DOOM Resurrected [Part 1] - To Hell & Back (DOOM Documentary)

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Raycevick : An excellent beginning to a fascinating story. I've got to give credit to ID for opening up about DOOM 1.0's development. Having been one of many that joked at its expense (light-hearted, I assure), I understand why that direction was explored. I think its also brilliant of them to have not thrown everything out, and adapt its melee system into the glory kills. Can't wait for Part 2!

Helder Pinto : Amazingly well done documentary, love id! Also, RAGE's so underrated it's crazy...

aragorn100000 : I have a ton of respect for Danny O'Dwyer, quitting GameSpot and starting an intellectual, informative and super interesting channel like this, it's amazing!!

polterghost : I always forget that id did not make Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Sarthak Panda : Id software finally proved that talent, not fame results in success. Everyone who went crazy saying the big guys left ID and doom was doomed, jokes on you.

Noclip : Thanks so much to everyone who helped put this together. From our Patrons, to the cab driver who didn't mind us loading 7 bags of kit into her tiny car to get to the airport on time. We really hope you enjoyed watching part one.

Paulo Lameiras : I'm glad the went with DOOM 2016, it's amazing. Also loved DOOM 3, btw.

The Ape Squad : Am I the only one who thought it was pronounced I.D. software and not id?

StraightOuttaJarhois : 26:06 Damn, son, can I get some fries with that shake?

Garrett : Doom 2016 was amazing, payed homage to my cousin who died way before his time who was one of the original ID software employees who worked during Doom 1 Production and more.

Obese pope : Quake reboot next please.

surfingsuicune : The original Doom 4 looked more like a Metro 2033/Battlefield mashup, which is fine, I guess, but it ain't Doom. Thank God they shitcanned that project.

josh mack : This is exactly the kind of content that makes me believe that NOCLIP is about to usher in a new generation of video game media. I'm astounded at the quality and cannot fucking wait for more from you guys

Trollseeder : Doom 2016 was such an incredible experience. A bit repetitive. But it's everything it had to be. The gameplay is pure and intense. The art is savage, so is sound design. I hope it sold a ton.

Kokurokoki : I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind playing Call of Doom just to see how it would play out.

Malcolm Alden : Finally. A documentary on one of the best games of all time.

Aglarend : Rage was an awesome game.

chris210racer : I wouldn't mind having DOOM 4 (Call of DOOM) as a spin off from the perspective of a Marine stationed on Earth. As long as it's not riding on the title name and uses a different name but will take place in the same universe as either DOOM 3 or DOOM 2016... Really wouldn't want another Hardline, which rode on Battlefield's popularity and should have just been its own title.

Merthalophor : 26:25 That guy is seriously funny ^^ this series is great, keep it up!

Papi Slayer : Bro, doom 4 looks fucking awesome!

Game Loot : This was very well done. I am sure I speak for all Doom fans, thanks for doing this documentary!

tominatorxx : Why not make a seperate new series of that DOOM 4 1.0 prototype. It looks great. Not a DOOM game but it could be something really awesome on its own. :)

Gigerian : 17:32 I want that print (the one closest to the camera)

Holiest Dread : Without Sergeant Mark IV brutal doom mod, Doom 2016 wouldn't have been here. You guys don't give enough credit to him... smh....

Graeme Gunn : LMAO "Romero's hair" So true

Samuel C. : 26:05 WTF!? hahaha

Disobeyedtoast : That speed-walker at the end tho

Nukleon : Did you at least reach out to contact Carmack? Or was there some kinda agreement with Zenimax to only involve current id personnel?

Trixmay 988 : Hey! Danny! First Noclip vid I've seen. Is this his channel? Also can you do one for Unreal and Deus Ex? Both centered on only the original. Also a series on all of the Thief games would be incredible.

HungryGhost57 : I hope they can do a documentary about Naughty Dog and their uncharted franchise, especially since it just ended.

Kiergard : I grew up with the old doom games.... i fucking love doom 2016. My wishlist: Make the graphics a bit darker (enemys look to cartoonish) and finally make "hell on earth" a proper sequel like 2016.

Exigentable : I have nothing but respect for Kevin Cloud. the guy is an artist, not a director. he created something damned interesting and had the balls to admit he took too many liberties with the IP.

Darkholow : Fantastic work Danny! Looking forward to part 2!

the7observer : I'm very happy to know that ID software still has passionate, dedicated and loyal game producers who are not just making games for the money

Rian Laurentino : I would honestly like to see the original Doom 4 game as something other than DOOM, it looks interesting at least

Bobman9420 : See DooM 4 (1.0) I want to see that game, as its own IP. This looks good and sounds good!

Sergio Xisto : This video really demon strates how serious Danny is about this noclip business!

Chester Cobblepot : I loved RAGE wish they had a sequal

MeldThe Steel : I loved doom 3

Tom Riddler : Rage was a great game. Just wanted to get it out there for those who still bag on the game.

Toolness1 : I want to play that unreleased DOOM 4!

matterofact : I adore DOOM 2016. I had to delete it from my PS4's hard drive to make space for FFXV, but you can bet I'll be re-downloading that massive file to replay it again and again. And Danny, I love what you're doing with Noclip. This is some top tier stuff, my friend.

Bucky•JaKRBT : That strut near the end though :D =)).

Dankuz M33mus Maximus : 28:12 when you misspell Mick gordon's name

zeuss194 : AAA+ product value, RIP Television

Twilleh : So glad Doom 4 1.0 never released.

NERD SAUCE : You know, I don't hate the idea of Doom 4 1.0. I wouldn't mind if they did a mini-expansion exploring the idea. But I'm SO GLAD Doom 4 is what it is right now.

Crimson blitzer : What they should do is have the Doom 1.0 as a DOOM spin off and have set before DOOM 2, kinda like what fantastic beasts is to Harry Potter.

!BEASTY! : Danny O'Dwyer, a true gaming journalist, one we have needed for a long time. Keep it up

Michael Dillmann : Don't often leave comments but amazing work. Thank you!