Weezer - Pork And Beans

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Dartrook : the best youtube rewind

Whistling Bungghole : I miss all of this...

Dylan Strider : The original Youtube Rewind and only good Youtube Rewind

MSG : they did memes before some memes were even a meme, i love u weezer

awesley92 : back when youtube was youtube

Pacific Northwest : First concert I brought my girlfriend too................:16 years now still loving this ‘Fucked up world’ because my WIFE is the BOMB.... thanks for all you’ve done..... OLYMPIA WA

Jake Branthe : 2005 - 2008 was a magical time for the internet

dankpastas : The original youtube rewind

Zavier Syed : The perfect music video doesn't exi-

Aidan McKenna : we should designate this music video as a time capsule of an era.

Austin Jasper : Anyone else here from 2018?

Rebecca Reed : I miss the internet before being edgy and racist was cool.

Paloma Valencia : the first youtube rewind? and the best one

Dixon Uranus : People are nostalgic for memes now. Welp, I'm officially old.

Brittany Turner : Man this brings back memories, this was the first song I ever heard by them and I’ve been obsessed ever since

Nathanfx2006 : Time is passing too quickly.

Aidan McKenna : i'm straight but goddamn the "Leave Britney Alone" dude looks hot in this video

Elena Ht : back when you tube wasnt crap

gracie ariella : shoes.

Daniel S. Renegade : Very possibly one of the greatest music videos of all time!

Southern Fried Media : This was like....the music video to send off the way of the old YouTube. Before the dark times, before the monitization

bloodstainDew : An unrelated video that makes tributes to memes from 2008 manages to be better than YouTube Rewind 2017 lmfao

Sebizzar : Dude... I had no idea a music video dedicated to MEMES even existed, much less one from a decade ago! This is nostalgic as hell, I miss those days of YouTube 😭😭😭

Dodec84 : Yikes, all the Generation-Z kids in the comments who stress this video does not contain memes, because according to them, memes are pictures. Back then (in the 2000s) we called this 'memes'. I'm getting old.

Jacob Briggs : Still the best YouTube rewind

Sunny D : I wonder what it would like if they remade this video with more recent memes.

Tom Sperry : 2:36 and right there, is where I begin to cry

Jessica Walrus : lets be honest, 2006 - 2008 was the best era of memes

James Howell : Idubbbz sang this on bad unboxing

thecrueloneish : The golden age of YouTube, man.

McNiggerGook : The best YouTube rewind

fornclake : only youtube rewind i need

Matt Potts : YouTube Rewind 2009

Cole Bouse : first meme compilation?

neo the one : I miss this internet

Gao : mmm, smells like 2008

mrmeatymeatball : It's like some sort of meme museum. A memeseum.

Jordan Hill : The perfect video to mourn the death of net neutrality to

Cosmic Fuzion : Red is so good and by far the catchiest album of theirs

Konner Dent : It's like a rock song of how I spent my childhood in 2008.

Jimmehford : the original youtube rewind back when “broadcast yourself” felt special youtube felt special anyone could make a video and become an overnight sensation

Rae Mercier : The TRUE YouTube Rewind.

shotton25 : This might have been the greatest music video I have ever seen. Did not expect this.

Philip J. Fry : I made a video on my channel ranking my favorite weezer songs. check it out :D

machachaist : to this date, if you feeling down, just watch this vid, Works all the time

toshineon : More like Pork and Memes.

John Smith : 1:10 is why I'm here.

Mikey_Suze Four : This is still my favorite Weezer tune! :D

The Messenger : This is the meme song from weezer.

Laney Biscuitsss : Still my favorite 🙌🏻