Homemade Tank Part 25 (It's Done!)

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MacroMachines : Watch the official unveiling video here: https://youtu.be/BaGm9-9JufE

Hall Monitor : Build a Maus.

Brian Robben : How much $ did this run you?

IP Freely : with a few attachments you would have a best selling lawn&garden tractor

Joseph Stalin : Nice job. Can you build KV-2 :D

Freizeitflugsphäre : I subscribed to you just because you did the music links into the description!!😃

tastiger91 : Have to have another vehicle so the tank doesn't get lonely and play war games in the backyard.


L T : lol Love to show up in an airsoft fight in that thing and see the look on their faces. Nice job man.

Jesus Frank : holy shit someone call the wehrmacht

Lochie Tiffin : Make the barrel into a potato cannon

Sem Criatividade : Rare footage of Italian army secret weapon (1942)

Evan M : NEWS;man found today robbing a Mc. Donald’s in tank, if you have any information please call the local police department immediately.

Abrar .G : Fight for mother Russia !!

ScoobyJew : Put a license plate on it and drive it down the highway if anyone beeps at you for going to slow just shoot their car

Mandy Tatom : whats the point of a tank if you cant shoot it

Travis Callahan : I may have to go watch the build series. Just stumbled on this. As a machinist I am impressed with your finished product...though I probably would have used a mill instead of a saw....but I'm lazy like that. Keep making stuff kid, its the greatest skill in the world.

wyatt m : I'm calling the fbi

Sebastianator01 : This is probably the most American video I've ever seen

Johann H. : This young man is really amazing.

unreal gamer : This would survive a zombie apocalypse point blank

Santiago Guevara-Sandoval : The 529 people failed to attempt doing this

jordan egan : ARMY BUDGET CUTS

Maria Garcia : This vid should have more than 12k likes

Dank Pickle : Make a tiger 1

MyMomSaysIAmASpecialSnowflake : UK: "You're not allowed a folding knife over 3 inches" America: "Just finished my homemade tank"

Percy Barbarossa : Great video & congratulations on an outstanding build. It drives very smoothly & quick & the turret revolves nicely. I hope there is a league somewhere so you can meet up with other builders & have a paintball battle together. If such does happen please video it & post here as it could be the right motivation for others to start building & competeing with their tanks. TY again & I wish you many years of enjoyment with you tank PS there is a channel called bartschultz where the guy has made a tiger tank, I'd think that a battle between you & he ( axis vs allies ) could get both of you several million views.

Thomas K. : Cool! you know what you are doing! respect from germany!

NerdO : You deserve one million subs because of the time and work you put in your content

It’s Bomb Time : Kinda looks like a T22 prototype with its size

Richard Beehner, Jr. : I truly hope you intend to strive for a career in engineering design. You have the mind set and aptitude to be a great engineer.

The Death Shack : IM SO JEALOUS

Proud Virginian : Why did you decide the design it after a Pershing tank

AAron : looks  cool and fun to drive   good job man ..have fun

Joks izSantos : Who skipped just to see the finish product?

AV8R G4MER - HH1947 : 4/5 stars....needs more mud, logs, and bushes

The Regular Animator : Build M1 Abrams

Johan Combrinck : Well done young man, you got every reason to be proud of your work. It is good to see young people keeping their hands busy in a constructive way, and staying out of the crap that way.

Str3am F0x29 : 13:50, those are for storing jerry cans

Brandon Marsden : Stop making fun of you’re good hard work tank it looks better than any diy tank I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of diy tanks

starpilot 101 : You won’t have trouble surviving the zombie apocalypse

Dennis fischer : I think I speak for everyone ," please teach me to build this stuff , it's so amazing !"

Magic Mike : turn the cannon into a potato cannon

SynonymousSuperman : Try and build a double barrel tank

Master5505 : Nice👌🏻

tbhunter000 : this is crazy awesome dude why are u not famous

TriCop : Wow. Just wow. So you made a homemade tank but rapper get 1000x more attention and views then you do? Amazing job. Always wanted to make a vehicle myself.

Peter Szarow : Very cool. I'll bet your Parents or Guardians prefer your interest in building Tanks & other things, than messing with girls. In the long run building this Tank is probrably less expensive than a chick anyway Ha Ha. Good job dude.

Haglar : Congrats that is actually incredible

Wildfox : put a potato cannon in it