Drone following Military Train

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Ryan M. : All you had to do was follow the damn train cj!

CraftyFoxe : Awesome video! Wonder if they noticed there's a drone flying around them especially when it's carrying military equipment

Sammy B Videography : That's a long train!

Steve Carpenter : Thank you for the over-the-top video, outstanding imagery and audio sound track, found you through Ken Heron TNL broadcast! Again, my thanks and great piloting!

CraftyFoxe : At 5:59 it hits the sign Lmao

jfreelan1964 : In a weird sort of way that looks like a model train coming around the curve.

PLPawulonPL : 2:45 Lucky xD

Justin Y. : After the video ended the drone was shortly shot down by a bald eagle

Echo5562 : Nice great music overlay fits theme

Nelso5000 : *Just Cause 3 flashbacks intensify*

raintree pictures christian filmmakers : Great drone piloting skills. But what concerns me that this is a military equipment train and would I be breaking military law?

Morgan Freeman : It's so awesome you didn't use that royalty free upbeat glitch-hoppidy dubstep garbage that is in most youtube videos nowadays. That stuff drives me insane to the point I stop watching the video. Stones are a great choice.

Albert : I think this train contains more military material than all of Denmark has in total :D

madpetrolhead : Fantastic video, love the classic Stones music, absolute magic.

Sky McGowin : Grade A camera work, nicely done.

Greg : Excellent footage and music, how far can that drone be from the operator ??

Chris Ackerley : Absolutely outstanding video! If you aren't already working as a pro videographer in the movie/TV industry, you should be! This is the best quality amateur video I have ever seen on YouTube. The sound track is perfectly mated to the video.

Paul Lanyi : Outstanding ! . . Got Yourself A Winner . . Luv The Theme Music : >)

Niranjan adyar : Awesome shot of the train. One of the best drone shot video of train, I have ever seen. The starting shot from the curve to engine is awesome. Very well planned shot.

seong hwan Moon : superb cocktail of drone, military train, and music. thanks

DeKa Channel : Save palestine

Ken Aspinwall : Good work and great music, Steven. This was my music during Viet Nam. And of course, I love trains. Glad I caught you, bro.

Atesh Tarsha : I helped chain down those vehicles when they left for California from Washington in January. miserable work in the rain when its 30 degrees out

Ahmed Kazikian : Insane cinematography. Ballsy af!

Sir Galahad : This is the best drone video I've ever seen on YouTube. Great camera work. Great Flying. Great and interesting content, and FANTASTIC choice of music ! I would give this a million likes if I could !

Szr7zMix5kcV6F3 : whoooaaaaaaa awesome footage! EPIC

fro99er2 : This video is awesome and is full of some great shots. good job!

bread bread : This is going on r/praisethecameraman

from Clark : Steve, another great AND daring video!! First, how do you hear about these special trains coming thru? Is there a site showing the UP consists? I am wondering if these military trucks, tanks etc are those which were sent down to the burn areas in Santa Barbara and Montecito? On TV, the equipment they showed looked somewhat like the ones on the flat cars in your video. One day i need to drive up from Atascadero and take you to lunch so i can bend your ear regarding how you can get video signals so far away? What sort of drone/equipment you presently have etc. i have a Phantom 4 but cant get video very far away! Thumbs UP!

Harry Stevens : Love the music and loved the journey..........Thank you!!!

Ron Karlsson : Awesome video, with some fantastic drone flying to add. Excellent choice of music. You're on my playlist of great videos. Well done. Skol! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

digitalmoviedv : Awesome video and great catch! Greetings from Italy. Ciao, Stefano :-)

Shoddy Productions : That was amazing ! Hollywood quality intro for a war movie I want to watch.

Bill Mills : Amazing piloting! Awesome one-of-a-kind footage! Truly great work Mr. Conroy. Thanks for sharing it with us all to enjoy. ;-)

staffy109 : 1st class flying mate, wish I were half as good LOL love the choice of music as well, I was a bit surprised to see not much security on the flat cars, anyway cheers dennis

Danger Ranger : 3:21 and 4:56 a hummer with the door open

kylefer : What drone is this?

yuri zhivago : Really cool Video. I just got a new computer and HDMI monitor and the colors are incredible. Amazing technology we have.

Derek Losano : damn that's a long choo choo. awesome video

radbcc : 1. The video is fabulous 2. Drone flying skills amazing 3. What drone is this? 4. Hard to imagine a non-military drone being able to keep with at those speeds? 5. Not sure I like the idea of civilians photographing military logistics movements (certainly don't want to give Russians or Chinese or Iranians any ideas) 6. Does youtube red allow you to use music like this without copyright issues? Thanks

John Mangual : Great pilot skills and great cinematography. He knows what to look for in his shots!

richfiles : Very impressive shooting! Using the bend in the track, and the long length of the train really gives the illusion of an incredible distance flown. I realize the extent of the flight distance is limited to the span from around where the loop comes in at it's very closest point, just passed that facility at 0:08, and the flight path crosses the trestle (which is actually adjacent to that same facility), and the only real span flown then reaches to the park at the edge of town, then you double back. It REALLY looks like a much longer flight! Great use (and reuse) of the terrain and scenery, with the long train length, to give the feeling of such a long distance covered!

TheBurjalalam : Imagine sitting at a level crossing waiting for that too pass... 30 minutes later...

RuleofFive : Some nice shooting! Thanks......

Peter H : Now this is impressive! Thanks mate.

Echo5562 : Great catch these cars cough in this video will help me with detailing so ho scale DODX flatcars I own.

HFS111 : Wow! That was fun. Thank you.

William Martin : Great video but is there any audio recorded? I feel like the audio would be way better than the music.

Dead Aces : Impressive flying skills! Good music choice too!

GeorgeBonez : I have to admit that these music selections always throw me at first because they have been used and associated with anti-War, anti-American sentiment in so many media presentations such as movies and news reports but then I remember that my dad was a Vietnam war veteran and loved the Stones. He was the biggest American patriot that I have ever known in my life so I have to keep my opinions in-Check with reality sometimes. Man I loved your incredible vid. This is truly awesome. Iโ€™ve been flying drones and FPV for a few years now but Iโ€™m no where your skill level. Please keep sharing