Rick and Morty Origins Part One | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

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effluviah : This is a great lesson for all creative people, though. Just make stuff. Doesn't matter if it sucks, doesn't matter if you made it in ten minutes or it took you five weeks and it still sucks, just upload it somewhere with no audience in mind so that it's just shit you made for you (purest form of You comes through that way) and then people naturally attracted to your sense of humour and ideas will join in. It's a legit way to make friends/meet collaborators and get gradually better at the thing you want to do or make, while also generating a record of work progression and at least some kind of portfolio of work to show (which later works as a work development/skill development record later on).

Max So : 3:35 Mr.Jellybean has always been a piece of shit

I r e n e : this gave me ridiculous nostalgia for no reason ??

Sophia Watkins : whats rick and morty and should i watch it?

Bork : This is the origin stories we've been waiting for! It's so crazy to see 2 people I idolise talking about their humble beginnings. You guys are the best, keep doing what you love. We love and appreciate your team's efforts and couldn't thank Adult Swim enough for giving these geniuses a well deserved platform so the rest of the world could witness their creations. :) Love you Dan and Justin.

March 22nd : Justin Roiland is my spirit animal.

ShutRut : Man .... it's crazy how random people just meet one day and get along and end up creating something so big that millions of people enjoy it ......

Nazareno Gonzalez : 1:39 ITS REEEEEEEAAAAAAAAL

Chad Hotelling : Just in case anyone doesn't know, this Abed is who Community's Abed is named after and lightly based on

TheDerpGod : Yo fam I want your LEGO collection.

ifherageisontheclock youcangiveherthecock : They need to make a reference to googas Edit: woah slow down with them likes

Hammerhead Morty : Where's my origin story huh assholes? I'M MORE THAN JUST A HAMMER!

Mediocre Editz : Justin was still a crazy bastard as a teen as well I see

User : 3:16 omg origin of mr. poopybutthole

Paul Murdoch : It is awesome to see the humble beginnings of a modern classic

Pancake : Justin looks like that guy from Rick and morty

Creepy AsCrap : I'm going to see Justin Roiland at FANEXPO!!!!!

Rick Sanchez : Love Me Some Justin

Random Person : I don't know why, but I can't stop laughing at 3:19. The sound he makes there is just so ridiculous...

Pablo Rodriguez : Rick and Morty is the best show, besides samurai Jack, on adult swim.

kigucloudjester : Holy crap hes from the Central Valley in California That's where I live! And he's right there's not a lot of stuff here if u want to be in entertainment it's actually boring as fuck and sweltering hot here!

Jpeg : Harmon is a genius


Audel Pahua : I don't see rick and morty

NoiseKidd : Look I like Rick and Morty fine enough but this hype and constant giving of exposition behind the scenes like it's this larger than life thing is seriously getting over the top, it's not this super intellectual genius thing of art it's just an above average funny cartoon tv show and that's it. If anything the show is just beginning to take itself too seriously, it's still good but I worry that this circlejerk of dick sucking is going to ruin its potential.

Stephen Bachman : Talking about options in episode 1 of season 3 why do we see a Rick with Morty face and Morty clothes and a Rick science lab coat with Rick hair. Are you telling us Morty is a clone of Rick?

SJon Umber : Upload part two ya cunts!

Captain Falcon : I always thought channel 101 or a show like channel 101 should come back. It would be a good way to give comedians and animators a start

D Bammstein : Oh yeah, it must be so hard being recognised in the industry when you only come from little old "Central Valley", California. Give me a fucking break

TheJustinitiative : WTF Justin Roiland worked at Best Buy? haha I worked there and Geek Squad for two years

Daniel Draghici : Check out my original Rick and Morty animation on my channel!

theboywonder : do y'all remember justin's skit from channel 101? The Mountain (2008-9)? The one where his brother died and the whole time he's wearing a terrible wig. And for some reason most of it takes place at a ski lodge? If I remember correctly? The episodes were a decent length. If you wanna see Justin dance embarassingly, it's in there, lmao.

literatemax : Scud is real! It's real!

