When you find out you're friends with the wrong person.

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HailedSpace25 : "I be hitting her like shes a stranger"

CHANBAEK Enthusiast 🗣️ : "oh nah nah I be StRIkING her."

Michael Jay - Value Investing : He Detroit smashed that pillow.

Hetro Sp3ktro : 0:51 that noise and zoom-in always kill me😂

Anime Hype : *this pillow her face*

Mike-Daddy : That went from 0 to domestic abuse real quick

doppleganger07 : Anyone else like the sound he makes when he's punching something?? Ha GEEERRGGHH!!! Ha GEEERRGGHH!!! Ha GEEERRGGHH!!!

madimark • : Bruh I thought the wrong person is gonna be that dude on the phone but somehow the plot did it again.

Carrie Thomas : Sometimes you just gotta throw the whole friend away Edit: This is the first time I've gotten so many likes! Thanks!!❤

Dank Matter : Domestic Abuse Simulator 2018

Seibah : Is this the origin story of the grandma punching villain?

GED Gert : Bruh that shits legit awkward I had to ghost a couple of bros lol

Jazmyn Elric : That sound effect is amazing

Angel Policarpe : I like that fact that every time he shook he uses the same sound effects and it works everytime


100,000 subscribers and no videos : “Are we talkin on the phone right now?” *THEN I PAID IT*

EntenseVibez : I be hittin my girl You mean like intimate Nah i be stricking her like she a stranger

Lancea1ot : The music gets me every time

XxUltimateBoniparteXx : When your friends with the main character and they're in a "toxic relationship"

lexi_exe : 0:58 I be striking her 💀💀

if ur reading this u gay : "This pillow her face"

My Dude : 1 like= 1 pillow saved from abuse

piqachu : that pillow is my meat on a friday night.

Hezekiah : The music made this so much funnier!

Super Black : 0:50 *NANI?!!!?!!*

thuder30 : All I thought the friend was gonna do was resume the game while he was on the phone 😂😂

Superior Darth : 0:51 bruh, I need that *Hol* *Up* meme after that lol. High key deceased

Jayalex Beats : Yo I be dying when the music cuts on😭😭

Noah Warren : Do "how final destination characters must feel" or something like that lmao

jyjordany : "I be hitting her like she a stranger."

ach'wa Official : Strrrranger bro. 😂😂

FBI : *What!?*

TheXavierClark1 : CalebCity with a long beach griffy vibe. Gives these two a million subs ASAP

Bboy Cosmo : You make the most quotable videos ever


KirbyMon 115 : "I be like HA GAHHHH. HA GAHHHH, but like way way harder just HA GAAHHH!!" 😂😂😂😂

Batman : Damn and I thought I was edgy.

Rick Sanchez : no no *Look this pillow! This pillow her face!* Wait hold still hold still

Takyra Thomas : I choked on my chips the moment he grunted punching the pillow! LMBO

Feels : I be hitting her like a STRANGER

Jhey Media : Is this a reupload? He's shown this before...

SubarashiPiano : I think your girl hits harder than you do tbh

Depression Talks With Immanuel : That escalated quick! WTH

Mikielangelo Roperez : My God, caleb I don't mean to be like those everyday typical fanboys but damn, ur skits always bring a smile to my face, you deserve more recognition for what u do

It's me calisketcher YT : The editing on all of Caleb’s videos are platinum level

MaskLimbo : 1:10 “ And just go, mom mom mom mom, why did you do this to me”

Orbital Nexus : *I be striking her bro*

Don’t comment about my profile picture : He really did a number to that pillow

TTD: Time To Draw : And then he captured him in his bag... If you know what i mean!!

Fire Nation Files : *Well that escalated quickly.*