Homemade Tank Part 25 (It's Done!)

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MacroMachines : Watch the official unveiling video here: https://youtu.be/BaGm9-9JufE

Red_Jacket : 12:50 Tank Crew man 1: "Enemy squirrel spotted sir!" Tank Crew man 2: "Load HE!" Tank Crew man 3: "LOADED!" Tank Crew man 2: "FIRE!" Tank Crew man 1: "HIT!"

Sem Criatividade : Rare footage of Italian army secret weapon (1942)

TotallyNot AController : Kinda looks like a T22 prototype with its size

Joks izSantos : Who skipped just to see the finish product?

Joshua M. : make the gun work

Gingerproninja 11 : Why would anyone dislike the video???

YHBWDiscovery : Hello, I'm writing from the Discovery Science show Outrageous Acts Of Science. We'd love to talk to you more about your tank if possible and potentially interview you for the show. Would be great to hear from you!


the kitty cats : It's very rare now for something to never have been done on YouTube before so I'll sub just to find out

Stonedude123 : I just found your channel and I'm impressed, first video I watched I subbed!

Mandy Tatom : whats the point of a tank if you cant shoot it

eraldorh : Is it actually bullet proof tho? How thick is the steel.

mai katsu : The one thing I think of when I see this tank is: *MURICA!*

Plester : I'm just over here... With my cardboard, tape, and a knife...

Tim Summers : Coulda made it a window

Will L : It also looks like a M36 Jackson.

THOTH : You should get an airsoft gun for the machine-gun

Elite Destroyer films : can I buy one

beertrain : Make that machine gun into a paintball gun. Great work young fella. Very inspirational.

josh fritz : i want to play paintball in one of those o3o

Ewan Bryan : OMG HE BUILT A TANK out of.... wood.

LleoGamingForce : how to play world of tanks in 4k

Tom Willshaw : Looks like a t25 or a small Pershing

colanplayz : what did it shot?

trying to save a cat : Can you make it for people for$2000

1945 Mipy : Bring this to airsoft events

Rocker Cybord : Nice job i sub

Cory Rowan : it looks identical to the sherman firefly

Zac Lee : I think ur next project is a drag racer or a drag car

USSR Gaming : make T-34-100 ;)

Mallrick : welcome to the NSA watch list and the anti terrorist agency watch list

Pizza Croc 9000 : Who else skipped most of it just to see the tank?

Storm Troopah : When you're tried of recking people in Blitz War Of Tanks and desided to do it in real life

HazelNut : Dude change the engine with jet engine

Ackvon : Formula 1 maybe?

tomass rudzitis : that looks more like a t25 if you ask me

Aldo Frausto : Bro this is a nice replica good job.

Joseph Stevens : HOT ROD

Glen Fawcett : that's sweet..lol

Pete Mitchell : like if you skipped to the part where he tests it :)

Erik Blomgren : Build a Mark IV tank and battel the two of them! JK but i'd be kind of fun :)

Ausintune : and why so small :( well i guess you dont have the money but :/

Alex Walker : this is oddly satisfying :D

I'm PrepareD : Oooooooo tank hehehe


Bradamir Puddin : But can it kill na IS-6?

CHROME SKULL : How can anyone put thumbs down to this awesome invention ? Maybe because they are just jealous and because they are just too lazy to have the effort to even try to make one Pretty sad

Arctic Army : so u tried to make a pershing???

ryan cler : sounds like a lawnmower engine lol