KrappyFriedCat : New episodes arent that great, new writers are ruining show

Saad MAFiA : 6 seasons and a movie

Mystic Melody : No mentions of Mister Sprinkles or how Christopher Nolan ripped it off for the DK Rises ending? Hell, Doc and Marty appear in it so it counts

Jose Andrade : So where the fucks PART TWO?

Mr.Lucky Curls : Wow I can relate to these guys this is amazing Also Skud the disposable assassin needs to come back it's amazing

Chris Huijpen : Dan looks like a very calm and friendly wise old man. Funny to think he makes cartoons with this type of humor. It's like Justin represents the crazy jokes and wacky adventures of Rick and Morty, and Dan the deep philosophical meaning behind it all.

Han Solo doesn't die : I hate overthinking my reality and missing out on the purest art I know I could create and produce

omo Ejigbede : When will Dr Steven Brule make an appearance on Rick and Morty?

_Yo_haha_check_me_out_! : There’s so many stupid people in here who call them selves nerds because they believe in this fake science bull shit. Lmao the irony

Gussy .D : I fucking love all the Bonobo backing music in these interview vids. Damn good taste

Walter Andrus-Edens : Just figured out the secret about rick and morty

Jack Tilley : I would recommend everyone read Scud The Disposable assassin. Just look it up on Wikipedia, Dan Harman and Rob Schrab are geniuses.

Jordan King : Anyone know how to begin doing basic animation? Any program recommendations?

Cooler 1478 : Man... i need to find a group of friends who are into the stuff I like. By stuff I like, I mean writing stories for fun, tennis, and Xcom.

阿斯蒂芬就放假啊圣诞快乐发ja;受到法律空间asd;发链接阿斯蒂芬了;叫阿斯蒂芬;恋爱时代恋爱时代sdfj;哦爱上对方哦啊但似乎佛爬山发货跑速度发货i;啊哦司法还跑额我付给啊额是废话奥额ufhoa;额我覅和;阿瑟飞机;哦 阿斯蒂芬的;覅啦都送牌覅和奥德赛;发货阿里;送到附近;阿里山扩大发货啊;数量大幅恐慌阿斯兰的;副科级 : To 💦 be 🐝 fair, 👒 you 👈 have 👏 to 💦 have 👏 a 👌 very 👌 high 🕛 IQ to 💦 understand 📚 Rick and 👏 Morty. 👏 The 👏 humour is 💦 extremely 💯 subtle, 🙈 and 👏 without 🚫 a 👌 solid grasp of 💦 theoretical physics most 💯 of 💦 the 👏 jokes 😂 will 👏 go 🏃 over 👏 a 👌 typical viewers head. 💆 There's 👎 also 👨 Rick's nihilistic outlook, which 👏 is 💦 deftly woven into 👉 his 💦 characterisation- his 💦 personal philosophy draws heavily from 👉 Narodnaya Volya literature, for 🍆 instance. The 👏 fans understand 📚 this 👈 stuff; 🔝 they 👥 have 👏 the 👏 intellectual 🎩 capacity to 💦 truly 👶 appreciate 👌 the 👏 depths of 💦 these 👈 jokes, 😂 to 💦 realise that 😐 they're 👨 not 🚫 just 👏 funny- 😄 they 👥 say 🗣 something 😅 deep 😱 about 💦 LIFE. 👤 As 🍑 a 👌 consequence people 👨 who 😂 dislike Rick & Morty 👏 truly 👶 ARE 🔢 idiots- of 💦 course 🏎 they 👥 wouldn't 😩 appreciate, 👌 for 🍆 instance, the 👏 humour in 👏 Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which 👏 itself 🚝 is 💦 a 👌 cryptic reference to 💦 Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and 👏 Sons. I'm 💘 smirking right 👌 now 👋 just 👏 imagining one 😤 of 💦 those 🐥 addlepated simpletons scratching their 🍆 heads 🗣 in 👏 confusion as 🍑 Dan Harmon's genius wit 🌈 unfolds itself 🚝 on 🔛 their 🍆 television 📺 screens. What 😦 fools.. 😩 how 💯 I 👁 pity 😭 them. 💦🅱️

We Love Kicks : No way I’m from the Central Valley too

WaywardHero 117 : Man Its amazing to see someone from the central valley become so famous, without murdering someone horribly