Miike Snow - Genghis Khan (Official Video)

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The Book of White Walkers : I get I little bit Genghis Khan if I don't listen this 3-4 times daily

Nickolay Semenov : I almost want to see a sequel with revenge of angry villanese ex-wife. It's sure would be funny.

Sangled : homophobia is OVER

Mike Harris : Bond: Do you expect me to talk? Goldfinger: [looks back, laughing] No, Mr Bond, I expect you to dance!

Sydney Smith : So let me get this straight (pun intended). Despicable me has James Bond bound to a table and is gonna kill him. He's also in an unhappy 1950s marriage with pin up girl. But he sets Bond free and they dance together, which magically turns bond into Clark Kent. Then Despicable me leaves pin up girl for Clark Kent and is now happy in his new marriage. But pin up girl is pissed and very badass-looking. I love thing song more and more each time I listen to it.

Porcelain : I keep trying to edit and some work...but I can't stop watching this!

Marcelo dos Anjos Antonio : This is completely innapropriate. What kind of respectable vilain company lets its employers marry the captured hero? Despiclable work ethic. Adorable as hell though. 10/10 would watch awkward hero dance again;

Adam Norton : Let's take a second to question who Miike Snow's Character's lawyer is. He got custody of both of those kids despite being a super villain and having a history of violence with his new partner. A herculean feat.

Gonad DaBeerBellian : The look on his face at the dinner table almost makes me cry. To me, this is about looking all your life for the thing that makes you happy and realizing that you've been looking in the wrong direction the whole time.

You’re New Tv : These two actors are great. Him coming down those stairs. Classic

Lex Ells : Truly a motion picture spectacular!

definitely gay : I relate to every single guard there, tapping their hands while they do their gay magic dance.

Gopnik Aleks : If this isn't the plot of the next Bond movie then there's no point in even making it

«Ram•Cichlid» : This is what I imagine would happen with Dr Doofenshmirtz if Perry the Platypus was a human

MrTvphan : Ok, the self awareness in the spy genre is hilarious.

Team Rammyz : Where the SEQUEL

yakisueba : Why can't the new Star Wars films be this good? 😁

Bruh : I beg you to make this into a movie

Robot Bjorn : Little gay

Snow Fangs : That guy at 1:40 is why I'm here

pathetic : the only bad thing about this is that i cant watch the video while i'm listening to this while cruising, much like childish gambino's vids this was more of a visual storytelling medium where the music feels like a bonus support structure. 10/10 mastapeece

Wunderful : Wtf does Genghis Khan have to do with any of this

speedracer77 : Isn't that how all gay couples meet?

Amanska : And they were SOULMATES

Jean Andrei Ander : stockhomo syndrome

Kenneth McIntyre : No one comments about how adorable it is that ALL the minions are super supportive of all this happening. Equal opportunity employer, that supervillain.

David Acosta : Listen to Poster Child by Retrofile .. also has a fun alt pop vibe ... not enough music like this

Johnny the You Know What : Ohhh my gooooooood, it's so gay and adorable! Badass music, too. I've broken the replay button.

FrigginOutOfBlue : I’m sorry but where is the Oscar for this masterpiece

st4gs : James bondage x dr Neo Analtex

NickGoossen : Instant classic. Killed it.

CTI Hardware : I think the real question here is 'how did he get custody of both kids?'

NudaCogNdaMurdaMachi : This is a catchy song and interesting video. I love seeing a bisexual character in the forefront here. Still, just up and leaving his wife leaves a bad taste in my mouth-- guess that's why he's a villain. Can't blame her at the ending!

Gaz Blackheart : Better love story than twilight

J. Elfers : unfortunately i've lost count of how many times i've watched this

Charles Angs : my god this is gold <3

Loco Tx : 3:05 - the soothing bells and scenes match so well in a "it's all good now" mood. Awesome

Alexa Titsypat : wow, when I thought this song couldn't get any better I found out it has a bomb ass music video.

Carolina Coreas : This choreography makes me happy.

GothicLolitaPL : this is it, the pinnacle of gay agenda

Vivziepop : This is the greatest music video ever made haha seriously adore it! <3

Jacob Luna : I imagine a hundred couples flash mobbing and doing their synchronized dance would be fantastic

divernater : The #1 video of 2017/18. A shining light in amongst the absolute shite our there.. and that goes for the song also, I cannot listen to the track alone, it has to be with the video, indeed a mini musical.. 😉

Cameron Jones : I ship it

G R Sudhanva Sharma Bharadwaj : PES 17

Charles Angs : 3 people don't get a little bit Genghis Khan

B M : i didn't see that coming

Back-Time-Productions : I love the message and that he's a villain the whole time and they get married UGH Nerds like me will love this and I sure do!

Whom the Crack Said : 1:30, I like that little look he gave us.

Julie .Nautrup Andersen : This might be the most wholesome video I've ever seen!!