A Series Of People Hitting On Aisha At A Bar | Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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Samar Iqbal : Colin: “Our top story today, 20 dogs were stolen from a pet shop and police say, ‘there were no leads.”😂🤗

The Crooked Hitbox : "That's funny, I was going to say the same thing to you" Smooooth

iamdb1990 : brilliant

Richard Thompson : Coming to a theater near you this summer: "The Day Aisha Turned Black" (It's a Saturday Night Live reference)

Michaela Iery : "You must be THIS tall to ride this ride." Well played, Aisha. Well played. On behalf of all the ladies, well damn done.

NiGHTSaturn : I'm Terry Fiedof Water... HAHAHAHAHA

Herman : HOW has Ryan NOT SEEN Back to the Future?! LIKE HOW?!?!!

Blazieth : I love the fact that she stops to groan halfway through reading Wayne's bit.

Jason Garcia : Am I the only one judging Ryan for not seeing Back to the Future? But his interpretation was so damn funny

Jody Kemper : I've watched this show for over a decade and I can honestly say, without a doubt, Ryan Stiles' best bit.

tracy langsley : Isn't this a reupload? I'm sure Ryan has had the back to the future one before and didn't know what it was then either still funny tho :)

chas ames : Does this mean new episodes? Please?

Rawr_Tiger : Too many references for Ryan not to know what Back to the Future is. Lol

Danny Todd : Taking notes in case I ever get the chance to hit on Aisha Tyler

Waqar Zahid : Back to the future is literally the best time travel movie of all time. I feel sorry for Ryan for missing out on that gem of a movie.: D

TheMoonlight2887 : 0:31 - And here's the moment when lovely Mr. Stiles broke my heart! 😢

GodsSon987 : Ryan struggling to act out Back To The Future 😂 🤣

Ginger : yeet

Steve Staley : Never ever watch this show while you are either hungry, sick or have to go to the bathroom

UNIFIR3 _ : Aisha is just too friggen gorgeous

Bad Beti : "you must be this tall to ride this ride"

nikrusty : What Ryan hasn't seen Back to the future?!! BLASPHEMY!!!

Melissa K : ....and here I was, waiting for all of the men to try and hit on Aisha.... not disappointed, though.

Dewey : LANA!!!!!

Kent Walters : Instead of Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future, Ryan did a great impression of Christopher Lloyd from Taxi!

David : Wayne did a perfect impression of all the undeservedly arrogant black guys, who think they've got it, when, really, they have nothing going for them.

frogsoda : So THAT's how you hit on a lady. I think I understand what I've been doing wrong now.

Annemarie Staudenmann : "You must be this tall to ride this ride." Yes Aishia!

jeremyross631 : Did Aisha say 45 Magnum? I've never heard of that one

Balthesaur : This shit had me rollin!! XDD

starmoon1987 : Best back 2 the future ever!

cpcoasternut : OH NO GUN REFERENCE!! no people are gonna boycott the show *sarcasm*

lazyperfectionist1 : "'Cause I think lightning is gonna hit the courthouse." Oh, sure. He gets _that_ part right. "You should try watching the f*ckin' _movie_ some time." You ought to take your own _advice,_ Ryan. You've not _seen_ it? You've missed out.

T G : Will this show end when Colin and Ryan leave?

Kifah Ben Abderrahman : She’s goddamn gorgeous

Marc LeBlanc : Well...try watching the f***ing movie sometime!! Baaahahahaha!!

ikejay : I love Wayne and Ryan

Mister Williams : 😂😂🤣🤣 Hilarious

whakabuti : I really miss Drew and his charm, but Aisha does such a good job too! :D I just wish they would have Drew as a guest one day!

CS_Players : First

mrbigg151 : Wow those were some good punchlines

Zipzop Zap : “A car made out of metal” XD

TheAwesomestAmber : Um I used to watch this show years ago and did not know it was back!!!!!!!!

exert2020 : This show is so good

Michelle Woods : 4 someone who's never seen the back to the Future movies Ryan sure did an interesting job.

Dear February : it’s andrea from ghost whisperer?!??

Flutterby 84 : I LOVED this show. I didn’t realise it was still on!

MDB : Bring back Drew.

Fit n Fab : You must be this tall to ride this ride. Lmao