Subway station escalator in Rome breaks down tonight

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Longarms : That escalated quickly

rainyday921 : welp i guess ill be having a nightmare about this tonight

kitsaplady : Fans were crushed and one lost a foot :-(

Mitty Smith : This was a new test of the “Bullet Escalator” for moving people faster during peak periods, preliminary results show it is not suitable for drunk soccer patrons,

Кгыен Тфвщдылн : Мало, но хорошо покатались, ебланы..

Hanna Skinner : Those folks were dropping faster and harder than my grades..,

Saracen LDN : Salvini needs to focus on his country's infrastructure instead of migrants

SM : They were russian down

Joey ZaZa : Well, just an average russian escalator, not a surprise for them.

Jaakko Oksa : I have always felt that escalators are excruciatingly slow, and their speed should be greatly increased. The Italians seem to have realized this also, hence the improved model seen here :-)

Mac Mac : Repubblica Metro Station, between Termini station and Barberini station. I just wish many soccer fans could have been more peaceful, not bringing too much noise to the ambient. Sorry for them. Soccer games watching could have generated more laughter, only good memories than sadness and damages...

gh hj : "Hmmmm...people are piling up in front of me on the same malfunctioning escalator I am on... record" 0:05 spectacular lol

sibsbubbles : Ow. Amputation included. No thanks. Stairs.

YamiyoGaming : wonder who death choose this time for there final destination

Emzkee : Another failure from atac

Alex Bal : Good morning mr.Dave Wood ! Your content contains offensive remarks about sex-minorities (Russian language)0.15 .Please consult with native speakers before posting Your videos.With sincere sympathy for you - Alexander.PS-I can help you with that at the next time.


beeblefoxx : it was just a prank bro

fuck google+ : lmao

ImTheMystikOne558 : What Amusement Park is this?