Quora Questions [Feat. Low-Key Terrible People]
Dumb Quora Questions

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Me and a fellow YouTuber, Low-Key Terrible People delve into Quora and read the funny questions people ask the general public. Check out Low-Key's channel below! COLLABORATOR Low-Key Terrible People's Channel►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRTLjnj6H7I9Tw_3Z7d08kQ COPYRIGHT All supplemental audio and video clips are protected under fair use. SOCIAL MEDIA You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! All social media websites will be used for updates. On Instagram, I will be posting more meme-centered content than I will be on Facebook and Twitter. LINKS Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/JusKiddin-71... Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/juskiddintv/ Twitter ► @juskiddintv Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed! If you didn't, I totally understand


I wish to die with zero subscribers : Lol you put a lot of effort into this video and i appreciate it

Low-Key Terrible : This is awesome omg I watched it twice, I love iiiit

Alec Price : Love the editing in these videos, humanity was a mistake

Awkward Adolescent : This is the exact content Ive been wanting to create, keep it up and great job editing, and if you ever wanna collab or just hang out feel free to hmu anytime

Rei Rules : I really like this video, it's very funny and held my attention the entire time! The animations were great! Especially the surprised face 😂😂

warm heart family : Lol these are some pretty dumb quora questions which makes this very funny. Are these people serious 😂😂😂

All Ages : well, I now know that omorashi is a thing on the internet that people like.... so... thanks for that....

Unbearable : Yeaa, this doesn't get old

Unbearable : Not everyone know how to parent

Alec Price : rat comment triggered me

Indranil Acharya : It's kinda hilarious yet sad at the same time that these people actually exist and use the internet....

NerdCave.exe : Nice video guys! My god some people are stupid, though...

lukonic : Lovely video. Nice to see you not alone, adds to the overall liveliness. Also an increase in editing. Although I find the excessive use of the "surprised" smiley just annoying. Like I actually like the joke of overly using something, but well, these smileys are just cringy in general and their animation is slow and too repetitive, I think it just doesn't work.