DOOM Documentary: Part 1 - To Hell & Back

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Raycevick : An excellent beginning to a fascinating story. I've got to give credit to ID for opening up about DOOM 1.0's development. Having been one of many that joked at its expense (light-hearted, I assure), I understand why that direction was explored. I think its also brilliant of them to have not thrown everything out, and adapt its melee system into the glory kills. Can't wait for Part 2!

Helder Pinto : Amazingly well done documentary, love id! Also, RAGE's so underrated it's crazy...

polterghost : I always forget that id did not make Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Paulo Lameiras : I'm glad the went with DOOM 2016, it's amazing. Also loved DOOM 3, btw.

Obese pope : Quake reboot next please.

Noclip : Thanks so much to everyone who helped put this together. From our Patrons, to the cab driver who didn't mind us loading 7 bags of kit into her tiny car to get to the airport on time. We really hope you enjoyed watching part one.

aragorn100000 : I have a ton of respect for Danny O'Dwyer, quitting GameSpot and starting an intellectual, informative and super interesting channel like this, it's amazing!!

Sarthak Panda : Id software finally proved that talent, not fame results in success. Everyone who went crazy saying the big guys left ID and doom was doomed, jokes on you.

The Ape Squad : Am I the only one who thought it was pronounced I.D. software and not id?

StraightOuttaJarhois : 26:06 Damn, son, can I get some fries with that shake?

Garrett : Doom 2016 was amazing, payed homage to my cousin who died way before his time who was one of the original ID software employees who worked during Doom 1 Production and more.

Trollseeder : Doom 2016 was such an incredible experience. A bit repetitive. But it's everything it had to be. The gameplay is pure and intense. The art is savage, so is sound design. I hope it sold a ton.

Kokurokoki : I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind playing Call of Doom just to see how it would play out.

chris210racer : I wouldn't mind having DOOM 4 (Call of DOOM) as a spin off from the perspective of a Marine stationed on Earth. As long as it's not riding on the title name and uses a different name but will take place in the same universe as either DOOM 3 or DOOM 2016... Really wouldn't want another Hardline, which rode on Battlefield's popularity and should have just been its own title.

j mack : This is exactly the kind of content that makes me believe that NOCLIP is about to usher in a new generation of video game media. I'm astounded at the quality and cannot fucking wait for more from you guys

Merthalophor : 26:25 That guy is seriously funny ^^ this series is great, keep it up!

Aglarend : Rage was an awesome game.

Toolness1 : I want to play that unreleased DOOM 4!

Graeme Gunn : LMAO "Romero's hair" So true

surfingsuicune : The original Doom 4 looked more like a Metro 2033/Battlefield mashup, which is fine, I guess, but it ain't Doom. Thank God they shitcanned that project.

Malcolm Alden : Finally. A documentary on one of the best games of all time.

Gigerian : 17:32 I want that print (the one closest to the camera)

tominatorxx : Why not make a seperate new series of that DOOM 4 1.0 prototype. It looks great. Not a DOOM game but it could be something really awesome on its own. :)

MeldThe Steel : I loved doom 3

Game Loot : This was very well done. I am sure I speak for all Doom fans, thanks for doing this documentary!

Bobman9420 : See DooM 4 (1.0) I want to see that game, as its own IP. This looks good and sounds good!

Papi Slayer : Bro, doom 4 looks fucking awesome!

Trixmay 988 : Hey! Danny! First Noclip vid I've seen. Is this his channel? Also can you do one for Unreal and Deus Ex? Both centered on only the original. Also a series on all of the Thief games would be incredible.

Samuel C. : 26:05 WTF!? hahaha

Cynical Sheep : I actually like Doom 3

the7observer : I'm very happy to know that ID software still has passionate, dedicated and loyal game producers who are not just making games for the money

Chester Cobblepot : I loved RAGE wish they had a sequal

Holiest Dread : Without Sergeant Mark IV brutal doom mod, Doom 2016 wouldn't have been here. You guys don't give enough credit to him... smh....

Doug : The speed walker at the end though lol

Nukleon : Did you at least reach out to contact Carmack? Or was there some kinda agreement with Zenimax to only involve current id personnel?

Twilleh : So glad Doom 4 1.0 never released.

Tom Riddler : Rage was a great game. Just wanted to get it out there for those who still bag on the game.

zeuss194 : AAA+ product value, RIP Television

Exigentable : I have nothing but respect for Kevin Cloud. the guy is an artist, not a director. he created something damned interesting and had the balls to admit he took too many liberties with the IP.

HungryGhost57 : I hope they can do a documentary about Naughty Dog and their uncharted franchise, especially since it just ended.

Jamesin120FPS : Thank heavenly host that Call of Doom never was released. An obvious attempt to attract the common drooling, short attention span, achievement driven modern gamer. Would have destroyed the franchise completely.

Kiergard : I grew up with the old doom games.... i fucking love doom 2016. My wishlist: Make the graphics a bit darker (enemys look to cartoonish) and finally make "hell on earth" a proper sequel like 2016.

Deathshuck : This is just my opinion, but I think it's ludicrous that no-one, not once, mentions Brutal Doom. It's pretty far-fetched to think that Brutal Doom didn't have any kind of influence on Doom 2016, especially considering how big Doom has always been in the modding community. Yeah, I know it's kind of common for some people to hate SgtMark4, but his contribution to the Doom community in these past years, and the influence of the mod, cannot be undermined. I love Doom 2016 to death, but I think, in my heart, Brutal Doom is the most definitive Doom out there right now. I haven't personally had as much fun with an FPS in maybe a decade, as I had with Brutal Doom. Just my two cents, but they should acknowledge the obvious inspiration.

Disobeyedtoast : That speed-walker at the end tho

Cigar Obsession : You guys are going to be huge, you got my sub!

Donatas Simaitis : do soul reaver next

Joseph : Doom was my game growing up. I used to cheat so much though

Ty Savarin : i dont know why, i want to play that Call of doom game

Sergio Xisto : This video really demon strates how serious Danny is about this noclip business!

كحيل العين : Doom 2016 had every reason to fail yet even against the odds Id software managed to give us one of the best of not the best SP FPS experience of this generation