Weezer - Pork And Beans
The music video for Pork and Beans by Weezer was released on May 23 2008 This is what internet memes looked like 10 years ago

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Music video by Weezer performing Pork And Beans. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,023,311. (C) 2008 DGC/Interscope Records


Manuk, Psychonaut : This video was shot *10* years ago. Welcome to being old.

Jackson Allen : Call it outdated or corny all you want kids, but this was a really cool music video for its time. YouTube was nowhere near the size it was today, and to see such a famous band put the popular memes of that time into the mainstream were amazing. Think of it like the inside jokes that you and your middle school friends had getting their own fucking MUSIC VIDEO. That’s how it felt. What an era.

Meelow Avila : Damn this video is a time capsule

ZekeDaBengal : Memes? No kids, back then, they were called "Viral Videos"

Maurice R. : reminder that this won a grammy for best music video back in 2009

Purrito Kitten : I like how the newest YouTube Rewind is bringing everyone back to this glorious video.

Painis Cupcake : Can we get Weezer to make a proper YouTube Rewind for 2018?

Nathanfx2006 : Time is passing too quickly.

The Soroxas : Anyone: "infinity war is the most ambitious crossover ever" Me: *plays this video* (I know I'm like 6 months too late)

Phillip Schneider : This is such a great symbol of early YouTube. Oh my gosh.

Eric G : Who's here after they watched youtube rewind 2018

CreamTea : Still the best YouTube Rewind in 2018.

Gao : mmm, smells like 2008

W4VE : This takes me back to elementary school days spent on youtube in 2008, god what a time that was, an era in youtube before everything became a meme or a letsplay. I wish I was a teenager then JUST for that experience

Angelo Santos : Back before demonetization and ad revenue this was youtube

trainmaster 250 : When someone voices their opinion about politics, environment, etc. 2:25

sam mcgill : I used to hate Weezer when I was little and my Dad listened to them all the time, now I saw them live and have 5 albums and I'm trying to get the rest.

殺せんせー : this clip is a masterpiece. a good old era... i miss 2006-2011 internet

Pacific Northwest360BEAR : First concert I brought my girlfriend too................:16 years now still loving this ‘Fucked up world’ because my WIFE is the BOMB.... thanks for all you’ve done..... OLYMPIA WA

Brian Sherwood jr : A Tear For What YouTube Used To Be 😦😢

Shawn Sankey : youtube rewind weezer did it first

R134eS2o : Still better than Youtube Rewind 2018. And you know what? I'm calling it right now, Youtube Rewind 2019 too.

usagi tsukino : Ugh, back when people on the internet didn’t take themselves so seriously. I miss this era 😩

King Lionheart : Name a more 2000s video. You can't

zmonty011 : this video was memeing before meme's were a thing.

InfiniZoid : The original Youtube Rewind and only good Youtube Rewind

JFairOnAir : Anyone here after watching SNL?

Daniel Bravo : This is like the 2000´s internet anthem

Brittany Turner : Man this brings back memories, this was the first song I ever heard by them and I’ve been obsessed ever since

Sean Lee : how much did they spend on coke and mentos???

mrmeatymeatball : It's like some sort of meme museum. A memeseum.

Razorblade 93 : 2008 good times of internet, when the youtube was good!

Nusklehead : This brings me back to when I was introduced to the art of memes, I was only a little boy. This video is like my mother's cooking, there's just something comforting about this. Thank you Weezer, you make me feel happy.

Tommy Rojas : omg I accidentally found the main guitar rift of this song on my bass lmao feels awesome!

el neandertal : better than youtube rewind 2018

godzillalikespie : References with sources (in order of appearance): 1) One Man Band (Connor Berge) 2) Canon Rock (funtwo) 3) Numa Numa (Gary Brolsma) 4) Dramatic Chipmunk/Prairie dog (Hello! Morning) 5) Afro Ninja (ebaumsworld) 6) Extreme Mentos & Diet Coke (EepyBird) 7) GI Joe PSA 22: Mr. Lafitte (Fensler Film) 8) Most T-shirts Worn at Once (Matt McAlister - The Morning Show on 99.9 KTYD) 9) Leave Britney Alone (Chris Crocker) 10) All Your Base are Belong to Us (Zero Wing) 11) South Caroline Answers a Question (Miss Teen USA 2007) 12) Star Wars Kid (Original video by Ghyslain Raza; Lightsaber edit by JohnnyLobo) 11) Soulja Boy Crank That Dance (shoby2672) 12) Evolution of Dance (Judson Laipply) 13) "Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday (TayZonday) 14) PopoZão (Kevin Federline) 15) Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Fr. Eckle Studios) 16) Daft Bodies - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (imalibubarbiei) 17) Best Sex Ever!!! (kicesie) 18) Free Hugs Campaign (PeaceOnEarth123) 19) Shoes the Full Version (Liam Kyle Sullivan) And a few more references in the ending: The Sneezing Baby Panda (jimvwmoss) Peanut Butter Jelly TIme (Ryan Gancenia Etrata and Kevin Flynn) Will It Blend? (Blendtec) Charlie the Unicorn (Film Cow) (Note that I tried my best to find the original creators of the content referenced, not the uploaders of the most popular youtube upload. So if you go looking these up on YouTube, many of them may have different uploaders)

Breeki Cheeki : Lmao, still up with the memes. Look at Rivers’ instragram page

Miles Morales •Spider-Man• : When youtube was youtube Memories :")

Rashad Hasan : Who's here after they watched YouTube Rewind 2018?

BoatHouse : I always come back to watch this one every time YouTube makes a sad attempt at a rewind!

Jake Branthe : 2005 - 2008 was a magical time for the internet

maytheforce betrayyou : Forever my favorite Weezer song :')

donsep : Is that d4nk meme compilation 2009 🤔

Chew Bacca : This is no Buddy Holly. Who's here after the Matt Damon skit on SNL?

Michael Stuart : How have I only *just* discovered this? It's amazing!

awesley92 : back when youtube was youtube

Andreas Von Maier : This is so underrated and good

Blake Hutto : This song helped me alot when I was trying to fit in back in middle school, I realized that I shouldn't try to to be just okay, and like everyone else who will eventually fall in line with the others who are ok with the mediocrity of just being "ehh". This song helped me realize that I should "do the things that I want to do because I ain't got a thing to prove to you."

Ben Jones : Pork and Beans is better than Buddy Holly, Is there anyone else who agrees?