Seinfeld vs It's Always Sunny: When Should a Show End?

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Julia Lehner : Sunny hasn’t even BEGUN to peak

wow717 : I have thought so many times that It's Always Sunny can't possibly keep going and is going to start declining in quality and then every season is better than the last!! But I agree, I hope they call it quits before it stops being good!

MNDFND : Always sunny should end with gang throwing Frank in the trash

jonnyt8524 : I'd argue they're well into their end phase. After around season 10 or 11. Sunny started to actually wrap up long standing plot threads. Cricket has had the chance to go back to what could have been a normal life, but instead chose to accept that that life has gone now. Dee got a taste of fame and realised how miserable she'd still be, she's also found that she's as stir crazy as her brother when she gets a little power. Charlie got the Waitress and found out he'd been obsessed with the idea of her rather than her, he also recently admitted to having been molested, although refuses to deal with the event with uncle Jack. Mac has admitted to being gay and got buff, but hasn't matured at all, he's still the same rudderless follower who has found a replacement for god in progressivism. Dennis left to peruse the normal family life and found that he craves the adoration of _minions._ He's also now slipping nicely into full blown psychopath territory as his delusions are becoming more easily observed. They've all fulfilled the natural character arcs that the series has been teasing for years, or ones that are common character ending storylines in other shows. And when they fulfilled their arcs, they essentially fell back into the status quo. Having not grown from even achieving their character's purpose. It fits grimly into the sitcom deconstructionist themes they've built over the years. Depressingly insinuating that even a character's ultimate purpose is as hollow as the misery that gets them there. Because everyone is doomed to repeat the same mistakes as pain is easier than growth. It's building up to a sudden end. Where either the show leaves us firmly in the knowledge that these people will never grow and adjust the destructive cycles that they live in, or by suddenly killing them all off in an absurd and unexpected, likely grizzly death. Atleast that's how I see it. As for Frank, he probably dies snorting coke out of a _dirty whooore's snatch._ And gets thrown in the trash.

Tim Zhai : Sunny should never end—your smug aura mocks me

ShellShock794 : Everyone that dislikes Sunny is a *SAVAGE* and an *IDIOT*

My Enemy's Enemy : Arrested Development could have ended with Season 3 and it would now be regarded as the best sitcom of all time

THE TRASHMAN : Last night's always sunny was classic. Mac and Charlie: ass kickers united

Paul Vollmer : I think that they will do 15 maybe 16 seasons, I think that they want the record for longest running live action scripted sitcom.

Simon Thomas : Sunny's lack of canned laughter, bogus awards, and sheer bravery will make me sad to see ot all end.

William Velez : I saw an interview with Glenn howerton (denis) and he said that sunny only dose 10 to 12 episodes a season to try to avoid running out of ideas, so hopefully it will be years before sunny is cancled

The Dark Knight : The first 3 episodes of season 13 weren’t great but the last two were on par with the rest of the series. Hopefully the quality picks back up and personally I would be fine with 15-20 seasons. I hope the show lives on for at least a few more years and I think maybe because season 12 was so fantastic maybe we all have higher expectations for season 13. All I’m saying is that I trust Rob, Glenn, and Charlie to end the show when it’s a good time for it.

MNDFND : I’m stilling laughing out loud at the new season so I’m fine.

TimeFor : There was nothing wrong with the ending of Seinfeld. You tell me a better way to end. I'm listening...

Andrew : Always Sunny is still funny and only getting funnier

shilzie : Always Sunny at it's worst shits all over Seinfeld at its best.

swapsplat : The Office went on WAY too long. Even before Steve left it was getting really stale. That being said, the finale was fantastic.

Matthew McDonald : I didnt like the ending of Seinfeld when I first watched it, but years later it's a fitting ending. The Seinfeld gang did terrible things over the years. They committed crimes, and jail was a fitting end for them.

OpenMicRejects : Danny DeVito is the Ruth Bader Ginsburg of television. Don't Die and ruin everything!

ianisthestar : Another thing to take into consideration is the season versus episode amount. Always Sunny has 13 seasons but only 137 episodes. They only make 10 A year which is nice for creativity. Seinfeld however had 180 episodes and 10 seasons and were forced to make more in a shorter time.

