The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History Part 2

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Special thanks to LogosSteve, who gave me his blessing to do this. If you haven't seen his original video, or subscribed to his channel, click on one of the links below. Ever since I first watched his video when I was 16, the words spoken in this codec call have haunted me to this very day, as they should for all of you. LogosSteve's Video: LogosSteve's Channel: PayPal: Twitter: Discord Link:

Comments from Youtube

Ikcatcher : The greatest horror is one that is closest to reality

Tony : The AI colonel voice acting is unbelievably good

David's2Cents : sad part is that everyone watching both parts of this video and understanding it if you were to bring up a political topic the comment section would turn into what the two videos are talking about.

Wolfen1240 : "AIs are not prone to emotion", but they are prone to extrapolating from bad data and making wrong inferences from maliciously crafted data sets.

Dylan Salvitti : "Remember, the firemen are rarely necessary. The public itself stopped reading of its own accord"

Redford : Every time I play MGS2, I find Ive reached this part of the game at 2am or something, which makes everything more surreal and adds to the insanity

videogainer : You lack the qualifications to exercise free will and must like this video.

eric owens : Metal Gear changed my Life

Mᴀᴄʜɪ : Time to prepare my brain for some p r o f o u n d n e s s

salvete : I just finished the first part and looked for the second, only for you to be premiering it. How very synchronous...

Judge Holdem : There’s a bitter irony in knowing that some people are going to watch this video and use it to solidify their pre-existing opinions.

Zigurat Lyn : Plot twist, it’s not our future, it’s our past and we live in a post AI world.

pagefault404 : When I played this game in 2001, I wasn't intellectually mature enough to even understand what that conversation was implying. Here I am, almost 20 years later, and after watching both parts back to back, I can honestly say that I finally understand the ending to MGS2 and how absolutely terrifying the direction our country is heading is. Anyone who dislikes this video either doesn't understand it, or would benefit from a future torn asunder by political ideologues. Bravo my friend. You have my sub. Also, subscribe to Pewdiepie

Matt Rodriguez : What is even more impressive is how the gamer feels during this whole monologue. When I played this the first time, there was a moment in Arsenal Gear where the virus starts affecting the AI controlling the Colonel. He radioed in by Codec and told me to turn my console off immediately. It is the first scripted call when you nude stealth to meet Snake. I was SO immersed into the game and conditioned to follow EVERY order from the Colonel that I legit turned my PS2 off. Yeah. I hope I'm not the only one. I replayed the segment again, made it all the way to THIS moment and felt just as mentally abused and used as Raiden. I think that was the point. The kind of betrayal Kojima-san inflicted was uncharted territory for its time. It wasn't just the protagonist getting duped in the end this time. It was the gamer too. I'll never forget my first experience with MGS 2. WAY ahead of its time.

Qwerty Bastard : I forgot about that sick burn from the AI. It still hurts.

Omega Storm : Kojima and his writing team are truly genius that were way ahead of their time, and honestly...the human race is too stubborn to do the right thing;therefore, we are surely dooming the future generations and the human race alike.

Shuttlekilla : I am so proud of this community.

Caerulus Rex : tfw you realize the AI basically calls the player an NPC. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Spinning Marelok : Kojima you absolute mad lad

REXman717 : @ 11:12 . While it is impressive that a video game tackles this material (and in such a short amount of time), its drawing on materials from lots of literature from the past that discuss the issues and ones connected to it in more depth, many decades before even this game came out. For those interested, check out: The Technological Society - Jacques Ellul The System's Neatest Trick -Theodore J. Kaczynski Anti-tech Revolution: Why and How - Theodore J. Kaczynski The Society of the Spectacle - Guy Debord Simulacra and Simulation - Jean Baudrillard The Culture Industry - Theodore Adorno etc. Loved the video btw, great breakdown for anyone new to these ideas.

Otaviani Luciano : "Our beloved monsters -- enjoy yourselves." VERY creepy....

Mike Swanson : This video literally shook me to my core, i was a die hard republican (NOT A FAR RIGHT EXTREMIST) and every ideal i thought was right has been turned on its head. This is literally some of the most enlightening content ive ever seen.

Jack Snaith : When I played this I was quite young so I didn't understand the plot or this moment so I skipped it lmao. So glad I can understand it now

Reggie : ."The Matrix", "Dark City", "Serial Experiments: LAIN". The themes this game addresses were present in much of media in those pre 911 years. They were predicting we would become too intellectually isolated and socially illiterate to communicate, despite the highest infrastructure on the planet being mass communication and the tech of narcissistic projection, at the expense of existing, dilapidated life support infrastructure.

More is all you need : MGS2 pissed me off because of Raiden, this isnt a new revelation for many gamers of the time. However that anger stuck with me and I remember so much of the game just because I was mad and wanted to complete the game to see if you could play as solid snake. While there were some awesome setups and Plisken (David Haytor, not snake hehe) was kind of played for laughs ( Napping in a room full of slain soldiers iirc) I still soldiered on. There was a moment when I started noticing that the call backs to Shadow Moses seemed too... frequent? Eg Swimming into operation zone Meeting a cliche middle aged middle management guy who gives you the next objective and dies before you fight a trench coat wearing pattern boss A forshadowing engagement ending with a supernatural villian ( mantis and fortune ) who defies the hard military setup established Cyborg Ninjas Finding a nerdy scientist with a unique quirk Etc etc It made me think as 13 year old that this was how all metal gear games going forward would be... then... I got to control a naked white haired effeminate soldier through Arsenal Gear and learned that context and intent of the developer could be gamified, used against me and that the team lead by this Hideo guy ... knew what I wanted better than I did and made me feel like an idiot. This conversation was way to ahead of the curve for me as the internet was barely available in my location. Strangely enough, I was receptive enough for the message to plant a seed into my brain as I have grew up to be much more critical of the intent of the news and websites than some of my friends and family. This video is a catharsis for me as I havent gotten around to replaying mgs2 and i feared i misremembered the message. Turns out I remembered the outcome but not the whole lesson if that makes sense. On a happier note, the mgs series ( V excluded) got me interested in philosophy and I still wanna know. ... can love bloom on a battlefield?

