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Brave Wilderness : Thanks to everyone for all the support and excitement for Blue Wilderness! Series launches mid August...find Mark on Instagram if you have any questions! (search Mark Vins, and follow)

Brave Wilderness : Hi everybody, Mark here...I'll be answering your questions for the next hour! What does everyone think of the big news???!!

Pixelchu : Did I just hear you say that you’re going to explore *AMAZING SHIPWRECKS* ??? Boy am I excited.

cxsm : mom - *go watch something educational* me - *goes to brave wilderness*

A Lego Creation : Mark isn’t okay, Coyote got eaten, Mario is luigi

Lavarrs Breath : Blue wilderness is gonna be epic!

DANIEL UKNOWITZTHEBOY : Honestly you guys have the dopest job on earth. I would love to be able to travel and explore all of the different locations that you guys do. Analyzing animals along the way. I’m extremely excited for the new series to start since I am very fascinated by the ocean and all that it holds. Good luck to all that happens in the future and I hope I see more from Mark and Mario’s own series in the future

The Abyss : Glad to sea you diving into new areas of content! I look forward to next tide!

blondefry : Beyond the tide was my favourite series for the longest time. I’m so excited for blue wilderness ❤️ the ocean is such an amazing place

SAK- SOON : Wow this is so exciting!! Can't wait 🤩

Kyotosomo : grand blue hype lol

Chris Trapani : Brave Wilderness but underwater? Omg yaaaaas.

Teemo : I think mario should narrate some videos as well xD. Like at the start, introduce us to the video

Kyro Parado : Finally! A a brand new series that make me excited!

Jadden : Brave wilderness needs a tv show... like how Dr. PimplePopper did

TheEvilRayquaza : Heck im excited for that hammerhead shark episode especially, theyre the best sharks

Shorty Rumble Beatz : This Comment is a Comment

30dynamo : Mark and Mario dynamic duo!!! 🔥🔥🔥

CONFIGUR3 : The title sounds like a smurfs movie porno.

Phillip Santos : But...The team.😥 It's not the three musketeers if there's 2. While I'm excited at you guys branching out I wonder how the energy is going to feel without Coyote. Either way good luck guys!

【L B S】 : make sure not to inhale some salty crispy water!!!

David Turk : This is going to be awesome! Blue Wilderness!!

Impulse 2008 : Well done mario

Raven : Who else saw it in the goggles

Jeronimo Lopez Reina : I thought a Blue Whale would appears

Spooky AxelBoi : I don’t know if you guys heard but Cayote Pererson sadly passed away in his sleep. The cause of death is still to be determined but believed to be Sugma or Ligma. 😩😰

Karen Reta : I don't mind having the three boys in front of the camera. 😊

colorless : So this is the new thing. Good job guys!

Godzilla 1 killer : I love what you guys do on Brave wilderness

Jonah Rodriguez : Hyped for Blue Wilderness!

gisfritz abella : that is so cool!! but Cayote is the best,coolest and very brave we love that❤❤❤❤

Surviv God : I miss it when it was just coyote. Nobody does this like he does and that’s what made coyote amazing. This is basically a bootleg of what coyote does. I don’t care who dislikes this I’m stating this now if you want to see more often bite/sting episodes, might wanna be on my side for this one.

Soulgux : I’m going for my PADI open water course this weekend and I’m hella excited!! Congrats on getting that dive cert Mario!

Van Hendrix : This is such a cool job

ThatCringyKing ___ : I love you guys I’m been watching this channel for sooooooo long

Pam Earle : So happy to see Mark n Mario in front of the camera!!!

Tym Hiikcey : Good job Mario! The ocean is tough... I’m 13 and have a license. It’s great bc on my first dive in the ocean we saw a school of hammer heads!!!

I like my nachos : Blue wilderness 😱😱😱😍😍

YoshiTamer42 : Wht is up gamers ? ! !! You aree some radical good looking and awsome gamers! :) plese check out me newest video that shows why Mario is a dragon !!!!

Prank Time : I thought Coyote is gone😂😂😂He is just sick so he cant host it very well but I hope he will host it very fast again😊😊

water 1234 : its amazing how you and your videos are brave and amazing ur videos are AWESOME hope to meet u someday ❤️i honestly cant see why you dont have a tv show YET !!!!

Sulli : OMG YES. I love dive episodes! I can’t wait for Blue Wilderness!

megalopolis2015 : Oh my gosh!! Congratulations on your epic new series.

potato quality : You know what's big blue and new the new fortnite skin.

Vidal Zaragoza : Congratulations Mario, great job buddy. U too Coyote 4.... not getting seasick too much!!!

Wakeless place : I love the video script sounds like a seventh grade English paper

PERM Productions : I can't wait to see a episode of Blue Wilderness with a blue whale

Mittens 0416 : I’m so excited for Blue Wilderness.


PyeM 23 : Be very careful guys. Water is not human's natural habitat