Jacques DeLyons : Did you guys actually make up your own mind about the finale or just copy the opinions of media outlets? The finale was fantastic because it underlined the sociopathic nature of the main cast through their apathetic attitude towards incarceration. This fact is highlighted by the scene in the jail cell where Jerry goes on to George about the buttons on his shirt or something like that, completely disregarding the apparent seriousness of their situation.

Dakota M : So if Seinfeld's final episode broke the characters down will Always Sunny final episode redeem the characters and turn them into good people? Also I'm not that worried about Always Sunny ruining their show by going on to long or having a bad final season. HIMYM and the office had a bad last couple seasons and I still like both series a lot and recommend them to people. I just tell me not to get their hopes up for the ending.

Razor Candies : About the Seinfeld ending: it's a parody of Camus's The Stranger. In it the lead is randomly drawn into a murder and is convicted because of his complete indifference toward society The finale wasn't about showing the leads as awful people. Its about showing the society they live in as completely absurd

SirPumpkinSlice : Ending on top is gutless. You go until you are stopped.

Savannah Kendrick : I love sunny. I do feel by far the most memorable and best seasons are up to 8. But, I can still appreciate and love everything they do in their new seasons too. Season 13 is just fine for me, not amazing but not bad by ANY means. I had been wondering how things were going to go when Kaitlyn Olsen was doing The Mick, and Glenn Howerton doing some other show, but as long as Danny Devito is around too I think theyll do alright. I could see a 15-16 season finale though.

Classy-ass Mothafucka : There will be no "Our Seinfeld". The choices are too diverse. The Seinfeld numbers had the "There's nothing on" principle working in their favor a lot of the time. There were only so many channels and Seinfeld was in a prime slot. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on the other hand... is born into a new paradigm... that actually benefited it in gaining it's initial audience... but will hamper making it "Our Seinfeld". People have the choice to ignore it... and they have the choice to binge it. There will never be another show like Seinfeld. If you don't remember the airing of the final episode... it was literally BIG NEWS. The News was covering the last episode and doing the countdown to it and the reactions after it. Commercials were promoting the last episode for WEEKS. It was... not unlike the superbowl. The next day, you KNEW what people would be talking about when you get to the water-cooler. If a finale of It's Always Sunny were to happen, most likely you get to the water cooler... and nobody saw it... yet... the people who want to see it will watch it on their own time.

James Hughes : Love sunny and hope it never ends but after s12 being so great this latest s13 has driven off a cliff in poor writing and for the first time wooden acting. 4 epps in we have had only one passable eppisode. Really hope it goes back to stength but it says something when the first 3 eppisodes are back to back the worst in their run. Maybe as much as we would all like more they should have ended with 12 :(

Tony L : 2 greatest shows in television history hands down

Keven Ardon : New Sunny is too meta now and and self referencial, it's like a shell of its former self focusing more on the new political trends rather than actual story and character progression, I would've loved to see what happened with Dennis and the child but sadly they just forgot about it and used it as a copout for one episode 🤷🏽‍♂️

Lester Nygaard : Clever showing the little South Park snippet, I stopped watching that show many seasons ago.

Stephen M. Jester II : There’s Seinfeld, and then there’s The Simpsons. Seinfeld went out on top leaving the fans wanting more. Where as The Simpsons has dragged on essentially putting itself on life support; with the fans calling for the plug to be pulled. Though I believe Seinfeld could have continued, I think the possibility of the show becoming stale and repetitive loomed heavy in the minds of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. As in my opinion it was already beginning to do so during season 9. I believe due to the current culture we live in Always Sunny can continue on for as long as the cast and crew want to keep going. As there’s an endless amount of material at their disposal from today’s society to base episodes around. That said I would rather have Glenn, Rob, and Charlie take a cue from Seinfeld by going out on top. As I love the show so much that I’d hate having it become a show well past its original glory that’s basically just filling a time slot. I’m looking at you Springfield!

Brady Smith : I’m sorry but Sunny took a sharp dive in quality after season 8. It now feels too scripted, stale. It doesn’t feel organic anymore, and they messed with the formula too much.

Alex Murray : In my opinion the past 2 Sunny seasons have been trash. It’s like they’re trying too hard with the same jokes...