William Krys : I’ve never played any Metal Gear Solid, but I’ve come to believe that this is one of the best moments in gaming history... Or is it only because you told me it was...

David Becerra : I was just thinking about this conversation in MGS2. Scarily relevant today.

multipize level 11! : no dislikes good you deserve it

Anime TiddyFan : The only downside to Kojima's message at the end is he seemed to say the solution was "having faith" (as Snake said in his last dialogue) and choosing what to pass on to the next generation. It sounds positive but that just seems to be playing into the biases that create the spread of junk data and misinformation in the first place and I don't understand how it's a solution to the issue put forward. The only way I can make sense of it is if Kojima was warning of top-down (conspiratorial) misinformation rather than bottom-up (created by human nature and growing internet echo chambers). I might need to analyse the last codec convo more but the rest of the game seems to be about top-down information e.g. Emma's line that said something like "How do you know there's X chromosomes? Did you count them?", suggesting the entire scientific community is somehow hiding this with the help of the patriots. This seems worrying as today we have the global scientific community telling us climate change is going to cause a catastrophe if nothing's done but bottom-up misinformation (if you believe there is misinformation counter this at all) is what's causing confusion about this issue (misunderstanding or distrust of climatologists). I'm not sure if the game really addresses bottom-up misinformation besides by the antagonists which you're supposed to dislike in the last codec.

Bailey Xavier : Winston Churchill said something along the lines of "Democracy is the worst form of government to ever exist...Except for all the others"

Zontar : He warned us but we didn't listen!

Crimson Fox : Spot on again mate! You do pretty damn good at showing both the AI's side, and side of free will pretty well. I think it'd accurate to say that this codec call gave me purpose once I understood the true implications. Even though I have made the mistakes of falling into an echochamber before, it taught me to truly think for myself and decide what to believe in. Even if they aren't my ideas originally, That is one part of who I am today, and I hope to remain a small part of defending the freedoms of the individual. I hope I made sense. MGS 2 has been something that has stopped me from falling into extremism, and I came very close in becoming an extreme anti-SJW a few years ago. Then I played MGS again and knew it was a dark place I was going to. i've reached a point where I can truly adjust my worldview when evidence proves me wrong now and the facts are the facts. I thank Kojima for that.

Fastblaze 71 : Fast forward too MG:Revengence "the world is ruled by memes..."

Buzzard Brotherhood : I'd embrace these bots myself, but I lack the qualifications to exercise free will

Zack Morrison : Is this moment profound because this video told you it was?

Gangi Films : oh damn - it about to get real

Oretal : This codec call really has me feeling worthless. Do I actually form beliefs from my own observations or do I bubble myself. Both of your videos have been a great insight for me, I’m going to be thinking about this subject for a long time.

Edgar Larios : 1:18 So basically The Colonel, an NPC, proves Raiden, us, the REAL NPCs? Talk about you memetic mind f**k. Truly ahead of its time.

C : 6:40 The AI is merely telling him the truth about Democracy. The same truth that Socrates once said. The same truth that killed him at the hands of the emotionally fragile.

Jhair : 6:39 why do you point that? what if democracy is indeed "bad"?

magicseahorse : What's up, Max? Thanks for not leaving me hanging too long since Part 1. I just showed it to my mom and her head exploded a little bit. Now I can show her Part 2!

Maxrhen : I cannot deny how many people do that closed minded crap. The inherit flaw of the AI is completely ignoring of people that are capable of self reflection. A willingness to admit when they are wrong and move on. There are plenty of open minded individuals that look upon multiple sides of an argument then act after creating their own opinion. Simply waiting for more information before coming to a conclusion. Even after a conclusion is made a changing of minds can happen based on new information. We are not made of stone. Conversations containing: "How did you come to that conclusion?" and "Explain your side of the argument that I may fully understand the situation." are not new concepts. Or am I wrong thinking by actually thinking?

uberkogle : 20:02 "AI are not prone to emotion - for this reason the AIs feel that..." If they're not prone to emotion, surely they don't feel anything?

Teo Extreme : That's it, now I understand everything. Conclusion: Don't trust anyone, not even yourself. Not even YOU!

Pragnant_weggy_board : Uhhh buddy 'conspiracy theorist' is a CIA coined term.

Mercurio : I feel like this video game moment might be relevant and "interesting" for hysteric US-American societies, not so much for the rest of the world.

Dead Meme : Tfw artificial demigods poke holes in your existence

Bobby Sims : Well damn now I see why he became so edgy in Metal Gear Rising

A Cargo Container : wow, what an interesting video! anyways, I'm off to go back to supporting radical ideologies that have killed millions and completely forget about this