just all really well done. We've all seen bond films and parodies like this but in the first 30 seconds of the video the way Mr Evil (I'll call him) saunters into the room in full control you get this awesome vibe of "I've already won. This is the real world not a movie. I'm in my home and have all of this established underground power." For some reason it just made the whole thing cool and interesting. Most movies would need 30 minutes just to try to hook you into the characters and plot to get you invested. This video does it in 30 seconds AND overcomes the element of (oh we've seen this 100 times already)

John F. Kennedy : Me: This sounds pretty gay. Me: Oh. This IS pretty gay.

Strayfox : Why isn't this an actual movie?

Princess Pinkemina : In case anyone else was wondering- the actors are Adam Jones (villain) and Edward Hayes-Neary (spy). The choreography is by Supple Nam.

The Book of White Walkers : I get I little bit Genghis Khan if I don't listen this 3-4 times daily

Frank Delgrosso : I am pretty sure the angry ex will be a more terrfying villan than her husband was, she scares me.Also great vidio can't stop re watching it.

Laekaja : My university professor showed us this video when she was talking about excessive masculinity and heterosexuality in the Bond movies. Kind of love this music video :)

ava ? : Does anyone else notice how when the spy is in the chair, the shackles are loose enough that he could slip out of them and he’s struggling against nothing? He was there willingly the whole time

Jetstoanywhere : "So how did you two meet"?

janet : the entire time i was watching this like "i'm just seeing gay undertones because i'm gay and i look for gay subtext in literally everything i watch" but then it hAPPENED and i am going to SCREAM this is the bEST music video 11/10

Buttbrick 2.0 : That oOoO at 1:40 minutes made me laugh hard for some reason.

Alex abcdefuck : [Verse 1] I know there's no form And no labels to put on To this thing we keep And dip into when we need And I don't have the right To ask where you go at night But the waves hit my head To think someone's in your bed [Chorus] I get a little bit Genghis Khan I don't want you to get it on With nobody else but me With nobody else but me I get a little bit Genghis Khan Don't want you to get it on With nobody else but me With nobody else but me [Verse 2] And the lights, they glow Like I've just lost the World War And the scene slips away To the evenness I fake It's a shit old world Cause I don't really want you, girl But you can't be free Cause I'm selfish, I'm obscene [Chorus] I get a little bit Genghis Khan I don't want you to get it on With nobody else but me With nobody else but me I get a little bit Genghis Khan Don't want you to get it on With nobody else but me With nobody else but me [Bridge] Ooh, I wanna make up my mind But I don't know myself No I don't know myself, me Ooh, I wanna make up my mind But I don't know myself No I don't know myself, me Ooh, I wanna make up my mind But I don't know myself No I don't know myself [Chorus] And I get a little bit Genghis Khan I don't want you to get it on With nobody else but me With nobody else but me I get a little bit Genghis Khan Don't want you to get it on With nobody else but me With nobody else but me

Yaoi LovER : I found this on accident never even heard of this guy and I love it

Cryptic Bunny : initially i thought the death ray failed because of some sort of power shortage but after rewatching it i realized it's literally because work hours are over hahahaha

Gruben films : Ah yes, the classic story of golden nose leaving his wife for James Bond

Niels Mulvad : I want to applaud the "villan" I mean, he works 5 min away from his home! That's some dedication, either he bought the house(?) close to his evil lair, or he build it there after moving...

Conner Tucker : I think those guys might be gay.

Cutsie Productions : This better be the plot of the next Batman movie...

Charles Angs : 3 people don't get a little bit Genghis Khan

Ewura-ama Quarshie : I didn't know what to expect but that was the greatest story ever told

QwertyDFTBA : aww, this is the cutest case of Stockholm Syndrome I've ever seen! (nah but seriously their dance number was lit af)

Lagomorphine : Is this what Bond said when he meant "What makes you think this is my first time?"

Jessica Cleveland : I normally don't like music videos because they completely change how I hear a song... just the whole experience of listening to a song changes for me after I watch the music video. Like thereafter, when I hear the song, I only envision the video. I'm not sure how to further explain it but I hope some people can relate. Anyway I took the risk watching this video, and I'm so glad I did. I love this video so so much because it only made me love the song more. Not only that, but I can listen to the song without immediately envisioning the video. It's difficult to explain, but it's incredible. A masterpiece really!

Sweepy : the real villain here was an unhappy marriage

Ana King : If this was actually turned into a movie I WOULD WATCH IT. The world needs a movie like this.

Christopher English : After a tense standoff in early 1961, ending in a call from the White House, Nikita Khrushchev was reported saying "John Kennedy prevented him from pulling 'My Trigger'." (-journalist Miike Snow). Khrushchev continued, "it was like [Kennedy] was in my head - I couldn't stop thinking about him, and how I go a little Genghis Khan. I didn't want him to get it on with anyone else but me. But with the push for war in the Motherland, how could I express my admiration for this young, courageous man on a world stage?". Khrushchev and Kennedy narrowly escaped causing a nuclear holocaust, but Khrushchev was horribly disfigured during a failed military coup d'état of disaffected Russian generals in response to the stand-down. Khrushchev lost most of his nose and the left side of his face was permanently scarred. While recovering from his wounds Khrushchev became shoe-stomping mad, yelling publicly, "the traitors to the Motherland wanted only gold and personal glory at the cost of destroying the world! They would cut off their own nose despite their face in the service of greed and violence!" He began wearing a prosthetic gold nose as a reminder of the price of peace he had paid. "It was a very lonely time in my life after the coup. I didn't know who I could trust." After The Vienna Summit on June 4, 1961 President Kennedy was kidnapped by the Russians and delivered to the Soviet Premier. Initially their differences in political economy was a source of tension, the communist leader believing the freer market leader to be an agent of greed and destruction. Eventually bonding over their shared experiences as world leaders and secret love of peace, Kennedy and Khrushchev formed a romantic relationship, with Kennedy moving in with Khrushchev. Deep cover British spy Ellen "Euphrasinia Khrushchev" Potts went rogue out of jealousy after separating from her husband and two children Rada and Sergei. Potts has not been heard from since the latest Moscow peace accords.

Vivid Nightmare : When I first saw him on the table I thought this was some kinky bdsm shit and I shipped it. Didn’t actually think it would happen and I love it 😂

Niv Hapenguin : PES 2017!!!!

Poppa Shea : I would love a full video album of just these two. I would pay soo much money.

Steph Stewart : It took me so many views to realise he’s drinking a Martini in bed at the end

Just Chilin : I can’t stop rewatching this. I’m on my 20th replay...

aWywardWyvern : My little gay heart is so warm 💗

NovaIsOnYouTube : This is the domestic hero/villain au I've been wanting since forever

Rick Y : This normally would not be my genre of musice, but miike snow makes every thing seem awesome!

Krwnik : *pes 17*

Bearthloth : Make this the plot of the next bond movie.

Ian Wilson : 2 years later, still one of my favorite music videos!

Colin : It's cool to get a little bit Genghis Khan, but you never go full Genghis Khan lol

TJ Sandor : Neither of them said “no homo”