DannyWilliamH : Haven't started the video yet and want to get my pretty unpopular opinion out before I watch something that may disagree with me. Always Sunny is an all-time great show but I've been saying that it isn't funny anymore for a while. The last 2.5 seasons have produced about 3 or 4 episodes worth watching. Most don't even make me smile, let alone laugh anymore. Beyond just not being funny anymore, they all look...odd. They're older but they're all trying not to look 45ish in actual life. All but DeVito have had obvious plastic surgery that doesn't look right for the show. It's strange to look at on top of the cameras getting better and better, a Hindrance to a show like Always Sunny. Mostly it's just bad, lazy writing. I see it now and it's obvious that they're just in it for the check. That's fine, btw! I just won't pretend it's still a good show. It's an all-time great but only up to a couple seasons ago. Seinfeld? It could have kept going, IMO. Yet, I agree with most critics that it's best to go out on top. It had basically done all it could do creatively and would have met the same fate Sunny has now but they didn't allow that. The final episode sucked but I didn't really care about that. However, Seinfeld is a show that started poorly, IMO. That first season is hard to watch compared to the last few.

Justin Y Not. : Breaking Bad-excellent show perfect way to finish up Walking dead- just die already damnit

Thunderstriker : BOTTOM LINE: always sunny does not ever have to end. they have their fan base and for all the ones that will move on, new ones will join in. they also dont have to do a new "season" every single year. that group loves working together they have fun whenever it starts getting stressful they can take a break. come back when theyre ready. they are funny people and the whole crew of writers and crew work well and if any of them retire or quit some new ones can always take over. it is the perfect tv gig. no reason it should ever end. some shows will kill. some wont be funny at all. as long as they feel creative the show can live forever. the fans will always be there. just like fans of a rock band. look at the simpsons. they do it. i havent watched that since i was a kid but they keep going because people keep watching. why quit? who said a tv show has to have x amount of shows a season and be new every year? no reason seinfeld cant still be on. what killed seinfeld was the schedule. x amount of shows every year. miss a year or miss number x of shows and its cancelled. thats stupid.

Justin Thomas : It's Always Sunny should end in Season 14. I originally would believe the season 12 finale could've ended the series because it felt like the gang finally grew up but assured us they will still be terrible people. But, with season 13 trolling us with Dennis coming back I believe the gang should never grow as people.

Left side of the brain : Its already there. Last season is the end of classic ASiP for me. Now is like 1 joke per episode and rest is SJW stench. I never thought I will be fast forwarding and skiping scenes in ASiP but here I am. Humor isnt there anymore. Dialogues are lacking and feeling forced. They lost the edge. They are in their 40s. Im in my 30s. Everythings sucks :D

theflyingdonkeypunch : I think since season 11 Sunny has really declined. Dennis is too psychotic, Mac is too openly Gay and it's just too Meta now and Charlie sleeping with the waitress was a mistake. I appreciate that they always try different things but it just hasn't done it for me for a while. I'll always love it though and Dennis is always the Golden God

Armando E. Torre Puerto : I liked Seinfeld's finale just fine. It's a bit surreal compared with the rest of the series, but it makes sense to make a statement to remind us that they are awful people

Josh Reidy : Like Seinfeld, i think It's Always Sunny should end with them all going to jail, it would be such a hilariously unhappy ending and fitting to the show's tone

Harrison Klebold : Terrible pretend analysist

acid flashback : I think one foot in the grave had the worst finale.

Myles Calvert : Great video. Going out on top is often the safest bet. Breaking Bad another good example. Please don’t be one of those “wow they’re still making new episodes?” shows. #simpsons

DANNY BOY : I love Sunny, but I have never watched an episode beyond season 10, I really wish they wrap it up real soon. Seinfeld (Larry David) had the right idea

Gentry Harms : Sadly, Sunny has gone from a veiled critique of Hollywood and the like (very meta) to just being a sitcom in this last season. They need another bar competition episode (one of my favorites and an obvious critique of Hollywood awards). Or maybe another "implication" episode. Something to kickstart this. Because as of now, they are literally rehashing episodes from last season (quite literally with the Boggs 2.0 episode).

ChumpTown : I loved the Seinfeld finale, can't understand why people don't like it

MustangblueNYC : Seinfeld makes more money today in syndication than it did on first run network. Friends is starting to make more money now than it's first run as well. Both received an HD remaster

Sway in the morning : Sunny s13 is the best season