Homemade Tank Part 25 (It's Done!)

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MacroMachines : Watch the official unveiling video here: https://youtu.be/BaGm9-9JufE

Frizzle Dizzle : Kinda looks like a T22 prototype with its size

IP Freely : with a few attachments you would have a best selling lawn&garden tractor


Joseph Stalin : Nice job. Can you build KV-2 :D

tastiger91 : Have to have another vehicle so the tank doesn't get lonely and play war games in the backyard.

Crazycrafter 0 : You forgot the hatch on top

L T : lol Love to show up in an airsoft fight in that thing and see the look on their faces. Nice job man.

Jesus Frank : holy shit someone call the wehrmacht

Soviet Communist : Fight for mother Russia !!

Hall Monitor : Build a Maus.

Lochie Tiffin : Make the barrel into a potato cannon

Mandy Tatom : whats the point of a tank if you cant shoot it

Travis Callahan : I may have to go watch the build series. Just stumbled on this. As a machinist I am impressed with your finished product...though I probably would have used a mill instead of a saw....but I'm lazy like that. Keep making stuff kid, its the greatest skill in the world.

Yodieyo gamertje YT : Respect i really can't do dis sord of things

Dank Pickle : Make a tiger 1

Wyatt c : I'm calling the fbi

Johann H. : This young man is really amazing.

Clorox Bleach : NEWS;man found today robbing a Mc. Donald’s in tank, if you have any information please call the local police department immediately.

Sebastianator01 : This is probably the most American video I've ever seen

The One Millionth Roger : I think the next project is a dragster.

Santiago Guevara-Sandoval : The 529 people failed to attempt doing this

Maria Garcia : This vid should have more than 12k likes

unreal gamer : This would survive a zombie apocalypse point blank

ScoobyJew : Put a license plate on it and drive it down the highway if anyone beeps at you for going to slow just shoot their car

Blake Glasbergen : Hey, I am contacting you from Exploration Production Inc., the producer of Discovery Channel’s flagship science program, Daily Planet. I'd like to feature this video on our program. Could you contact me at blake.glasbergen@bellmedia.ca

AAron : looks  cool and fun to drive   good job man ..have fun

tbhunter000 : this is crazy awesome dude why are u not famous

TriCop : Wow. Just wow. So you made a homemade tank but rapper get 1000x more attention and views then you do? Amazing job. Always wanted to make a vehicle myself.

Haglar : Congrats that is actually incredible

Wildfox : put a potato cannon in it

Str3am F0x29 : 13:50, those are for storing jerry cans

Admiral Piett : Why did you decide the design it after a Pershing tank

Tony Wony : yessssssss

TheNuggetBacon 2 : Woah, nice job.

Ethan Ellis : Looks like u have alot of land put a gun on that beast not a LIL potato thing or even a paint ball gun at the bottom

Magic Mike : turn the cannon into a potato cannon

Joks izSantos : Who skipped just to see the finish product?

bengiman big : there goes the lawn

THOTH : You should get an airsoft gun for the machine-gun

Sniper Boy : mini dragreiser

Hungry Octopus : To you should make a projectile that the tank can fire but wouldn't dent the other tank that your going to build and play some war games!!

Vladimir PutinYarbutt : You gotta attach a 50 cal mechanism for the gun!!

lavern carroll : I've been a metal worker for 45 years. And I'm telling you that is an awesome tank and you did a really great job. That thing is awesome and totally bad ass, thank you for the video

Charles Wall : College? Who cares. I predict this kid will get a VERY GOOD job.

Underdog : Make explosive rounds for the gun like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iD1wv-l7U0

Sergente A : Now it look like a retrofitted Fiat 3000 with the 37mm gun.

Red_Jacket : 12:50 Tank Crew man 1: "Enemy squirrel spotted sir!" Tank Crew man 2: "Load HE!" Tank Crew man 3: "LOADED!" Tank Crew man 2: "FIRE!" Tank Crew man 1: "HIT!"

Sem Criatividade : Rare footage of Italian army secret weapon (1942)