Rick and Morty Origins Part One | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

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User : 3:16 omg origin of mr. poopybutthole

ShutRut : Man .... it's crazy how random people just meet one day and get along and end up creating something so big that millions of people enjoy it ......

I r e n e : this gave me ridiculous nostalgia for no reason ??

Chadum H : Just in case anyone doesn't know, this Abed is who Community's Abed is named after and lightly based on

Paul Murdoch : It is awesome to see the humble beginnings of a modern classic

ifherageisontheclock youcangiveherthecock : They need to make a reference to googas Edit: woah slow down with them likes

effluviah : This is a great lesson for all creative people, though. Just make stuff. Doesn't matter if it sucks, doesn't matter if you made it in ten minutes or it took you five weeks and it still sucks, just upload it somewhere with no audience in mind so that it's just shit you made for you (purest form of You comes through that way) and then people naturally attracted to your sense of humour and ideas will join in. It's a legit way to make friends/meet collaborators and get gradually better at the thing you want to do or make, while also generating a record of work progression and at least some kind of portfolio of work to show (which later works as a work development/skill development record later on).

SKP&E 216 : 3:35 Mr Jellybean

Jasmine Alex : 0:00 - 0:06 doing the get out challenge before it was even a thing👀

feel good i n k : Justin Roiland is my spirit animal.

Jeezy ___ : dang I just realized that I've been to the high school that justin roiland went to

Bork : This is the origin stories we've been waiting for! It's so crazy to see 2 people I idolise talking about their humble beginnings. You guys are the best, keep doing what you love. We love and appreciate your team's efforts and couldn't thank Adult Swim enough for giving these geniuses a well deserved platform so the rest of the world could witness their creations. :) Love you Dan and Justin.

Spockitans : Relative Insanity and House of Cosbys are my absolute favorite.

Fronk : I always thought channel 101 or a show like channel 101 should come back. It would be a good way to give comedians and animators a start


Extreme Ethys : Yo fam I want your LEGO collection.


Bananaramas : I love this

Manuel Rivas : where's the rest!? i wanna see more!

Kaleb Rojas : So basically Mega64?

unkowngamer 9704/3 : Cool

Mediocre Editz : Justin was still a crazy bastard as a teen as well I see

Michael Ferguson : WHERE IS PART TWO

Joey Sung : Underdog legends, nerd barbarians We had made what we were into, cool. That was paradise.

Pancake : Justin looks like that guy from Rick and morty

Julilolmo : Beautiful

TheBobBrom : Yeah, I'm not fooling for this again! I know it's a fake memory!

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Some Person : Hi

Jpeg : Harmon is a genius

diyagheith1 : HOLY SHIT abed gheith is in my family.... or is he just some one who has my family name....I don't know. Still though mind blowing to me..

the king of comedy YT : I like this

Super Mario Plush Adventures : I love Rick and Morty it's my favorite show!

madashell1200 : Roiland and Harmon are such cavemen. I mean grow a spine and kill some female characters already! Tammy, that cat lady from guess who's purging now and now Supernova. For such a witty show they are decades behind the zeitgeist of gender equality. Not just because but when a female character is an antagonist then treat her like a male antagonist.

illest Rodriguez : #Rick and morty #Rick and morty adventures #Rick and morty forever

jose gonzalez : Justin is really cultured. Love that guy. All I do is tell people to watch Rick and Morty.

Random Person : I don't know why, but I can't stop laughing at 3:19. The sound he makes there is just so ridiculous...

April Rose : Justin is so funny, he should make a cartoon. It would be popular af

MountMister : W H E R E I S Y O U R C E R E A L

Slushieboi : Best video I've ever seen-

Sean Carter : Is the video at 2:55 available anywhere? 🤣

succ lord : scud the disposable assassin was probably the origin of the general theme of mr meeseeks

Sammy Short : Nice

gwvaio : So did Harmon jump in a time machine 40 yrs. He looks so much older than everyone

Pablo Rodriguez : Rick and Morty is the best show, besides samurai Jack, on adult swim.

kevin kapela : side note: if you havent read scud: the disposable assasin, do yourself the favor of reading it ASAP.

DJLO : Very cool but they never explained how they met. It just jumps to Harmon inviting Roiland to LA

AtomiK : It's funny that on every Adult Swim video, they always include the word "gullible" at the end of their description.

Youtuber Bros : >:3

Garl Vinland : Scuds is REAAAAAL guys. He's REAAAAAAAAL