The $3 million scam call center

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EpicDonutDude : "Good Karma" how ironic

Little Kimmy : *T H E I N V I N C I B L E S M O V I E* wut?

james eral : “Andy wirus”

eun sung : ''Bob Vegen''

Unseen Minecraft : 8:33 - The invincibles? lol

MazeFrame : Some grey hat should write a piece of malicious code for the good cause. Spread it to those scam-centres and lock them out of their hardware.

dee sheppard : Jim keep the good work

Ejuice Vaper : The most calm, collected and intelligent scambaiter on the tube. Fantastic informative videos. Thanks.

Justin O'Brien : How can someone have internet and not know that scams exist? That requires a level of ignorance that precludes the ability to use it.

zemongrabber : "Good Karma"

AaronIsREAL : I thoroughly enjoy watching your scambaiting and informative videos. Keep up the great work man!

pooplord poopsen : 7:07 i love how your e-mail address is bob.vegen thats the best joke ever while you are talking to these indian scammers

Shermanbay : Do I understand what just happened? You contacted a "victim" who said that the scammers did what they promised, since before the incident, she was locked out of her computer, and afterwards, she wasn't? If so, does she realize that the scammers locked her out in the first place, then charged her to "fix" it? This is nothing more than a protection racket, but unlike traditional protection, these victims are deluded into thinking they are actually paying for a valuable "service." They are being scammed twice.

lempamo : It's "The Incredibles", not "The Invincibles"

FloppyDiskDrive : Great intro!

Moazzam Baig : Jim not only are you an excellent scam baiter but you also have a very good sense of humor (Bob's.vegene😂). Indian scammers are your bunnies now. Love you!

xZero : 1199.99$ for lifetime, that's a good deal.

SourceCodePhil : Their name actually fits now, since exposing them was definitively GOOD KARMA :) Love your work.

DarienDragonFox : Man they just got great karma

Spot : It's beyond satisfying to hear you explain how you slither into all their stuff and save loads of people from falling for this. I have nothing but respect for you, but most of all, your tranquil and hardly ever worried personality portrays you as a badass, no joke. Keep it up man.

mayesip : Brilliant!

Roflcopter : Incredibles, Jim, Incredibles :)

randomlifts : Voice of 'Amy' is altered.

In The Mind of Kibara : Another jolly great job Jim, keep up the good work.

pureLSD : LMAO I like how you named yourself "Bob Vegen" on FastSupport lmao

fordsrmaster : Please rat the scammers and take their computers down.

The Astro Gamer : I dont like scams, they're coarse, rough, irritating and they get everywhere.

Raymond Ranbhise : Good Karma is such a sad name for a SCAM company. They should change it to Bad Karma because that is what they are gonna get

eastendthug : I had no idea they made so much money, not just as a company but the individual employees. Thanks for another fascinating video.

Nojus Zubrus : I shuted down a a tech support scammers in 10 mins

ezzz9 : you got in and did not give them a virus to shut them down?? :(

Sarge Kahn : Always Indians scamming

canned_ doughnuts_ : Once again brilliant job 👌 I don't want to keep forcing this on you but any final thought on the discord server? I sent the preview photo on twitter

trace d : wow that was great detective work,,, blown away,,,,,,

Aqsthetic : Thanks for IP i can remote access her pc ;) thanks bro keep up

Mmm K : You would think that with the plethora of information you have on these deplorable people the local authorities would act on it. It's sad, maybe something can be done from your home country? Since they are trying to scam a citizen, shouldn't that be something they could look into? Does your country have an extradition treaty with India? With so much evidence I don't see why no one acts on it. Keep it up, maybe someday you'll get results!


H4xWow : t h e i n v i n c i b l e s m o v i e

Kevin : The chronicles of the daring Bob Vegen, striking terror into the hearts of Tech support employees.

HeardVenus : Can you please reveal how you got access to the scammer's PC? That would be cool for me to try, I already called scammers before, but I've never seen someone reconnect, interesting stuff, please reveal it :D Amazing video!

Kon Play : Dad!!!!

Dawid playzYT//DPYT : 8:33, no no no I'm Edna, and I'm invincible

Riryoku : Thank you for spelling center correctly.

ツPhil : indian cyber police 👮 p l s crackdown on these scam centers *t h x*

ares106 : Also the victims seem so naive that she probably thought you were the actual scammer.

Silica : Its the incredibles movie baka

Thiesi : Three million bucks - un-frelling-believable! No wonder they can afford free rides and a free fruit basket every day!

Nojus Zubrus : Good job destroying these rats Jim !

Seymour Krelborn : "Jams, my name is Jams"

Maxiboyc : I think there's a small grammatical error in the description of your video. You accidentally said, "If can possibly sponsor me". Sorry for being a grammar nazi <3