The $3 million scam call center

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Little Kimmy : *T H E I N V I N C I B L E S M O V I E* wut?

The Hoax Hotel : That recruiting advert though

Dark Angel : hurts my heart , it really does . I am from India , this is just shameful . Our government does nothing to track these criminals down and because of that innocent people are being scammed . I also work as a customer service (although our job is totally technical) , i can see how easy it is for the scammers to just blabber about anything non-sense and convince these innocent people that there system is critically affected with virus . If I was good at hacking I would have tried my best to expose them , hell I can even go myself to track this bastards down but taking law into our own hands is not a good thing . Anyways , appreciate what you are doing and it is creating a social awareness for such malpractices . Stay awesome matey !

Xalgucennia : A scammer group calling themselves "good karma" lol they're tempting fate

Wolfie Games : *THE INVINCIBLES*

EpicDonutDude : "Good Karma" how ironic

Study Universe : I am Indian myself and this is the most despicable thing I have seen people do. I just want people to know that not all Indians are like this.

Bassad : *PC Status: Protected* "As you can see your AntiVirus is off" Why.. I mean.. How?!.. Like.. WHAT?!!!

Obsidian Rose : You are a professional at playing stupid. These asswipes are trained to know when they could have an actual IT on the other end and most of the time they are totally clueless to it.

Sami : I love when they mention the "Foreign Scammers" they mean themselves.

eun sung : ''Bob Vegen''

ComradeAlpha : Jim, do you always sound this calm? Lol, your voice is so soothing

TheMoldyWater : Any one else notice he used the name "Bob Vegen?" Send bobs and vagene! xD

Seymour Krelborn : "Jams, my name is Jams"

Simple Jack : And indians wonder why they get such a bad rep

ThirdWorldEuroTrash : NAME: BOB VEGEN L M A O

dothrakira x : Why did she google search “cabbage” @ 9:38 lol

Alfredo Trujillo : I feel bad for those who are scammed The other day I was at school and I came home to my parents saying the computer has a virus and they had to pay for it to be fixed..I took one look at it and was like this is a scam I said did the tech support sound Indian and she said yes lmao I opened task manager and closed the browser and told my parents to not click any ads anymore -.-

Hector Lamar : All I have to do is hear the Indian accent and know it's a scam.

james eral : “Andy wirus”

C Swank : Sadly, Tamika was so grateful to have her computer back, she would have paid anything.

Cowol Jar Woff : "Good Karma" There has never been anything this ironic before....ever.

James Doyle : Jim Browning,....I just found some of your videos on how you track these scammers. I would hope that the Indian Justice Department would take your various forms of evidence that you have provided to them and crack down on them hard. They are getting away with a lot of hard earned money from mostly people who are not very computer savvy. Your tech savvy credentials and unselfish motivations make you a "Techno Crime Fighter' for the good of mankind and we all appreciate your time and efforts. Your rewards for all of the work you do are far more than any monetary incentives could bear, but you have the sincere appreciation of hundreds and hundreds of innocent, scammed individuals, who want justice to be done. God bless you and your family...... JD

FROZ : onle thing i love about jim is how he has the skills do scam and hack people but instead he helps the internet and protects people from losing money or getting scammed or hacked

Unseen Minecraft : 8:33 - The invincibles? lol

JC Cosip : The 89 dislikes are from Indian scammers.

A J C : I wanna just open up a bunch of pictures of slaughtered cows and Loli porn and let them have access to my computer.

A Westmore : Because so many of us have been scammed, we like to see scammers being knocked down a few pegs. What I can't stand are the people asking to be financed for taking down scammers, when all they're doing is making youtube videos showing fake "software" that do little more than waste a few minutes of a scammers time, and does NOT harm a scam call center in any other way. They are trying to scam us again!! And that just P*SSES me off! Thank you for showing and explaining what you are doing. I believe you are legitimate. Those that won't respond to comments asking for the software, or other info that actually proves they are "shutting down" or "destroying" these call centers or their computers should be prosecuted and/or banned from making money on youtube.

Antroflux : I really want to know how and how long it took to achieve this level of computer knowledge. I want to know this stuff too to help people or do something cool with it... Your videos are great.

TheKarlOshaughnessy : All I can think about is how you butchered that "Incredibles" joke.

Nepuutunes : Hey Jim, have you seen The Invincibles 2? It was pretty good, ngl

Seymour Krelborn : "it has *the* virus"

HurriCnz : there website is down haha nice one mate

MrNotorius5500 : Indian Cyber Police (ICP) aka Insane Clown Posse

MazeFrame : Some grey hat should write a piece of malicious code for the good cause. Spread it to those scam-centres and lock them out of their hardware.

cain marsh : a scam company named good karma, thats ironic.

Sreekanth Ravishakar : The name of the victim, Bob Vegan? Pewdiepie?

Lydia Salem : " i followed up the call with an email to tamika, but i don't think she actually believed me" i laughed way harder at this than i should of. i feel awful for it.

Average Alien : The invincibles? I died lmfao

how to LEGO : What did the Liberian say to the students Read more

KalikaInLeather : Indian Scammers calling themselves "Good Karma".... incredibly ironic. But in the end they'll get theirs, hard.. in part thanks to you Jim!! Congrats, again

Julia Lang : why are they giving themselves western names. do they not realise they have a non-western accent? :D

CookieJr : The invincibles, best movie of 2004

Streeknine : I suspect the 55 thumbs down are from the Good Karma employees? lol

Gary Oak : motherfucking invincibles

Jude Chauhan : send bob and vegen pics

lee br : Well done bro keep up the good work...STOP AS MANY AS YOU CAN , someone has to as the cyber police are probably part of it

Ejuice Vaper : The most calm, collected and intelligent scambaiter on the tube. Fantastic informative videos. Thanks.

eminem fan 4041 : the invincible s??????? 😒rlly

A Dank Coder - Memes : *Not IN TERESTED*