Exploring Hypnosis Hotline

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Fright Knight : Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/_FrightKnight

Kamden Vera : Wait slitting behind the ears? What.

Kamden Vera : You didn't do x. Now do y to move on WAIT BUT YOU JUST SAID-

Kamden Vera : I could use some nice hypnosis... Meditation to sleep.

Samantha Port : Someone put a LOT of time into this and I'm not sure why. Part of an ARG, maybe? I can't really think of any other good reason to spend so much time creating and setting up something like this.

SavedEmperor : In my country 999 is for an emergency ambulance Cast the spell to summon an ambulance XD

Shiba Lord : *Lets contact children*

Spooper Senshi : Billings and accounts are definitely more disturbing than contacting the dead.

smgofdvld : arg?

lily blu : This sounds extremely interesting. I don't see the number. It may be bcuz I'm on my phone. Someone tell me the number please. :)

Dawson Neece : These comments are dead

StONed Goku : You guys are safe here 😇🤗

NZR : For some reason the male voice wasn't scary for me. The women is much worse lmao

pseudonym noir : Boothworld industries

Sharky Bitz : dunno what that was but it's put a reaaaaaaally bad feeling in my chest

Annabelle Lecter : Brb im going in! I went all the way in. Now im a ghost.

Homer Simpson : keep getting put on hold ;-;

Illuminati President : What happens when you call the billing options ? Is that for souls received and credited or something else more sinister .

Omnio : Finna gon call it Update: It’s not working for me. Any chance you got the number wrong?

ISMAIL FORCONI : welcome to the comment section

Qiang Huangsha : did you... huff and puff like a dragon?

patrice ripley : Sounds like a deal with the devil

Meatcrob1 : I love fright knight

nebulae : Tried calling and it said user was busy. Oof.

SWorD Z : Its my number.

joker : lol i just tried to call it and it was an instant hangup

Suzanne Slifer : am having trouble , line is busy ? WTF 😱 ! does that mean they're hypnotizing each other 😵 ?

CakerTheGreater : I’m early

Solomon King : nono, not good juju. stay clear.

Ticci Toby : 972TH

Scott Bibler : I must say that is very freaky

American Maniac : Nice Job Fright!! Love it man!!!! Is this real???

Siddy Kay : how is this scary?

DragonxxCloud : i dont have twitter

Ebony Smith : Crazy

Aron Tovar : Should I give it call to see what happens ?

bw s : Called it. I do not know what to think but I do know what I feel - immediate anxiety, weighty feeling my solar plexus.

Unknown : Description: “For the best experience put on headphones and turn off lights” hell no

Unknown : PLEASE READ I think what you were suppose to do when he was screaming help me at the end was type 999 because when you were given that spell it said to type it in the presence of true evil so that would make ALOT of sense to can someone plz try that

Unknown : I looked this number up but absolutely nothing came up except for this thing on reddit... I guess it was recently discovered?

Jonny Boi : hElLo

Ati Hon : So I called and did a bit of digging. There's not much else other than whats in the video other than something funny I found and what 999 leads to. So 1) I laughed really friggin hard when i went to the dream section and pressed the one about your dad having a gorilla head. They just hang up immediately after a bit of dialogue and I lost it. 2) When you press 999 at any time it just leads into a song. It's actually pretty nice and cute. I tried pressing 999 during the peer to peer conversation but it didn't do anything. Also if you want to get out of the song you have to hang up. So if anyone finds anything else just drop a comment I guess.


kfc man : *we have to go to the dead room* Yea let's do it and get haunted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ganon Tice : I like potatoes and chicken

Bohemian Vegan : YES! He’s back!!

Lisa B : Yeah to spooky

Eric Fragassi : I have really bad sleep paralysis and nightmares quite often this hotline is to dark and evil for me. I feel like nothing good can come from calling this number. The frequencies and high pitch noises this automated message gives off are not good for you mentally and physically. Who every made is hotline is definitely on some deeper mind altering shit other than just trying to creep you out.

luis contreras : Sounds like the same magic of deep meditation healing that people don’t know what they doing that is evil

Kyler : Sadly the number isn’t connected